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JUN 2018

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S e C u RITY SYST e MS ne WS june 2018 Commer C ial & systems integrators 21 COPS Staffing is Distributed Across Our 6 Nationwide Locations Reliable Monitoring Depends on Technology People No other wholesale monitoring company matches this level of redundancy for its Alarm Dealers. Discover why thousands of Dealers trust COPS to help safeguard millions of their customers representing more than $1 billion in annual retail revenues. Leading the industry – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Advanced Technology Multiple layers of advanced technology, 24/7 connectivity and real-time load balancing between our 6 geo-diverse UL listed central stations help us deliver some of the fastest and most reliable response times in the industry. Distributed Staffing It's simple math: a monitoring company can't effectively handle 100% of your alarm traffic when a site or service outage disrupts 50% of its staff. COPS takes disaster preparedness to the next level by ensuring an average of only 16.7% of our total staffing may be affected at any one location. Plus, we have the unique ability to increase staff at 5 other locations to help compensate. NORTH AMERICA'S LARGEST NETWORK OF WHOLESALE MONITORING STATIONS CA: ACO6132 • DE: 05-85 • FL: EF20000481 • IL: 127-001299 • MD: 107-840 • TN: 632/1626 • TX Burg: B11561/17961 • TX Fire: ACR-2215 • VA: 11-1941 Providing nationwide professional monitoring and dealer services from New Jersey | Florida | Arizona | Tennessee | Texas | Maryland 800.367.2677 | Fax: 856.629.4043 | info @ | How to find and win new accounts By Chris Peterson F or a million valid reasons that are beyond the scope of this col- umn, commercial security has evolved into an industry of account management. We do an amazing job of taking care of our current custom- ers. In fact, I feel comfortable stating that we've never been so effec- tive at servicing our customers. However, we're not very strong at growing mar- ket share and winning new accounts. This type of behavior by the sales team doesn't appear to be a bad thing when the economy is expanding, like right now. However, relying solely on account management without finding and winning new accounts can be crippling when the economy starts to contract. What can sales managers do to reverse this trend? As the leader of a sales team, you're often stuck in the middle of every fire in the busi- ness. Where will you find the time to build a new strategy? How can you lead your team to growing market share, penetrating new accounts, and winning new business? Below I've listed five things a sales leader can do to guide their sales team to winning new accounts. I've listed these five ideas with the inten- tion of not making them inclusive— you can put only one or all five into action and you'll see progress. I've also intentionally left off the idea of "hiring hunters" because I don't want you to think you have to wait for a new team. The ideas below can be immediately implemented with your current sales team. 1. Make every sales person responsible for new business. I created the following rule of thumb about new accounts for senior sales people: No matter how seasoned a sales person is, at least 20 percent of their business should come from new accounts. If a sales person is consistently hitting their number with their current customers, take away the accounts that make up the bottom 20 percent of their sales every year. After a while, they'll have a list of large accounts that take less time per dollar, and they'll be able to focus on other whales in the market place. 2. Have each sales person iden- tify a list of targeted prospects. Every sales person should have a list of targeted prospects that is readily available to display. New sales people may have a list of 150 prospects, and seasoned sales people may have a list of 15. Either way, every sales person must have a written list of prospects they're pursuing, and you should be helping them get in the door of those facilities. 3. Implement an inbound mar- keting program. A well-executed inbound marketing program will help your company and sales people become the perceived experts in the market place. Of course, leads will be generated, but more important will be the awareness and credibil- ity the prospects will have for your sales people. They'll secure more appointments and move through the sales process quicker because of your inbound marketing efforts. 4. Hold your sales team accountable to networking and social media work. Pursuing a list of targeted prospects and leading an inbound marketing program will be exponentially more successful if your sales people are networking in person and through social media. Networking and social selling puts a face to the inbound marketing efforts and will make the cold-calling efforts much softer and easier. 5. Compensate differently for new accounts. If you want to influ- ence behavior, compensation should be a factor. Two pieces of advice on this idea: One, don't just reduce com- mission for sales to current accounts, but also increase commission for sales to new accounts. Second, consider an account as "new" for one year after the first purchase. SSN Chris Peterson is president of the Vector Firm, a leader in helping security companies improve their sales and digital marketing performance. Chris Peterson

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