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APR 2018

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SECU ri TY SYSTEMS NEWS april 2018 Commer C ial & systems integrators 21 LTE is the Future CHOOSE DMP AND MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD You need cellular technology that works best for the long term — that's why our LTE strategy relies on Cat-M1 technology that's locked in to give you 10 years of service. It also provides faster connect speeds and better penetration inside buildings. Longer lasting, better range, plus you'll save on every module. Choose DMP and move your business forward. We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @DMPAlarms Long lasting. Better range. Visit us at ISC West In Las Vegas | April 11-13, 2018 Booth #23089 One thing every sales manager should have By Chris Peterson I 've frequently described the sales leadership job—whether the title is chief sales officer, sales manager, or anything in between—as the most vulnerable job on the org chart. Even though there are dozens of factors that lead to sales success and failure, the sales leader is the one person that rides the roller coaster throughout the entire process. I n f a c t , I ' v e o f t e n s t a t e d that being a sales leader is like being an NFL head coach. Due to the volatility of the sales leadership role, and the unpredict- able ups and downs, succeeding over the long term can be very difficult. Responding to impulsive reactions of leadership, obsessing about competition, and dealing with ongoing turnover can make one feel as though they're running in quicksand. In all this turmoil, a sales leader can go from the penthouse on Wednesday to the outhouse on Thursday—it's that quick. However, there is a solution. I've found that there is something that can help stabilize all sales lead- ers and help them move through quarter after quarter with happi- ness and long-term success. The one thing every sales leader must have is a sales philosophy. Below are five items to consider in creating a sales philosophy. Most sales leaders reading this will realize that they already have a program, but it hasn't been writ- ten down or formalized as their philosophy. As soon as possible, take a half-day and formalize a philosophy (maybe after the CEO asks you why sales only grew by 30 percent last year when the competition has been bragging on LinkedIn about 60 percent growth). Write it down by simply answering the following questions. I intentionally haven't included advice on any of the topics because this exercise is personal. Although it sounds crazy, the wrong answers are better than no answers. • Sales Staffing. What is your recruiting and hiring philosophy? Do you hire on experience or tal- ent? Do you use recruiters? If so, which recruiters? How do you interview? Do you use personal- ity tests or gut feel? How do you perform due diligence? • Sales Compensation. Do you subscribe to a high base salary and low variable compensation, or low base salary and high variable? Do you reward aggressively on specialty sales like new accounts, RMR, etc.? Do you like short-term spiffs? How about accelerators? If you use accelerators, are they based on annual or short-term performance? • Sales Model. Do you have a hunter-farmer or hybrid model? Do you like an inside sales staff that generates appointments? How about sales support like estimators, business development executives, or sales engineers? Do you focus on networking, inbound market- ing, and social selling? • Meetings and Reporting. How deep do you track activity? How frequent do you meet? Do you meet only as a team, or also one-on-one? Do you use a CRM? If so, how much reporting do you need? • Field Work and Coaching. Do you get in the field with your team in a proactive and routine manner, or only when requested? Do you have a sales training pro- gram in which you invest and expect your team to participate? Are you interested in personal and professional development of your team, or do you believe that professional growth is a personal choice? SSN Chris Peterson is president of the Vector Firm, a leader in helping secu- rity companies improve their sales and digital marketing performance. Chris Peterson

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