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SECU ri TY SYSTEMS NEWS April 2018 suppliers 35 Elegant. Intelligent. Secure. Visit us at 25059 @ Hall C to s ee the new Net2 Entry Premium Monitor Net2 Entry Premium Monitor Customizable Interface Concierge Functionality Call Administration Premium Build Quality Versatile Design Latest Addition to Our Door Entry Range have subtitles, those subtitles can leverage Google Translate, allow- ing Milestone dealers and users around the world to understand the uploaded content. Willmarth also sees a busi- ness benefit in developing more Youtube videos. "If [our partners] don't know about our products, know about the benefits of them, they don't have confidence in their teams to design them [and] deploy them, they're not going to sell them. You sell what you know. So, anything we can do to drive knowledge out into the channel, I think, ultimately, will result in more sales," he told SSN. Performance support is a goal for Milestone in training. "At the end of the day we're about enabling job performance. Pre- performance training is good; it can help build knowledge, but if we can build better tools like this new deployment best practice, Jesper Just Jensen, Milestone's VP of products, and Jesper Raebild, company director of product mar- keting, came on the main stage to talk about what Milestone focused on in 2017 and some of the strategic outlook for 2018 and beyond. Jensen and Raebild outlined Milestone's 2017 effort to increase product quality, including soft- ware quality and large scale testing. The company enhanced the product line-up of its VMS portfolio with the Plus products and emphasized cybersecurity with a web page hardening guide. One of the things the com- pany has planned for 2018 is improvement to its NVR prod- ucts, Milestone Husky, with announcements specifically on that coming in April. In the afternoon, Willmarth presented the last business- focused presentation at MIPS 2018, "Increase Profitability with Faster Installs." The main prem- ise behind the presentation is that companies should make the most of Milestone's tools and training because a poor installation is bad for business. If a technician needs to call technical support, it wastes company time and looks bad in front of the customer, Willmarth pointed out. Milestone offers a variety of education opportunities, includ- ing 47 elearning courses, instruc- tor-led classes and certifications. The company is also looking to branch into creating more video content on YouTube. A big benefit of which is that, as the videos will that's really where we're focused," Willmarth said. As of the MIPS conference, January of 2018 was the com- pany's biggest month for elearn- ing course completions—more than 5,200 courses completed in the month—and that does not include the courses Milestone offers to end users, Willmarth said. "Milestone is a canvas, and the community makes the paints, the brushes, brings the artists. Milestone makes some paints, too—we've got some really nice paints. But, if you don't have a solid canvas that can take the paint, that can last, that can be durable, you're not going to keep your artwork for very long," Willmarth told SSN. "That's really the way I see us as the platform; … that we're the canvas and the community is going to create the masterpieces." SSN Gor I ll A a small team already. We're going to start expanding really fast from the west coast team," Koh said. Gorilla Technology began by focusing on two techno- logical areas: video and net- work intelligence. The com- pany started—more than a decade ago—by applying this to verticals like law enforce- ment, criminal investigation, national security and border control. Now, Gorilla has branched out to new areas, such as the commercial sec- tor— "anything that can use the video and the video ana- lytics," Koh said. The company has about 240 employees, nearly 85 per- cent of which are technology engineers and developers, and develops its own proprietary technology, according to Koh. Gorilla is looking to work with other VMS providers, he said. SSN Continued from page 32 MIPS 2018 Continued from page 34

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