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Head briefs Doyle recognized as a good place to work By Spencer Ives N A S H V I L L E , Te n n . — A D S Security on May 1 announced its purchase of The Alarm Company, based in Jackson, Miss., a location that ADS will keep as its second branch in Mississippi and its 23rd branch overall. "Mississippi for awhile has been a target for expansion; it's just been a matter of wait- ing for the right opportunity," John Cerasuolo, president and CEO of ADS Security, told Security Systems News. "We hope to use this as an opportunity to accelerate our growth throughout Missis- sippi." T h e d e a l a d d s 2 , 6 0 0 accounts into ADS, 80 per- cent of which are residential while 20 percent are commer- cial. Following the deal, ADS' total account base is nearing the 100,000-account mark, a milestone that Cerasuolo said the company could pass this year. In addition to the facility, ADS is bring- ing on all 12 of The A l a r m C o m p a n y 's employees, includ- ing its owner Tony Collums. "They have a great team, a really exceptional group of folks that Tony has built there over the years. That is always a primary consider- ation for us. We're not just out to accumulate accounts, but to build the best team in the industry," Cerasuolo said. A D S ' o t h e r M i s s i s s i p p i branch is in Columbus, about 150 miles northeast of Jack- son. This gives each location a serviceable range of about 75 miles, he noted. "We find, with our business model, we are much more suc- cessful when we can build a network of locations in a geogra- phy," Cerasuolo said. "This is a pretty good distance [between Columbus and Jackson] to kind of build that network." ADS chose to increase its rate of acquisitions in 2014 and since has now purchased 2 4 c o m p a n i e s ; C e r a s u o l o credited the company's inter- nal infrastructure for the ability to process the high vol- ume of acquisitions. "It's not just about having the money, and even having the targets, you've got to have a team that can handle the integration." Cerasuolo added that ADS avoids setting targets for acquisitions in order to focus more on the fit for companies it purchases. "I am thrilled to bring my customers and employees with me to ADS," Collums said in the announcement. "Their history of providing legendary ser vice to each customer makes me feel con- fident that everyone will be in fantastic hands moving for- ward. There is a bright future for ADS in Central Missis- sippi." SSN ADS acquires in Mississippi Twelve percent of Canadian broadband homes own smart device DALLAS—International IoT research firm Parks Associates released new research today showing 12 percent of broadband households in Canada have a smart home device such as a smart thermostat, smart door look, or video doorbell, compared to 26% in the U.S. According to "Smart Home and Security in Canada," a study form Parks, the security market in Canada is starting to leverage these solutions to drive new growth in their market. In Canada, 25 percent of broad- band households have an active home security system, 70 percent of which have professional monitoring, and 25 percent of professionally monitored households plan to switch providers over the next year, Parks said. "Canada's security market is stable but with high attrition rates, which makes market expansion difficult, and the security providers, telcos, and cablecos don't want to keep pushing their services to the top of the hill only to have subscribers switch or can- cel just to save a few dollars," Brad Russell, research director, connected home, Parks Associates, said in a pre- pared statement. "These companies are investing in smart home adjacen- cies that add value to traditional secu- rity offerings and help with subscriber retention. Innovative services in health and PERS will help secure customers." Parks Associates also revealed that networked cameras, smart door locks, and products such as video doorbells are increasingly part of provider options in Canada. The provider goals include increasing retention and expanding the base of households seeking fee-based monitoring. Smart Home and Security in Canada indicates voice control options could also drive consumer interest in IoT innovations. Comcast and Tile partner on new integration PHILADELPHIA—Comcast in late April announced a new partnership with Tile that will enable Xfinity customers to use their Xfinity X1 Voice Remote to locate Tile devices anywhere and see the results of their search on the televi- sion. "This is a home automation part- nership that helps solve real-life prob- lems," Sri Solur, senior vice president, Comcast Cable, said in a prepared statement. "Now, when a child arrives home from school, a parent can sim- ply say, 'Xfinity Home where's Sam's backpack?' into their voice remote and see that it was left at school. This is just one of the many peace of mind features we are making available to our customers on our evolving home auto- mation platform." By Spencer Ives ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Doyle Security Systems was recently recognized on Best Compa- nies Group's annual list of top employers. Judy Kata- fiaz, Doyle's human resources director, talked with Security Systems News about the com- pany culture and employee engagement that garnered this designation. "It's really an honor and we're very excited. It's the first year that we've made the list and I think it speaks to all the work that we're doing to try to be a great place to work," Katafiaz said. The medium-sized category features companies that have between 100 and 250 employ- ees, Katafiaz said; Doyle cur- rently has about 120. Doyle Security was named number 12 of 19 companies listed in the category. What makes Doyle a great place to work? "I really think it has to do with the leader- ship. Our CEO, John Doyle, has created an atmosphere that is just so amazing—it's a very friendly atmosphere," Katafiaz said. "There are challenges, we work hard, but you never have to worry that someone's going to ask you to do something you're not comfortable doing. Meetings are very polite and professional. We have a ton of fun." The company has a com- mittee that plans different fun events, Katafiaz noted. The company's culture is designed around open com- munication, according to Katafiaz. The company con- ducts two to three anony- mous employee engagement surveys each year. "Employ- ees are absolutely encouraged to say whatever they think in any of the categories, and they can write comments and ask questions through this chan- nel," she said, adding that these surveys are followed by meetings in each department with opportunities for discus- sion of the results, other ques- tions, and brainstorming. "Almost everything we do has a component of open com- munication. We have monthly breakfast meetings with the whole company and there's always time in the agenda for questions and answers," said Katafiaz. "Being recognized as one of the best places to work in New York is a testament to our amazing employees and to our culture," John Doyle, com- pany CEO, said in a prepared statement. "We believe that having an engaging workplace is the key to being a great com- pany." SSN By SSN Staff S E A T T L E — A m a z o n announced in late April that it is jumping into the home security business with the unveiling of five security packages for both home- owners and renters. What is most interest- ing about this a n n o u n c e - m e n t , t h o u g h , i s A m a z o n ' s g o - t o - m a r- k e t s t r a t - e g y, w h i c h involves no m o n t h l y fees, just an upfront cost for the equip- ment pack- age. Plus, all five equip- ment packages include free installation and visits from Amazon smart home experts to go over what is the best fit prior to choosing an option. For those who have been following the success of Amazon's Alexa, this move really shouldn't come as a surprise, especially consid- ering all of the inroads Ama- zon has been making in the smart home space, from its acquisition of Ring, the smart doorbell company, to its new in-home delivery service, Amazon Key, that features its Cloud Cam and partnerships with smart lock providers. Some of the new offerings work in tandem with Ama- zon's Echo and Alexa. Ama- zon is offer- ing two out- door security packages and three indoor p a c k a g e s . The first out- door pack- age, for $240, i n c l u d e s "expert smart lighting that w i l l m a k e it look like you're home," the website reads, while the Outdoor Plus package adds in a smart doorbell. For indoor security, the base package for $320, which is "perfect for renters" the web- site says, includes motion, door and window sensors, an indoor camera, smart siren and smart home hub. Home- owners can choose from Smart for $575 or Smartest for $840, each of which adds devices to the base package. SSN Amazon enters security space John Cerasuolo For indoor security, the base package for $320, which is "perfect for renters" the website says, includes motion, door and window sensors, an indoor camera, smart siren and smart home hub . June 2018 S e C u RITY SYST e MS ne WS Residential s ystems 24 residential s ystems

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