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MAR 2018

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Page 34 of 36 Ma RC h 2018 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Quoted/Ad Index/M A rketpl A ce 30 Quot ED a D v E rt I s E r In DEX Co M pa NY pag E WE b SITE M ar KE tp L ac E Na ME Co M pa NY p ag E continuted from page 26 CLOUD cloud we are referring to. "People who are sophisticated with this don't form a general opinion on, 'Is the cloud safe?' or 'Is the cloud not safe?'" Van Till explained. "It is more about, 'Is Steve's cloud safe, and does he run it properly' because it is all about how you take care of it. So to say the cloud is safe or not safe is kind of meaningless because you can run a really crappy website and web applica- tion that is as insecure as the day is long or you can run something that is really buttoned down tight." Arrehed agrees, noting that moving to the cloud "requires both significant investment and thorough knowledge of what it takes to build and offer a truly secure cloud-based solution for physical access," he said. "Given our large and global base of enterprise customers, HID has risen to the challenge of meeting various demands and regional require- ments, which has in return helped us to gain a broad and solid understand- ing of our customers' needs when mov- ing to the cloud. This has enabled us to evolve to where we are today. Not every player in the physical access space is yet equipped to take this step or is able to offer cloud solutions that can meet the stringent security and privacy regula- tions that we are able to deliver." Arrehed continued: "Cloud host- ing allows continuous threat monitor- ing, vulnerability scanning, advanced encryption and provides various other privacy-preserving features." In addition to providing cybersecu- rity advantages, the cloud also provides great potential for leveraging emerging technologies. "The cloud is implicated in easier installation, greater ease of use for the users, but the other thing with the cloud is it really is the platform for every- thing," said Van Till. "All of the inter- esting things that are happening with mobile are connected to the cloud. All of the interesting things happening with AI are happening in the cloud, so if you go through any of the advancing tech- nology sectors, cloud is foundational to all of them. If you want to be part of AI, big data and IoT, you are going to be on a cloud platform. So saying you are not going to believe in the cloud or the cloud is not secure, you are really cut- ting yourself off from most of the new advances in technology generally." Arrehed believes "there is huge prom- ise in data analytics in the context of physical access control," he said. "We believe that devices related to physical access control will be increasingly con- nected to the cloud and the data rang- ing from virtual/digital identities, mobile access, video streaming and biometrics, to IoT applications, BLE sensors and location services can be consolidated to and used for machine learning analyt- ics. Combined, we believe that the data from these technologies, coupled with advanced data analytics, can provide services such as 'intention detection' for a more seamless, secure and connected user experience." Data analytics "is key to our business," noted Shillington. "I heard a quote that data is the new oil, and I firmly believe that. Now for that to be true, though, the data has to be meaningful and it has to be aggregated across a number of different vectors. Once you start to have all of that information coming into a single reposi- tory and being handled by a single man- agement pipeline, then you can start to do some very interesting predictive analysis. Over the course of the next year, you will see a lot more from us in that area." Hébert added that the proper aggre- gation of data also provides "greater operational efficiencies, business intel- ligence and business continuity" that can benefit the integrator from a selling standpoint and the end user from an ROI perspective. ssn Acquisition & Funding Services 30 Affiliated Monitoring 12-13 3 AvantGuard Monitoring Centers 7 Dahua Technology USA Inc. 9 Dice Corp. 2 Digital Monitoring Products HW,8 Dynamark Monitoring 21 ESX-Electronic Security Expo 25 Guardian Protection Services 22 Hikvision 15 Honeywell 32 Inovonics 11 IPR Inc. 6 Mission 500 5 National Monitoring Center 4 Rapid Response Monitoring 16-17 Security Central 19 SSN Leadership Talks 27 Alter, Trey Dynamark Security Centers 19 Arrehed, Hilding HID Global 25 Bateman, Jillian ESA 10 Bozeman, Bill PSA 11, 14 Buckingham, Mike August Pro 22 Deaton, Keith Sargent and Greenleaf 24 Egan, Patrick Security Partners 18 Ein, Mark Kastle Systems 5 Garner, Josh Becklar 18 Gelinas, Dan Norris Inc. 5 Gordon-Carroll, Clint Vivint 20 Groff, Hank Dynamark Security Centers 19 Guan, Shawn Umbo Computer Vision 1 Hall, Randy Security Partners 18 Hébert, Denis Feenics 25 Jones, Steve Allied Universal 14 MacDonald, Megan My Alarm Center 20 McCormack, Jeff AECOM 6 Meyer, Thom Secure Global Solutions 5 Miller, Jared Protect America 22 Moceri, Dan Convergint 1 Peninger, Greg Dynamark Security Centers 31 Peterson, Chris Vector Firm 15 Roberts, Kimberly SIA 8 Samuels, Patrice Parks Associates 2 Sessa, Sherida ISC Events 8 Shillington, Ralph Feenics 25 Stenger, Melissa ISONAS Inc. 1 Trapanese, Pierre Northland Controls 14 Van Till, Steve Brivo 1 WE HAVE QUALIFIED BUYERS READY TO PURCHASE YOUR SECURITY, FIRE, TEST AND INSPECT BUSINESS AND/OR ACCOUNTS. 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