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president, said in comments emailed to Security Systems News. "KPSS is an ideal acquisi- tion for Securitas as it supports the global Securitas E l e c t ro n i c S e c u r i t y strategy and strength- e n s t h e c o m p a n y 's e l e c t r o n i c s e c u r i t y platform. In addition, it is an important next step in the execution of Securitas' North Amer- ican strategy to pro- vide a complete range of protec- tive services to the company's collective customer base." Byerly pointed out that the deal expands the company's national footprint in the U.S., adds highly skilled associates to the team, and opens new markets and opportunities for future growth. "Combining volume 21, number 4 april 2018 n $7.00 Commer C ial & Sy S tem S i ntegrator S n Bates Security acquires ABCO, expands in Kentucky page 18 n Convergint makes first buy with new equity partner page 18 n Industry mourns loss of Mountain Alarm's Rod Garner page 19 m onitoring n Affiliated expands educational structure for Catalyst '18 page 22 n COPS Monitoring to offer mPERS monitoring page 22 r e S idential Sy S tem S n HAWK Security opens new office in Plano, Texas page 26 n Amazon agrees to buy video doorbell maker Ring page 28 Supplier S n Nortek Security & Control announces new certification program page 32 n From AI to storytelling, MIPS 2018 addressed range of topics page 32 moni see page 26 S e C urita S see page 20 alula see page 34 STATS Survey on employee safety awareness See page 2 produc TS See what's new at ISC West 2018 See page 36 Resolution Products and ipDatatel now branded Alula Securitas to acquire a key division of Kratos By Paul Ragusa STOCKHOLM—Securitas has a g re e d t o a c q u i re t h e K r a - tos Public Safety and Security division from Kratos D e f e n s e & S e c u r i t y Solutions for approxi- mately $70 million. Closing of the acqui- s i t i o n i s s u b j e c t t o regulatory approval, and is expected dur- ing the second quarter of 2018. K r a t o s P u b l i c S a f e t y a n d Security, or KPSS, which has annual sales of approximately $135 million and employs 400 people globally, is to be com- bined with Securitas Electronic Security. "It's an exciting time for Securitas and specifically Secu- ritas Electronic Security (SES)," To n y B y e r l y, S e c u r i t a s E S By Spencer Ives HUDSON, Wis.—Alula, the new brand for Resolution Products and ipDatatel headquartered here, offi- cially launched in March, alongside the release of the Alula Connect+ platform—the first new product offering that combines influence from ipDatatel and Reso- lution Products. "The Alula brand is one that's really meant to signify a different way of doing things, which I think this industry is long overdue for in terms of the technology, but, also simplicity," Brian McLaughlin, the recently named CEO of the combined company, told Security By Spencer Ives DALLAS—MONI Smart Secu- rity recently announced an exclusive, long-term trade- mark licensing agreement with The Brink's Company, bringing about a complete re b r a n d i n g o f M O N I a n d LiveWatch to BRINKS Home Security. "It's a really mutually ben- eficial deal. They want- ed a nation- a l p a rt n e r that would really lever- a g e t h e i r brand, and we wanted a b r a n d that people knew," MONI CEO Jeff Gardner, soon to be CEO of BRINKS Home Secu- rity, told Security Systems News. MONI dealers will go to market as BRINKS autho- rized dealers. "Despite the fact that we've done well with MONI, there are still many people in the country that don't know what MONI does. So, that's always made it a little harder to sell for our sales reps and for our dealers. But, with the BRINKS brand, I think that's going to change quite a bit," Gardner continued. The new brand will be fully rolled out in Q2 2018. Gard- ner said the company plans to exhibit entirely as BRINKS Home Security at ISC West. "The timing of ISC West is incredible fortuitous to us," he said. The company announced a change from the Monitronics Systems News. "We wanted to take a fresh, new, clean approach to the naming, which then resonates all the way down to the core operations of the business and the mission of the business, which … is really to try to simplify security and the connect- ed home for professional dealers." "The name represents the collective capabilities and business across the board," Mclaughlin said. Alula provides a range of security solutions, including wire- less sensors, alarm communicators, standalone wireless alarm systems. Essentially all products, services, apps and other brandings of Reso- By SSN Staff BOCA RATON, Fla.—ADT announced on March 2 the c o m p l e t e d a c q u i s i t i o n o f Aronson Security Group Inc. (ASG), a national integra- tor based in Renton, Wash., that has been in business for 55 years and has nearly 170 employees. T h i s i s o n e o f t h e lution Products and ipDatatel have been renamed Alula, McLaughlin said. The company's booth at ISC West will be fully branded as Alula. "The only thing that we're keeping the Resolution Products name on are some compatibles that we have. … Everything else is really focused on Alula," he said. The company briefly held the interim brand IPR earlier this year, prior to the official launch of the Alula brand. The word alula is literally defined as part of a bird's wing, a part that aids flight, McLaughlin said, noting on the symbolism of Alula help- ing its dealers. "The alula enables the bird to fly, we're enabling our a dt see page 18 MONI to be BRINKS Home Security stats .......................................2 spe C i F i C all Y spea K ing .......8 H o W i use m Y s Y stem ........10 guest C ommentar Y ...........13 editorial .............................14 F ive questions ...................46 databan K .............................46 ADT buys Aronson Security Group Jeff Gardner B. McLaughlin Tony Byerly Deal for Kratos' Public Safety and Security division is estimated at approximately $70m

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