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ISC West and SIA getting it right ... Tim Purpura, VP & GROUP PUBLISHER Brook Taliaferro, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Paul Ragusa, EDITOR Spencer Ives, MANAGING EDITOR Peter Macijauskas, E-MEDIA MANAGER SEND PRESS RELEASES TO: EDITORIAL OFFICE Tel: 207-846-0600 ADVERTISING OFFICE Security Systems News 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998 Yarmouth, ME 04096 Tel: 207-846-0600 NEW ENGLAND STATES AND EASTERN CANADA Tim Purpura, VP & GROUP PUBLISHER Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 217 MIDWEST AND EASTERN STATES Brad Durost, REGIONAL SALES MANAGER 207-846-0600, Ext. 274 WESTERN STATES AND WESTERN CANADA Rob Akert, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR Tel: 623-376-9513 MARKETPLACE SALES Cath Daggett Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 300 Lise Dubois, PRODUCTION DIRECTOR SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Security Systems News PO Box 1888 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888 Tel: 800-553-8878 Publishers of specialized business publications PRESIDENT & CEO EXECUTIVE VP J.G. Taliaferro Jr. Rick Rector For custom reprints or digital reuse, please contact our reprint partner, The YGS Group, by calling 717-505-9701, Ext. 100, or by visiting their fi ngertips. "We're laser-focused on providing attendees with all-inclusive education at ISC West, which is why we're thrilled to have SIA as our trusted partner," Will Wise, group vice president of ISC Security Events, said in the announce- ment. "These top 10 trends really hit on what's to come at the show. These themes impact nearly every type of attendee in some way, from government/enterprise security decision-makers and end-users, to integrators, installers and dealers. This year's show is designed to be the most educational and information-packed yet, and we're looking forward to seeing the peer-to-peer mindshare that takes place." And speaking of education at ISC West, on Wednesday, April 11, from 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m., yours truly will be mod- erating a session, "Seeing is Believing - Drones, Robotics and the Integration of Video Applications," with a very talented panel that includes Steve Reinharz, CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices, Jack Wu, co-founder and CEO, Nightingale Secu- rity, and Jumbi Edulbehram, regional president, Americas Oncam. Hope to see you there, or on the trade show fl oor, or at the great Mission 500 5K/2K charity event on Thursday morning. W ith April and ISC West finally here, we at Security Systems News thought it was the ideal time to highlight the tremendous education program the Security Industry Association (SIA) has developed for ISC West 2018. At a time when the indus- try needs education and guidance more than ever—to make sense of all of the new technol- ogy and trends—ISC West, sponsored by SIA, has stepped up to the plate and delivered. In preparation for this year's confer- ence, SIA strove to create an education program that addresses this year's most significant emerging threats and busi- ness opportunities. And following SIA's research to develop the Security Mega- trends—an annual research project that reports on the top trends reshaping the security industry—SIA and ISC West worked together to make sure those themes would be addressed at the 2018 event, particularly as part of the "SIA Education@ISC" lineup. "A top priority is making education one of the most valuable, robust parts of ISC West," Don Erickson, CEO of SIA, said in the Megatrends announcement. "We identified these top 10 trends— what we call the Security Megatrends— and reviewed how they would pose sig- nificant impacts on 2018's converged security landscape. We then used these insights to lay the groundwork for the 85+ educational sessions we're offering at the ISC West show, making it possible for attendees to leave feeling confi dent and equipped to tackle the emerging security threats, as well as the business challenges and opportunities that inevitably come their way." SIA's 2018 Security Megatrends include: 1. Booming growth of the IoT. 2. Cyber meets physical security. 3. Accessing and analyzing smart and big data. 4. Evolution of risk management. 5. Transformation of the channel. 6. Shakeup of the status quo: entrance of entrepreneurial buyers and outsiders. 7. Mobile everything. 8. Control through cloud: driving greater effi ciencies and promoting managed services. 9. Integrating with social media. 1 0 . E m e rg i n g c o n n e c t e d s e r v i c e s : consumers want convenience at Paul Ragusa • Equip salespeople with a well-con- structed value proposition that oozes what differentiates your company from the com- petition, and why. Avoid canned presenta- tions and scripted responses. • Focus on thought-provoking ques- tions that demonstrate expertise, rather than claim statements that sound like every other weak salesperson. Use the value proposition to both create ques- tions that help the prospect think about what they need while highlighting the dif- ferences between your solutions and the competition's. The Keys to Compete There's little that can be done to make the security market less competitive, but you can still compete effectively. Just get precise with the three sales competen- cies—"Hunter," "Qualifier," and "Con- sultative Seller"—and you'll have what is necessary to truly succeed. *Source: Objective Management Group Gretchen Gordon is the president of Brave- heart Sales Performance, which solves sales problems for security clients of all sizes. Gretchen authors an award-winning sales management blog and was named a Top 50 Sales Infl uencer in 2017. wasting time is deadly. Your salespeople need to have the Qualifi er Competency (see table) to insure they spend time clos- ing the right opportunities. What to do about it • Identify what makes a perfect target and why. Accept that not every potential customer is really a good lead and make sure everyone understands this. • Create a scorecard or checklist for qualifying to help weed out the wrong leads. Adopt the mentality of disqualify- ing. • Focus on the AGREED UPON next step to determine if the opportunity is real or not. Be skeptical if a lead will not com- mit. Distinguishing from All the Noise The number of competitors, both tra- ditional and new entrants, have blurred the lines between security and many other elements of IoT. Plus, the competitive onslaught comes from so many different places that it's even more critical sales- people are consultative. It's a controversial term, but at its core, it means the prospect views the salesperson as a valuable consul- tant. This is the pinnacle of professional sales today. Sadly, only 16 percent of security sales- people are profi cient at this competency. The number isn't off much, however, from the general selling population, where only 22 percent are profi cient. Salespeople who become truly consulta- tive will be most successful, whether hunt- ing, managing existing accounts or receiv- ing inbound leads to close. See the Con- sultative Seller Competency table for those traits that will distinguish the salesperson and the company from the competition. What to do about it • Establish a sales process focused on the "why" as opposed to the "what". The true consultant salesperson strives to understand what really matters to the prospect or client rather than selling them their solution. COMPETE Continued from page 13 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS APRIL 2018 EDITORIAL 14

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