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JUN 2018

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S e C u RITY SYST e MS ne WS june 2018 Commer C ial & systems integrators 17 Beyond security, Hikvision solutions provide important data and business intelligence for end users, which can enable greater commercial success and more efficient operations. IT'S MORE THAN A UNIVERSITY, IT'S A MINIATURE SAFE CITY CENTER. ADT's commercial growth company's strategy to grow its commercial business by acquiring commercial system integration talent across the U.S. "The deal with ASG, which was the biggest deal so far, was one that many people did not see coming— ASG teaming with a big national like ADT?" said BenVau. "But I think this really shows how committed we are here, as we were at Protection 1, to build our commercial brand and reputation. We are really striving to bring back that full-service security company." Phil Aronson, president, Aronson Security Group, told SSN, "What we heard from ADT was a great story of growth and their vision of growing the commercial business. We have the opportunity to build a highly differentiated, unique and valuable security risk management services category and business. When all the pieces come together—strate- gic risk management, integration services and infrastructure services leveraging ADT's NOC and SOC— the industry will have a holistic approach to the problems that risk, resilience and security leaders will be facing now and in the future." BenVau pointed out that acquiring a systems integrator of ASG's caliber bolsters ADT's already strong stable of commercial integration compa- nies that it has acquired since 2012 when it began its strategy to grow its commercial business under Tim Whall's leadership. "Phil's vision, one that he has had for over a decade, is to change this industry, and he built this model of risk management that is different and that is what we found intrigu- ing," BenVau explained. "We already have had discussions with Phil and our entire national accounts leader- ship team looking at how we can take what ASG is doing and use that to grow our commercial business nationally." Growing through acquisition As evidenced by the ASG deal, ADT is not looking to gobble up top-flight commercial integration companies and divest them of what got them there in the first place. "It really is a different strategy," said BenVau. "A lot of times when companies are acquiring, they are looking to fold that business into their model, but that is not our play at all. We have found management teams that are the best of breed at what they do, and we have taken their approach and done a reverse integration, taking that business process and bringing that to ADT. That is the difference." Jay Linton, VP of Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions for ADT, provides perspective, as his compa- ny, Camtronic Security Integration, was the first acquisition on the com- mercial side back in 2012. "It has been a good fit for us," Linton told SSN. "We were a niche player, a small company, a $10 mil- lion company; this year, six years into it, we have done just shy of $40 million, so we have had exponential growth over the last six years. And with RMR, we were doing zero RMR back in 2012 and this year we did $200,000 in RMR. That is business that I would never have had the opportunity to get before." Linton now helps with M&A for ADT because he has "been on that side of the table and can tell them all of the good and the bad, and they can see that six years later I am still here and guys from my leadership team are still here generating four times the revenue we used to," said Linton. "And all of our employees are still with us to this day, and some have gone on to leadership roles here." ADT's VP of Integration Solutions, Ken Schafenberg, whose company Integration Logistics was the second commercial company acquired back in 2012, said that ADT gave him the backing and resources to be able to handle all of the needs of the big national accounts he could only partially provide service for before the buy. "We were experiencing double- digit growth but we were starting to outstrip our resources as we were growing," said Schafenberg, who noted that a major factor in selling was the match he saw culturally. "We came on board and became the foundation of what is now the Continued from page 1 ADT see page 34

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