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FEB 2018

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SESSION DESCRIPTIONS 15 ESX 2018 | JUNE 19-22, NASHVILLE, TN | WHERE PASSIONATE SECURITY PROFESSIONALS GATHER . CREATION COSTS - DEFINED, DISSECTED & DIMINISHED Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is the holy grail for valuing security dealers and integrators. Yet, many companies don't fully appreciate the power of knowing what creation cost is, how it affects their profitability and enterprise value, and why it's so important to track. Understanding creation cost can be used to seek financing for your company, to provide valuable insights on acquiring RMR contracts vs. growing organically, or to increase profitability of the organization. In this session, you'll hear from leading creation cost experts: • What costs get lumped into this bucket • How to track these costs simply and effectively • What the average creation cost metrics are for small, medium and large companies • Ways to lower creation costs that drift higher METRICS THAT MATTER: CHOOSING AND USING THE RIGHT INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC KPIS Peter Drucker said, "what's measured, improves." Whether your performance improvement goals are related to sales, installation, service, attrition, financial, or any aspect of your business, choosing the right key performance indicators is a first step to measurable improvement. KPIs help you hone in on the metrics that matter the most for your business, helping to quantify data points relative to business goals. In this session, you'll uncover: • The main KPIs that you should use for your business • How to get started using KPIs and not to get overwhelmed in the process • How to ensure your KPIs will accurately measure your progress to achieve company goals • Why a company's growth stage may have different KPIs to track and measure HOW TO GET MORE SERVICE CALLS COMPLETED FROM YOUR TECHNICIANS Customers don't want to wait for hours for a technician, and technicians don't want to arrive late, miss a call, or — worst of all — show up without the right equipment to complete the service call. Yet, service managers are faced with figuring out more effective and efficient ways to deliver field service. With the implementation of an effective strategy for deploying field technicians and truck stock, this effort becomes a win-win for the customer and the organization that will drive up service department productivity, control costs, and deliver better service to your customers. In this session, you'll learn practical ways that will help your staff complete more service calls by: • Reducing windshield time through optimizing territories • Increasing first visit completion rates • Empowering technology that helps managers stay on top of vehicles and in touch with techs RUN YOUR COMPANY SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS HOW TO DRIVE A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CULTURE WITHIN YOUR COMPANY A customer-centric company offers customers more than just good service. It's a way of doing business with your customer that provides an exceptional customer experience BEFORE and AFTER the sale by eliminating major customer pain points and road blocks. Creating this kind of a culture, drives repeat business creates a tribe of loyal customers, and improves profits. Placing your customer at the core of your business allows you to collect a wealth of information, which can be used to enhance the customer experience. In this session, you'll uncover: • Why you should build a passionate, customer-focused organization • Best ways to introduce a carefully formulated customer-centric strategy within your organization • How to knock down departmental silos that inhibit delivering a "best in class" customer experience

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