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MAY 2018

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SECURIT y S y STE m S NEWS m ay 2018 Monitoring 19 By Spencer Ives COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— B o l d Te c h n o l o g i e s re c e n t l y launched BoldU, its new learn- ing and training platform. "We really want to engage the lifelong learning of our custom- ers. We want them to really … get everything that they can out of our system," Caryn Morgan, Bold's curriculum designer told Security Systems News. "The more you learn about the soft- ware you're using—especially in the alarm industry—the bet- ter you can service your end customers." Bold has been developing classes over the past six months. Since the platform launched on March 1, 102 of Bold's central station customers and a total of 608 professionals have used the service, according to Morgan. BoldU replaces the company's previous education platform, BoldGenius. "We wanted to really take advantage of newer technologies," Morgan said, and the learning management system with BoldGenius didn't offer the technologies that the new system with BoldU does, such as including video and quizes. "The user interface really is much more user friendly and a lot easier to navigate for our end users," she said. "Making the move gave us a great opportunity to also make a change with the name," said Morgan. BoldU has four tiers, the first two of which were previously available, while the third and fourth are new. The first tier of BoldU is a resource center where users can find documents or video tutorials. The second tier is a self-paced elearning program. T h e t h i rd t i e r i s a n o n l i n e c o u r s e , w h e r e u s e r s h a v e instructors, assignments and topics of discussion, while the fourth tier has a scheduled time for an online lecturer, discussion groups between students and video conversations. Bold technologies announces new training platform, BoldU Topics in BoldU will cover B o l d 's s o f t w a r e a s w e l l a s elements of professional devel- opment. "For example, we have an advanced alarm operator course which actually moves into … dealing with challenging customers, focusing on positive word choices—things like that," Morgan said. SSN PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE 1-800-438-4171 • S E C U R I T Y C E N T R A L THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU CAN TRUST WITH CONFIDENCE! MONITORING | TECHNOLOGY | QUALITY | & MORE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR THREE GENERATIONS. BoldU replaces previous system, BoldGenius, and includes four tiers of training and education presenting "What the Dark Web Can Teach Us about Cybersecurity." The event received a net promoter score of 8.88 out of 10 from attendees. "We were very, very pleased with that," Elizabeth Lasko, TMA's vice president of communications and mar- keting, told SSN. The technology summit featured roundtable discus- sions to cap off each day of educational sessions, which went well due to the high participation of attendees, Hauhn said. "The success of the event means we are really looking forward to how we do it next year," said Hauhn. SSN "The user interface ... is much more user friendly and a lot easier to navigate for our end users." —Caryn m organ, Bold Technologies Continued from page 18 TMA

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