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briefs february 2018 S e C ur IT y S y ST e MS N e WS suppliers 26 By Paul Ragusa LAS VEGAS—DTT, a provider of video-based managed loss prevention solutions to the hos- pitality and C-Store industries headquartered in Las Vegas, announced the closing of an $80 million debt facility led by administrative agent Capital One and CapitalSource, a division of Pacific Western Bank. DTT also announced its first acquisition in its nearly 20-year history, acquir- ing LP Innovations Inc. (LPI), a loss prevention provider to the retail industry. "The purpose of the facility is to provide growth capital. We plan to expand both organically and inorganically, and the first step of this process is our acqui- sition of LPI," Sam Naficy, CEO and founder of DTT, told Security Systems News, noting that LPI's approximately 70 employees will be joining the company. "We are Nortek Security & Control integrates Elan with 2GIG GC3 security panel PETALUMA, Calif.—Furthering its com- mitment to provide smart home and security integrators with the most com- plete platform for home control, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) announced the integration of the ELAN Entertainment and Control Platform with the 2GIG GC3, the industry's first Z-Wave Plus Certified Security panel. The GC3 panel can now be controlled natively from within the intuitive ELAN user interface, enabling seamless security control within the con- nected home experience. This marks the first full integration between 2GIG and a home control and automation platform. "The ELAN and 2GIG software and engineering teams worked closely to make a truly seamless security integra- tion possible for custom installers," NSC executive VP of marketing and innova- tion Joe Roberts said in the announce- ment. ELAN's Auto Zone Detection simpli- fies installation; once the panel has been configured, all zones and zone names will be automatically added to the sys- tem. Through the "Arm–Disarm" feature, the viewer interface shows current panel security status and provides controls to arm and disarm the GC3 system, while "Auto Arm" enables arming the panel without entering a PIN code. "Event Based Arming" automates the arming as a system command—such as "away mode" or "good night mode" using the ELAN Event Mapper. Sigma Designs releases Z-Wave 700 platform LAS VEGAS—Sigma Designs, a pro- vider of intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for smart home IoT, unveiled at CES in January its new 700-Series Z-Wave platform, which include numer- ous performance and technological enhancements in energy-efficiency and RF performance, while being cost-effec- tive, built to power the context-aware smart home. Z-Wave 700-Series is a long range, low power and future-proof hardware platform with integrated software tools and building blocks enabling a whole new generation of Z-Wave sensor devic- es. 700-Series will drive the battery- powered device trend, empowering arti- ficial Intelligence and machine learning systems to utilize sensor data and make smart homes smarter, safer, and more connected. "Sigma's Z-Wave 700-Series chip will completely reshape the mean- ing of smart home. It solves for many of today's technological barriers, while being the most flexible, interoperable platform, bringing smart home function- ality to a new level," Raoul Wijgergangs, VP of Sigma Designs' Z-Wave Business Unit, said in the announcement. DTT closes on $80m, makes first acquisition By Spencer Ives POMPANO BEACH, Fla.—IC Realtime, a provider of digi- tal surveillance and security technologies based here, on Jan. 8 officially launched Ella, a cloud-based search engine designed for going through video data using natural lan- guage. "The mindset behind Ella was always to alleviate the pain of finding important incidents in a very timely m a n n e r, " M a t t S a i l o r, I C Realtime's CEO, told Security Systems News. The typical way of reviewing video data "is quite cumbersome and hasn't changed in well over a decade and a half. You basically need to find a camera, find a chan- nel, find an approximate time and then you literally sift through hours of video for what usually turns out to be no more than three minutes worth of an archive," he said. Through Ella, video data can be searched with terms like "red shirt" or "brown truck," and the platform will return video clips with rel- evant images. Ella current- ly has more than 2 million "baked-in prompts," Sailor noted, including "almost every vehicle make and model, dif- ferent people from every race and ethnicity, all types of ani- mals," among other criteria. IC Realtime worked with Camio, a start-up working on a search engine to sift through social media accounts, to develop Ella, Sailor said. "The reality is that that's the perfect fit for surveillance," he said. IC Realtime and Camio spent almost a year developing Ella, according to Sailor. Ella is an agnostic platform, Sailor noted, both in terms of product brands as well as level of data stream—including analog or IP—and Ella also works with legacy systems. The system has buttons around videos, a thumb up and a thumb down. "This teaches the system what your p e r s o n a l p re f e re n c e i s o n queries," Sailor said. "That's what real deep learning is, [it] is your ability to be able to help guide and make the system smarter." Additionally, Ella will learn from input from its network of customers. "Any time Ella l e a r n s s o m e t h i n g u n i q u e , she shares it with the query platform of every other user," excited to have the entire LPI team, led by its president and CEO Steven May, join forces with DTT, and we will be maintaining their Boston office." "Our solutions are a great fit for DTT's service offerings," May said in the announcement. "And as a result of this merger, we will now be working together to deliver the value of our combined companies to our customers, help- ing them grow their businesses and increase their operational efficiency." Naficy pointed out that the merger will allow DTT to provide a full suite of loss prevention services to multiple industries, including retail. "By coupling their traditional loss prevention strategies with what I call the next frontier of solutions that we offer—POS integration, BI tools, video analyt- ics, remote audits—we've created the first ever company with a complete array of comprehensive loss prevention services under one roof," said Naficy. "Many companies are choosing to outsource their loss prevention departments, and they end up having to part- ner with three to four different vendors in order to completely meet their needs. As a result of this acquisition, DTT can now meet all of those needs directly, making it easier and more efficient for business to handle loss prevention." Naficy said the acquisition will help fuel continued growth, as the combined companies have approximately $4 million in RMR. "We have averaged between 20-25 percent in year-over-year growth for the past four years," he said. "We will continue to grow organically as we add new services and more offerings to our customers in different areas, as well as by making significant improvements to MyDTT, which is our cloud-based loss preven- tion portal. We are also going to continue looking for strategic acquisitions, both domestically and internationally." John Robuck, managing director and head of security finance at Capital One, said in the announcement, "We continue to enjoy the long-standing partner- ship with DTT and we are excited to play a role in this significant expansion opportunity for the business." Since the company's launch in 1999, DTT has equipped, serviced and supported more than 35,000 clients. SSN By SSN Staff FRAMINGHAM, Mass.— S2 Security, a developer of complete enterprise security solutions, recently unveiled i t s S 2 M o b i l e S e c u r i t y P r o f e s s i o n a l , a s e c u - rity management app for smartphones and tablets. S2 Mobile Security Professional allows both security man- agers and staff to operate their S2 access control and video management systems from anywhere, dramati- cally improving productiv- ity, decision-making and response time. " M o b i l e S e c u r i t y Professional gives its users uncluttered control of the tasks they typically do in the mobile setting," John L. Moss, CEO, S2 Security, said in the announcement. "An additional app in the 2018 program focuses on servicing the 'user's users' who are ordinary employees and not security profession- als. Our investment in the mobile space has grown by 3X this year." The new app is a complete reimagining of the S2 Mobile Security Officer. The S2 Mobile Security Professional enables users to monitor events and alarms, view live video, review surveillance video, share video snap- shots via email or text mes- sage, manage evacuations, remotely unlock doors, cap- ture photo IDs and more. S2 Mobile Security Professional is available for Android and iOS devices. S 2 M o b i l e S e c u r i t y Professional is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. S2 Security Corporation is a developer of complete enterprise physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, event monitoring, digital signage, live Internet sourced real-time data and informa- tion feeds, mobile appli- cations and cloud-based services. S2 Security solu- tions are supported by a responsive team with field experience, dedicated to providing exceptional ser- vice, serving Fortune 500 corporations, education, healthcare, manufacturing and government customers worldwide. SSN IC Realtime releases Ella, a cloud-based search engine S2 Security unveils new mobile security app Sam Naficy ELLA see page 30

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