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JAN 2018

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By Spencer Ives SILVER SPRINGS, Md—The Secu- rity Industry Association on Dec. 1 announced its new Autonomous Security Robots Working Group, appointing Mark McCourt as the group's chair. McCourt talked with Security Systems News about the group's formation and core focuses. McCourt said that he's been working on the group since Sep- tember. "We thought about getting out in front of this topic by taking the robotics, the drone, the anti- drone [or] drone defense, underwa- ter unmanned vehicles, that section of the market that serves security, and start early on what SIA's plat- form should be to help grow this industry successfully as a partner." This would give robotics com- panies a more direct reason to be a part of SIA, getting a voice at the table with SIA's various segments, such as its legislative, education and standards teams, McCourt added. The Autonomous Security Robots Working Group is a part of SIA's existing Public Safety Interest Group. The working group is cur- rently seeking input and partici- pants. "We want to create good com- munications around this topic that we can get out and talk to people about." The working group will be look- ing at a variety of relevant topics. "One of the things we want to do is hone in on the go-to-market strate- gy and the role of channel partners," McCourt said. Education for end users and security practitioners—to inform them of the benefits of robots within security—will be a goal of the working group. "It's not all about job replacement and cost reduction," McCourt said. There are other elements of productiveness, and allowing people who might have their jobs impacted by robots doing other tasks to add value to The new iotega Wireless Security & Home Automation solution. iotega can be summed up in three words: Secure, Simple and Scalable. Secure. Fully encrypted and wireless security backed by PowerG technology. Simple. Easy installation and ability to manage systems remotely. Scalable. Start with basic security to a fully secured smart solution with the ability to connect to home automation devices. All the home security and automation you need, under one roof. Visit to learn more. SIA focuses on robots Poll Continued from page 3 that, dealers/integrators need to partner with a reputable, experienced cybersecurity firm. Frankly, dealers/integra- tors need to be focused on running their business, not venturing into a field they are not experienced in," a respon- dent said. Who is at fault for a breach? Opinions varied among poll respondents. It's the end user, according to 48 percent. Thir- ty-four percent pointed to the integrator or installer. Eigh- teen percent said the manu- facturer is most responsible. "All three are responsible in their own way. Manufacturers must create a bulletproof plat- form, integrators and installers need to communicate to end users effectively and end users need to know about potential security threats like phishing scams," one person wrote. The responsibility really falls on the hacker, another reader said. "Even if every appropriate step is taken, there can still be a breach." Another said that respon- sibility for a breach "depends on a number of factors. If the manufacturer doesn't build in safeguards, if the installer ignores setup protocol and patches and if the end user isn't diligent—such as using home networks to access the business network, etc.— everyone is at fault." One reader suggested an industry effort to help main- tain a certain level of cyber- security. "The industry needs to publish best practices to ensure that the security net- work is not an easy penetra- tion point for hackers. Secu- rity systems integrators must follow those practices or be liable for not doing so." SSN their organization "Robotics technology, especially when powered by artificial intel- ligence and machine learning, has the potential to reshape how we think about security," SIA CEO Don Erickson said in a prepared state- ment. "The Autonomous Security Robots Working Group will help industry members and end users manage and leverage this change to greatly enhance the protection of people and property." SSN SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Ja NU a RY 2018 NEWS 5

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