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briefs June 2018 S e C u RITY SYST e MS ne WS Monitoring 22 TMA announces a new speaker for its 2018 Annual Meeting VIENNA, Va.—TMA recently announced that Alex Banayan, venture capital- ist, author of "The Third Door" and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, will speak at the 2018 TMA Meeting to be held in Palm Beach, Fla., Oct. 13 to 17. Banayan will present "How 5 Millennial Trends Will Transform the Next 30 Years of Business," expound- ing on a range of topics, from the per- vasiveness of artificial reality to the automation revolution in his presenta- tion for TMA members. "Weaving in examples from Snapchat to Tesla, Banayan will share how the products millennials are obsessed with can clue us in to the habits his genera- tion will perpetuate over the coming decades. You'll leave with the insights you need to better understand your millennial employees and their effect on the future of your business," TMA said. The program to date, along with reg- istration, travel, and hotel information, is posted on TMA's page for its Annual Meeting. I-View Now reveals new Police Alarm Portal HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now recent- ly announced the launch of a new ser- vice: Police Alarm Portal. The process is powered by I-View Now's Software as a Service Video Verification platform, and will send video directly to autho- rized emergency responders through the ASAP to PSAP program. Additionally, I-View Now will provide the service to law enforcement free of charge. In the announcement, I-View Now said that Police Alarm Portal helps the entire electronic security industry by improving the path of communications flow from end users to the monitoring station and then to law enforcement. "It allows for a faster and safer response to alarms by authorized emergency responders, increases the value of the alarm pro- vider's monitoring service, and improves customer retention," the company said. The new service will provide better information and collaboration to help keep communities safer, according to I-View Now. "We're thrilled to be offering this revolutionary and patented service at no cost to law enforcement," Larry Folsom, president of I-View Now, said in the announcement. "When an alarm goes off, you don't always know what you'll find. Using video verification with the Police Alarm Portal changes that unknown factor. Authorized emergency responders will have real-time informa- tion about what's happening at the pro- tected premises through live video and video clips. Police officers can respond appropriately and more safely to a veri- fied alarm event." By Spencer Ives HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now is focusing on its dealer program, including rolling out a new portal and bringing on former Honeywell exec Marek Robinson as a business devel- opment consultant. "I've known Larry Folsom for many years beyond just I-View Now. He and I have worked very closely together; I liked what he was doing with I-View Now and where the company was going. So, t h e re w a s a n o p p o rt u n i t y for me to help Larry and the team at I-View in a lot of the work that they're doing with expanding and enhanc- ing their dealer program and building it out," Robinson, who officially joined I-View Now in February, told Security Systems News. "At Honeywell, I spent a lot of time working with our deal- ers and building out our dealer program. … It is a very good fit; I'm passionate about video verification, I'm also passion- ate about dealers programs," said Robinson, who held vari- ous roles at Honeywell for more than about 20 years. "Working for Honeywell over the years, you learn a lot of best practices from a big business, or a large company, and you're able to implement those in a smaller company to be efficient along the way," IHS Markit studies alarm monitoring space By Spencer Ives L O N D O N — I H S M a r k i t , a re s e a rc h f i r m b a s e d h e re , recently released some insights on the alarm monitoring mar- ket in 2017 and what it pre- dicts will happen in 2018 and by 2022. One highlight from the com- pany's recent research is that the residential alarm monitor- ing market in the Americas region reached $12.5 billion in 2017, and IHS Markit expects it to grow to $13.7 billion in 2018. "Most of the [central moni- toring stations] that we spoke to are really focusing on these value-added services, which mostly tied into video—and that could be video analytics, free video storage, things along those lines," Blake Kozak, IHS Markit principal ana- lyst, smart home and security technology, told Security Systems News. Kozak highlighted verification as a par- ticular trend within video. "I think that more and more con- sumers are more willing now to put video in their homes." IHS releases a report on the alarm monitoring market about every 12 to 18 months, according to Kozak. IHS is seeing more con- nected systems in the SMB market. "In 2017, there were 4.66 million SMB monitored a c c o u n t s i n t h e Americas region, of which, 980,000 were connected," Kozak said. The number of connected systems for SMB will almost double in the next four years. "A lot of technol- ogy that was meant more for consumers … I think some of these devices are starting to find their way into small- medium business, and even enterprise to a certain extent, but much more so on the small-medium business side," Kozak said. The traditional monitored account market for SMB is going to be growing around 2 percent annually over the next 5 years, he noted, and "SMB connected accounts will continue to ramp up and will see double-digit growth start- ing in 2022." There is a similar trend toward connected systems in the residential market, accord- ing to Kozak. "The traditional alarm monitoring market— where you just have a key- pad, you don't have a mobile continuity, security and life safety services to clients across the world. …We have ambi- tious growth plans to expand our global footprint which we will achieve through organic growth and further acquisi- tions." Woodie Andrawos, who will continue to lead the NMC team as the managing director and president of NMC out of Lake Forest, Calif., told Security Systems News in an email interview that he expects to see strong growth both in the U.S. and globally. "From the immediacy stand- point, in the U.S. market we expect organic growth through the existing dealer channel to by offering proactive video monitoring services to their existing subscribers," he told SSN. "We've already seen trac- tion on this front and as we scale our education with our dealers, we expect to see those opportunities continue to grow. Additionally, we believe our dealers will see opportuni- ties open for new subscribers they may not have been able to penetrate prior." As a result of this merger and the new proactive visual moni- toring capabilities, Andrawos said the company expects to bring in new dealers, includ- ing ones that have in-house monitoring centers. "Since our technology is exclusive to our dealers, it will enable them to provide the next step in video monitoring, a proactive Robinson said. I-View Now is working on rolling out a new dealer portal in May, Robinson said, a proj- ect that started development this past winter. Robinson highlighted several benefits to the new dealer program, including having a good way to quickly onboard new team members, find the market- ing materials a dealer might need, and have tools for lead management. "A lot of what's driving this … is really wanting to ensure that the dealers have anytime, anywhere access to the infor- mation that they need to be successful. For a lot of deal- ers, selling video verification is something different than [what] they've been doing in the past," Robinson said. One way I-View can help accelerate the dealer's learning process is through specific toolkits and modules, for dealers as well as their sales people and technicians, he said. I-View Now plans to pro- mote the concept of verifi- cation more, according to Robinson. "I think there's a huge opportunity for us, as a security industry, to promote the concept of video verifica- tion. It's something that's been out there for quite some time on a smaller scale." I-View Now is pushing to s o l u t i o n o f f e r i n g , " h e explained. Netwatch Group will be headquartered in Carlow, Ireland with UK headquar- ters in East Sussex. Its North American headquarters will be located in Lake Forest, Calif., with satellite offices in Boston, New Jersey, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. The company will immediately have a net- work of six advanced Global Monitoring Centers, connected by the Netwatch proprietary CRATOS technology platform. Long-term plans for the mega-company are "to con- tinue to scale organically and through acquisitions glob- ally, as well as continuing to expand our service capabili- ties by increasing our invest- ments in our research and development," said Andrawos. "Currently, we have over 30 in-house engineers in Ireland as part of what we refer to as the Netwatch Visual Labs. We expect for our team to grow as well as the capabilities of our proprietary technology platform." Andrawos noted that the key to the merger was Samir Samhouri, former chairman and CEO of Xtralis, a leader in the early detection safety and security technologies. Samhouri has been appointed chairman of Netwatch Group and will be one of the com- pany's investors. Michael Schubert, CEO and Co-founder of NMC, will be retiring from the business after 38 years in the security industry. SSN I-View Now focuses on dealer program Blake Kozak IHS see page 23 I-V I ew see page 23 Continued from page 1 NMc

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