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briefs March 2018 SE c U r ITY SYSTEMS NEWS Monitoring 18 TMA announced keynote for 2018 annual meeting in Palm Beach, Fla. VIENNA, Va.—TMA recently announced the featured speaker for its 2018 Annual Meeting, to be held Oct. 13 to 17 in Palm Beach, Fla.: David Horsager, CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute and best-selling author of "The Trust Edge." He will present Build Trust or Die Amidst Change: How to Build Trust, Lead Others & Grow Revenue Through Times of Transition. "Change is constant—and the speed of business is faster than ever before," Horsager said in a prepared statement. "How do you build trust and keep things running smoothly during major business transitions or uncertain politi- cal climates? In this session, I'll show leaders how times of change are the greatest opportunity to build trust and achieve business results in the face of uncertainty." TMA's announcement noted three key takeaways from Horsager's pre- sentation: The single most important driver in communication during times of transition, how to accelerate deci- sion making and keep momentum moving for those you lead, and why the "How" is more important than the "Why." David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE is also the inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index, and director of one of the nation's foremost trust studies: The Trust Outlook. His work has been fea- tured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the announcement noted. Horsager has advised leaders and delivered presen- tations on six continents, with audienc- es including FedEx, Toyota, global gov- ernments, the New York Yankees and the Department of Homeland Security. VirtuAlarm has new false alarm platform OJAI, Calif.—VirtuAlarm recently announced the availability of its new alarm platform, revealed at CES 2018, which includes the ability to deliver alarm signals to any professional moni- toring center globally and a false alarm prevention service. The False Alarm Prevention service uses multiple communication methods to allow end users to confirm or cancel the alarm event prior to authority dis- patch. This entire process takes less than 30 seconds based on the variable settings available and does not impact the dispatch time. "We revealed our new platform and its capabilities to more than 50 manu- facturers, partners and potential cus- tomers and received amazingly posi- tive feedback," VirtuAlarm president and CEO, H. Alexander Elliot, said in a prepared statement. By Spencer Ives LANCASTER, Pa.—On Feb. 10, Security Partners marks 20 years in the wholesale monitoring space, and as it hits this milestone the company is making improve- ments and planning for a new, bigger headquarters based here. "We're pretty blessed. The founding was going to be a local, maybe Pennsylvania-based, mid- Atlantic-based, monitoring cen- ter and, of course, we've now grown to a nationwide center," Patrick Egan, founder of Security Partners, told Security Systems News. He added that the com- pany "never planned on having a second central station, never planned on having redundancy, never planned on doing an acqui- sition—it just happened." Over the past 20 years, the company has expanded signifi- cantly, at one point adding three locations in two years. It acquired Response Center USA, based in San Antonio, Texas, in September 2013. Security Partners followed up by purchasing Mace Central Station in December 2013. Then, in November 2014, the company announced a fourth location—a build-out in Las Vegas, completed in time for ISC West 2015. In early March, the company will break ground on a new head- quarters facility in Lancaster, Pa. The build-out will take about 12 months, Egan said, opening in early spring 2019. Security Partners will be renovating a building across the street from Familiar faces are new owners at AvantGuard, Freeus By Spencer Ives OGDEN, Utah—On Jan. 1, exec- utives from AvantGuard and Freeus became part owners of a newly formed holding company called Becklar. "Prior to this, I was the sole shareholder of the company, and when you just are surrounded by really great people who are working so hard to contribute to the company's success, I felt like I needed to reward and com- pensate them in different ways," Josh Garner, CEO of Becklar, told Security Systems News. G a r n e r w a s t h e s o l e owner of Golden Aide—the previous umbrella organization of AvantGuard and Freeus. "Now that we have Becklar … we're going to do some branding under that name. AvantGuard and Freeus will be known, each, as a Becklar com- pany, and there is a high likelihood that, at some point in the future, there will be other companies added to the Becklar family," Garner said. Another example of branding is that Garner and other executives will present themselves under the Becklar name. "When we talk to potential partners at the strategic level or pursue opportunities, it will be under Becklar," he said. "Whether or not [future Becklar companies] are in this industry or tangential industries is yet to be known. But, we're setting up the structure to add more business units," he said. Becklar recently secured a $20 million line of credit. "We've always had a revolving line of credit, we just increased it. It was $14 million; we took it up to $20 million," Garner said. "We want to have the availabil- ity of capital, should we see an opportunity that we want to act on quickly." Four of the new owners come from AvantGuard's executive team; Justin Bailey, COO and president; Troy Iverson, vice presi- dent; Suzie Nye, VP of operations; and Rich Watts, VP of technology. Another four of Becklar's new owners come from Freeus' execu- tive team; Brock Winzeler, COO; Craig Pyle, VP of product devel- opment; Rand Fanshier, senior principal engineer; and Scott Nielson, principal engineer. Three employees at the parent company level are also becoming owners of Becklar, Garner said; Corey Taylor, corporate control- ler; Rich Slater, VP of human resources and Brian Davis, who was recently named the new CFO of AvantGuard. SSN By SSN Staff NASHVILLE, Tenn.—ESX, to be held Jun. 19-22 here, recently announced the edu- cational program for ESX 2018, including a track titled "Maximize Your Monitoring Center," with seven sessions. Several themes run throughout the program this year, such as current technologies, tips for interacting with customers and ideas for better running a monitoring business. The first session in this track will be held on June 20. "The Monitoring Center of the Future is Here Now! – Technology You Must Leverage to Thrive," will cover current technologies, how data ana- lytics can help a monitoring center and using electronic communications to improve interactions with customers. There are three sessions in the "Maximize Your Monitoring Center" track scheduled for June 21. "Improving the Customer Interaction Experience: Strategies to Consider Before Implementing IVR in the Monitoring Center," seeks to address Interactive Voice Response and how it can be implemented in a central sta- tion. "Next Gen Monitoring - Do Monitoring-on-Demand or Pay-as-You-Use Models Really Work?" is the second TMA picks annual meeting keynote its current facility, fitting require- ments for the historic building as well as UL requirements. The finished space will be about 22,000 square feet, accord- ing to Egan, and will include 19 indoor parking spaces. The com- pany currently occupies about 10,000 square feet in a building shared with Security Partners' sister company, Select Security. Security Partners moved into its current facility in 2007, and the shift to its new building gives Select more space to expand. When asked about other key points in Security Partners' 20-year history, Egan pointed to the company's switch to Bold's Manitou automation platform as a highlight. "The technology selec- tion was a milestone," Egan said. In mid-June 2017, Security Partners brought on a new presi- dent, industry veteran Randy Hall—another high point, accord- ing to Egan. Hall said that 2017 was a good year for the company. "We have really created a culture of a pas- sion for helping the subscriber in their time of need," Hall told SSN. "There's no magic, it's just a com- mitment to what we do. … This is who we are; this is why we're here. Let's be the best we can be." A next step for the company is to increase awareness among customers of what it offers. "If we can help the dealer understand how to utilize what we have for them, we can help them slow down attrition," Hall said. SSN session of the day, looking at market share and what custom- ers expect from DIY and MIY systems. The last session of the day, "The Perfect Fit: New Strategies for Attracting and Retaining the Right Operators," looks at creating a positive, fun and attractive workplace suited to keeping operators. The last day of this year's ESX will feature another three sessions, including "Monitoring Center Down! How to Improve Recovery Time When Natural Disasters Strike," featuring companies that were impacted by the 2017 hurricane season. In "HACKED! Important Steps to Protect your Company (and Yourself) AFTER a Cyberattack," a representa- tive from UL will address cybersecurity as it relates to monitoring centers and mak- ing sure a company is properly protected. The final session in ESX 2018's monitoring center-focused educational track is "Plagued by False Alarms? Audio/Video Alarm Confirmation Best Practices." This session will look at how companies can interact with their customers to help reduce false alarms. For more on these sessions, the entire education program, and general show info, visit SSN Security Partners celebrates 20 years Josh Garner

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