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FEB 2018

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13 ESX 2018 | JUNE 19-22, NASHVILLE, TN | WHERE PASSIONATE SECURITY PROFESSIONALS GATHER . RETHINK THE FUTURE SEMINAR DESCRIPTIONS TOP 5 DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES IMPACTING THE COMMERCIAL MARKET The technology revolution will continue to move forward, and it's not just in the residential marketplace either. Innovative and evolutionary disruptions are appearing in the commercial space as well, changing traditional security service offerings into a more redefined and meaningful solution that resonates with commercial and governmental end users, such as business process improvement and aggregating valuable data. In other words, the industry is finding ways to make unique connections with its traditional service offerings and cloud-based services, IoT devices, machine learning, edge analytics and more. In this session, we'll uncover commercial technologies that should positively impact your go-to-market strategy in the future: • What the next gen technologies are • Why embracing next gen solutions are good for business • What the use cases for the commercial market are TOP 5 DISRUPTIVE GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGIES AFFECTING THE RESIDENTIAL MARKET Are you looking for a competitive advantage, but still playing by traditional rules? These new entrants and progressive dealers are changing the rules of the game and reinventing the way security business is done, challenging traditional players to update their go-to- market strategies and operational playbooks. We'll explore these disruptive strategies, and why consumers are embracing these new approaches to selling and marketing security products and services. In this session, you'll learn: • Why you should care about changing the rules • If these strategies are delivering what consumers want • How to embrace the changing rules and ride the rising tide INDUSTRY OUTLOOK - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Is the industry expanding or contracting? Who are the biggest benefactors of the growth? What market segments are exhibiting the most promise? Is the valuation of my business going up or down? What are the headwinds facing industry? These questions and more will be addressed by industry thought leaders. You won't want to miss this deep dive into the "what you need to know" session for security professionals -- who really want to know. You'll uncover: • Potential industry forecasts to better plan your company's forecast • Emerging trends that will help you rethink the future • Challenges and threats that are lurking around the corner SMART HOME MARKET BECOMING A BRILLIANT OPPORTUNITY? We are entering a tipping point that will revolutionize the home experience for the connected consumer. From machine learning and voice control to cool IoT devices, the future of smarter homes will hinge greatly on keeping the user experience elegant and simple. Smart home advancements will help manage the home environment, improve the quality of life and provide peace of mind. Best of all, the promise of a smarter home is becoming more tangible as a real business opportunity for dealers and integrators, including generating RMR. Join this session to understand the brilliant opportunities, including market size, trends and customer segmentation. You'll uncover: • The main drivers of the smart home revolution • What the consumer really wants • User interfaces that resonate with end users • The top trusted providers

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