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APR 2018

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Page 40 of 54 April 2018 SECU ri TY SYSTEMS NEWS suppliers 34 MIPS sessions seek to help dealers with their businesses director of learning and perfor- mance, told SSN that the guide will walk installers through a step-by-step process, which can be checked off and initialed by the installing technician, and also includes space for notes. "At the end of the deployment, they have proof that they can provide to their customers that they're following the manufacturer's best practice for deployment. This is something we're getting a lot of buzz [about]." This guide is now available on Milestone's website. Milestone jumped off from the technical nature of the first day's keynotes to address the nature of storytelling in busi- ness. Louis Richardson, chief Moe added. He addressed some of the tools that dealers have available to them, such as MyMilestone, C u s t o m e r D a s h b o a rd , C a re Upgrade Mapping and a new best practices guide for deploy- ing solutions. Greg Willmarth, Milestone's storyteller for IBM Watson and the main speaker of the second day's keynote session, challenged attendees to think "What if…" Richardson told a story of how IBM researchers came to consider a "What if…" question. They were in a bar and saw Ken Jennings on television during his run on Jeopardy! and thought: Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World Learn more at Join us at ISC West Booth #14039 Education Retail Banking Small & Medium Business Transportation Heat Map Technology Know where your customers spend their time. Ultra-high Definition 4K Resolution See even the smallest detail. 360º Situational Awareness Keep an eye on products, customers, and employees. Awareness Awareness Keep an eye on products, Keep an eye on products, customers, and employees. 12MP IR 360° Panoramic IP Fisheye NK8BR4 #IntelligentSolutionsForYou Your business is dynamic, and growth is just as critical as protecting what you already have. Utilizing a technology solution that not only protects your store but provides enhanced analysis to help you grow your business. Intelligent Solutions for: Retail What if we could build a machine to beat Ken Jennings? IBM Watson, a computer sys- tem capable of understanding natural language, in 2011 com- peted on a special version of Jeopardy!, against the show's top two competitors: Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. IBM Watson used its computing power to generate the most likely answer to the Jeopardy clue—and Watson won. Watson has since been used in a variety of applications; diagnos- tic medicine and highlighting key moments in tennis matches were two of the examples Richardson highlighted in his presentation. Richardson gave five pieces of advice to companies that wanted to define their "what if…" state- ment: look, leverage, leap, learn and last. Companies should look and define their path, leverage what other's have done, leap into it, learn from their experiences, and aim to last. Continued from page 33 MIPS see page 35 professional dealers to com- bat the many challenges that are coming their way," McLaughlin said. In the announcement of the new brand name, Alula also announced its Connect+ product. The Connect+ sys- tem is based on Resolution Products' Helix panel includ- ing ipDatatel's SecureSmart Network. "That is our first of many big, integrated products that really allow us to offer an end-to-end capability," McLaughlin said. T h e c o m b i n a t i o n o f ipDatatel and Resolution Products was first announced in September 2017. Russell Vail and Brian Seemann, founders of ipDatatel and Resolution Products respec- tively, are both still with the company. Resolution Products was based in Hudson, Wis., i p D a t a t e l w a s b a s e d i n Houston, and Alula is main- taining offices in both loca- tions. The total organization has about 3,500 dealers. McLaughlin commented on how the two sides of the business complement each other. "The Hudson group has just brilliant engineering capabilities—hardware, sen- sor, and mobile application development, firmware," he said. "On the other side you had really strong IP-based network configurations and web design capabilities. … It really was a perfect mar- riage." SSN Continued from page 1 Alul A

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