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APR 2018

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AI and smart homes: We may not notice the future Industry leaders say AI is already changing our lives for the better, while the potential moving forward is limitless The new iotega Wireless Security & Home Automation solution. iotega can be summed up in three words: Secure, Simple and Scalable. Secure. Fully encrypted and wireless security backed by PowerG technology. Simple. Easy installation and ability to manage systems remotely. Scalable. Start with basic security to a fully secured smart solution with the ability to connect to home automation devices. All the home security and automation you need, under one roof. Visit to learn more. a weekly basis," he said. W h i l e s e r v i c e p ro v i d e r s , i n s t a l l e r s a n d i n t e g r a t o r s can alert end users about the potential for AI in their homes, c o n s u m e r s s t i l l d e t e r m i n e what they want versus what dreamers are still envisioning, Warren said. "We may have underestimated the difficulty and overestimated the speed—although not the potential—of moving from the laboratory to the consumer … progress cannot be measured on By Kenneth Z. Chutchian YARMOUTH, Maine—The Jet- sons are not walking through your front door anytime soon. Or perhaps they're already here and you don't remember life without them. That's the way technology blends into our lives, often without a formal invitation. The security indus- try knows this. Industry experts interviewed by Security Systems News agree that most of u s t a k e f o r g r a n t e d t h e ways in which a r t i f i c i a l i n t e l l i g e n c e has changed o u r l i v e s a t h o m e . T h e y don't neces- sarily agree on the speed of change over the last five to 20 years, or whether we are going to notice future changes that now seem Jetson-like. They do seem to agree that while AI, machine learning and data ana- lytics have presented fascinating potential for m a n y y e a r s , p r o g r e s s i s a l w a y s s u b - jected to mar- k e t re a l i t i e s a n d h u m a n foibles. "We are at a c r a z y t i p - ping point," said Jeremy War- ren, chief technology officer at Vivint Inc., a private smart home security provider, based in Provo, Utah, with more than one million customers in the U.S. and Canada. "AI hasn't really fulfilled its promise," Warren said. Despite "so much" research and devel- opment since the middle of the 20th century, he said, expecta- tions may have exceeded practi- cal application by a considerable margin. "The potential of connected home technology is virtually limitless," said Sridhar Solur, senior vice president of prod- uct and development for Xfin- ity Homes and Data Services. "When you reflect on how far we've come in an incredibly short time, it becomes clear that the only real limit on connected home experiences is our own imaginations. [A] factor will really be whether people want to have their homes do 'every- thing' for them." G a d g e t s a re g re a t , b u t a machine's ability "to solve prob- lems that are easy for people to solve" is not what pioneers had imagined, and not what "How sci-fi it is ... look at cars of the 1970s. Think of the sensors then and compare it to today. The car may be ahead of the home, but the car is manufactured, the home is not." —Jeff Bedell, a Jeremy Warren Sridhar Solur AI see page 30 SECU r ITY SYSTEMS NEWS apr I l 2018 Residential s ystems 29

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