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SECU ri TY SYSTEMS NEWS April 2018 suppliers 33 SMOKE THE COMPETITION WITH UCC MORE THAN MONITORING. Texas License B20576, ACR-2215/Florida License EF20001361/California License: ACO6132, ACQ5175 © 2017 United Central Control DEALERS UCC 1 UNPARALLELED DEALER SUPPORT Since 1982, UCC has provided high quality contract monitoring services to alarm dealers throughout the country. Having the right monitoring partner is critical, but having a partner that does MORE THAN MONITORING can give you a greater competitive advantage. The UCC DEALERS FIRST program brings value to your company through experienced industry veterans who provide useful business insights, expert training, personalized support, and value-added services – all of which will help you succeed in your competitive marketplace. to properly answer all the calls they receive. Bakshi said that in examples like this, AI amplifies a person's skills and starts to look like IA: intelligence augmented. Adam Scraba is the global business development lead for NVIDIA, which makes GPUs, or graphics processing units. During the first day's main session, he addressed what AI can mean for the security space in particular. Computers are now getting better than humans at detecting what is in an image, he said. "AI is going to have a really major impact in the public safety space," said Scraba, particularly when you look at metadata. "If you take a look at our main stage presentations, it's really geared at helping people see what exists out there, something that might not be right in their purview," Eric Moe, Milestone's director of sales operations for the Americas, told Security Systems News after the first day's keynotes. "The AI business, the machine learning, the big data discus- sion—I think—is one that can give people some heads up as to what's coming from an industry perspective," Moe said. "MIPS has always done a good job of showcasing what might be on the horizon." The MIPS event has definitely grown over the years, Moe said. "It's always been a high-value event. The reason I say that is that we have our best partners here, our absolute best resellers come to MIPS." This translates into a high-value environment for Milestone's ecosystem partners, he said. The majority of attendees to MIPS is made up of Milestone resellers, Moe noted, and as a result, the company "can actu- ally craft our message in a pretty direct way." While the keynote sessions at MIPS covered high-level indus- try trends and road mapping for Milestone, the breakout sessions cover more specific takeaways for the company's channel partners. MIPS 2018 hosted three different out that there is a connection between profitability and user experience, and said that is one of the things he really wanted to address. One aspect in profitability is the balance between gaining new customers and managing exist- ing customers. Sixty percent of the orders Milestone receives are not new business, Moe noted, as it's customers adding on to the systems they have. This is important for Milestone, as the company has built its business on scalable software, he said. But, you can't have a base of existing customers without g a i n i n g n e w c u s t o m e r s , tracks of education, each with six sessions available—a technology track, a business track and an integration partner track. The business education track a t M I P S 2 0 1 8 s t a rt e d w i t h "Managing the End-Customer Experience and its Effect on Long Term Profitability," presented by Moe. He opened by pointing MIPS 2018 covers topics from AI to storytelling Tanmay Bakshi spoke at MIPS 2018 in the first day's keynote session. MIPS see page 34 Continued from page 32

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