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ACCESS & POWER INTEGRATION TROVE ® SAVES TIME & LABOR... MAXIMIZING PROFITS by – Easily combine Altronix ® power and accessories with access controllers from the industry's leading manufacturers – Trove enclosures with removable backplanes allow you to configure, layout and test prior to on-site installation – Efficient, scalable designs for optimum performance and seamless integration – Pre-assembled kits available in various configurations further reduce overall costs Altronix® / 718.567.8181 / / Made in the U.S.A. likely spending too much time on the wrong opportunities, believing that every lead that comes in is a good lead. Espe- cially in a competitive market, By Gretchen Gordon W hat do E s it take to be successful in the noisy, competitive security market? Based on the data we have on over 4,000 security salespeople, it takes three key competences, " h unter," "Quali- fier," and "Consultative s eller." I thought it would be fun to dive into that data further for more insights . Where Are the Hunters? s ecurity company owners fre- quently seek our help because they are frustrated their sales- p e o p l e j u s t d o n 't h u n t . a fter analyz- ing the data, I am not sur- prised. o nly 24 percent of t h e s e c u r i t y s a l e s p e o p l e have the nec- essary traits to be proficient at hunting, compared to 70 per- cent of the general sales popu- lation. s ee the h unter Compe- tency table for what these traits are. s o, does this mean they don't know how to hunt? More likely, it means they just don't do it or if they do, they're not good at it. Either way, it's a big oppor- tunity cost. What to do about it: • If salespeople are not going to hunt or are ill-equipped to do it, can they be effective in other selling roles? If so, their compensation may need altera- tion to accommodate this. • Have a compensation plan that both rewards closed busi- ness a N d required hunting activities. s alespeople must create a certain number of their own leads a N d close business to receive full commission. • Don't supply them leads unless they produce their own. t hose "fat and happy" sales- people with a big existing client base may be less impacted by this approach and need comp- plan alterations instead. Inbound Marketing Produc- es Enough Leads If your security company has a great marketing presence that produces plenty of inbound leads based on digital marketing efforts, social media, and good old-fashioned word of mouth— fantastic. But, ensure your sales- people are most exceptional qualifiers. s orry for this bad news, but our data indicates only 15 per- cent of security salespeople are proficient at qualifying. t hey're A security company's three keys to compete G. Gordon Compete see page 14 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Ap RI l 2018 Guest Commentary 13

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