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MAR 2018

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Also, cyber criminals are becom- ing a lot more sophisticated. I think we can expect to see more cyber- criminals and more coordinated and sophisticated attacks in the coming years. I expect to see a wider range of attacks over time affecting a larger number of sec- tors/verticals. I believe drones are the new "patrol agents." Gone will be the security guard that patrols the perimeter and sensitive areas of a building or property. As cameras get better and the drone tech adopts AI, patrolling the perimeter with a guard and a flashlight will become a thing of the past. Robotics will assist security officers with the tracking and apprehension of intruders. Moving forward, the security industry will have to: • Develop security strategies based more on prevention. • Develop multilayer secu- rity strategies based on a needs business' bottom line, including financial and image which under- scores the importance of security and access control. CCTV systems will develop and integrate AI and ML to pro- vide much better data analytics at the edge. Cameras are becoming more of a commodity item and the camera vendors will have to offer clients a more integrated platform that includes biometrics and the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has promised a number of things that I believe are currently unattainable in the security busi- ness. Although the security indus- try is one of the early adopters of IoT, the "automation" provided by IoT inherently causes a lack of con- trol and security. The implementa- tion of IoT is relatively low because I think in its present state it could deeply undermine network secu- rity (cybersecurity being the main concern). AI and machine learning will be the tools used to address the analyt- ics, to process the data and evalu- ate incidents and alerts. I expect AI & ML to take a significant leap in 2018 to augment and automate IoT and cybersecurity functions. Today, we need to detect breaches, isolate infected assets and network segments, and rapidly restore dam- aged data and systems, allowing the functions that cannot be automated such as high-risk threats, improving defenses, and situational judgment to be handled by humans. I think AI and ML being outsourced is due to the huge amount of resources it will require—hence Amazon AWS. To move forward, there needs to be a shift in infrastructure deploy- ments and a keen focus on network security. IoT is very network sensi- tive and requires a lot of bandwidth. A lot more than current "legacy" networks will provide. Software defined networking will be the bridge to transition networks from their current state to networks that offer a much bigger pipe (band- width) and the development of neural networks. analysis and a Defense in Depth security analysis. • Develop an IoT risk assess- ment plan and manage the deploy- ment of IoT based on necessity. • Develop sound security disas- ter recovery plans for their clients. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and-A with a different security consultant every month. Consultants are provided to Secu- rity Systems News by SecuritySpecifiers. Sp EAKI ng Continued from page 6 St A t S Continued from page 2 always the most appropriate interface. It might be very convenient, but not appropri- ate. So, it's a matter of creating other strategies that are conve- nient but more appropriate." The report also examined how companies are approach- ing new revenue generation, Samuels said, such as hard- ware-as-a-service and service models for energy manage- ment. Companies design models around energy management by "providing ways of moni- toring your energy consump- tion for you, from your smart devices, and then they would actually make the adjustments on the back end that would switch you from using energy from the grid or energy from your solar power or your bat- tery back-up system." This energy management model seeks to ultimately save the consumer money, she said. SSN Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World Learn more at Join us at ISC West Booth #14039 Education Retail Banking Small & Medium Business Transportation Heat Map Technology Know where your customers spend their time. Ultra-high Definition 4K Resolution See even the smallest detail. 360º Situational Awareness Keep an eye on products, customers, and employees. Awareness Awareness Keep an eye on products, Keep an eye on products, customers, and employees. 12MP IR 360° Panoramic IP Fisheye NK8BR4 #IntelligentSolutionsForYou Your business is dynamic, and growth is just as critical as protecting what you already have. Utilizing a technology solution that not only protects your store but provides enhanced analysis to help you grow your business. Intelligent Solutions for: Retail SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Ma RC h 2018 NEWS 9

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