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APR 2018

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STABILITY EXPERIENCE INNOVATION STABILITY Security Industry Professionals can trust the CMS team to go above and beyond for their businesses. To meet our experienced team and learn more about our catalog of professional monitoring services visit our booth at ISC West 2018. BOOTH - Tony Wilson, President, CMS BEYOND EXPERIENCE INNOVATION MONITORING 19077 over?'" said Russell. Humans are still providing the real intelligence for smart home ing the life of the Jetsons. Saving lives and providing safety may not work that way. "How sci-fi it is … look at cars of the 1970s," Bedell said. "Think of the sensors then and compare it to today. The car may be ahead of the home, but the car is manufactured, the home is not." "When it comes to AI, con- s u m e r s d o n 't k n o w t h a t t o think—'Are the robots taking in human movement inside and outside the home. The former has become a prominent social issue, while the latter has always been a private matter. A c c o r d i n g t o B e d e l l , developed applica- tions for AI in the home as a result of its attempts to address the security needs of customers who are either elderly or who have elderly relatives living at home "Our insights were borne out of our wellness operations," Bedell said. "You can use this [ t e c h n o l o g y ] f o r a g i n g i n place—not just to catch people breaking into the house, but to [track] people inside the house." "The guts of it is exactly the same as in security solutions," he said. The "guts" are algorithms and machine learning used to notify homeowners of an aberration in human activity inside their walls. The good news, according to Jeremy Warren, is that "video analytics are here and getting better." "Better data, and better data analytics absolutely leads to better customer services," said Sridhar Solur. "We can offer real world value," Warren said. "When you want to know who is at home, whose car or truck is pulling up to the house, whether it's the school bus … we can really start solving these kinds of problems" by detecting patterns through AI and data analytics. "You don't need to spy on people," he said. "The analytics answer a basic question: 'Is the level of activity the same for my mom today as it normally is?'" Voice-enabled video search qualifies as the most interesting recent development in the smart home, according to Russell. Ask your device to show clips of someone wearing a white hat, or of your children coming home from school. Home security systems can also create alerts for disruptions "in patterns of behavior that systems recog- nize." Russell noted, pointing out that the system knows, for example, that "at 1 a.m., every- one is in bed" and can alert you otherwise without a prompt. And then there are intelli- gence alerts, increasingly more valuable in the age of telephone and online scams targeting the elderly. " R a t h e r t h a n … p e o p l e invading your house, people c a n i n v a d e t h ro u g h c y b e r- space," Russell said. "It can be more dangerous than entering through your physical front door." As Bedell suggested, AI in the smart home is not as sexy as liv- Continued from previous page evolution. And it's not just the humans pining for more gad- gets. "It's not just about what auto- mation can do for the customer, it's also about what it can do for service providers," said Bedell. "It's about whether we can make service providers more efficient. The patterns of our service pro- viders correlate with certain [end users]. … We take a lot of time thinking about this." For all involved, the road to smart home automation will be made easier with AI. SSN "Our goal is to transition from a world in which connected home tasks are being performed by you to one in which those tasks are performed for you in a way that is intuitive and effortless." —Sridhar Solur, Xfinity SECU r ITY SYSTEMS NEWS apr I l 2018 Residential s ystems 31

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