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JAN 2018

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Page 34 of 38 j a NU a RY 2018 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Quoted/Ad Index/M A rketpl A ce 30 Quot E d ad VE rti SE r i nd E x Co M pa NY pag E WE b SITE mar KE t P la CE Na ME Co M pa NY p ag E continuted from page 25 CONNECT 2017 particularly with Honeywell's MAXPRO Cloud offering. He lauded the product's functionality and commented on the variety of deployment methods—hosted, managed or a hybrid model—and its mobile app, among other benefits. The mobile app is a strong selling point, he said. The platform also lets companies moni- tor the health of devices, and contact their customers when a product goes offline. Verified started with a measured deploy- ment of MAXPRO Cloud, Hightower said, to ensure that his business could support it. Saturday, Nov. 11 In CONNECT 2017's third general ses- sion, Michael Flink, president of Hon- eywell Security and Fire who flew in the previous night to address the event's attendees, talked about the company's per- spective and approach. He talked about how new entrants to the security industry from Silicon Valley have the model of put- ting out a product to learn from customers and improve on it. This is the process that Honeywell is taking with its new DIY security system; using a crowdfunding site to get a product in the hands of interested consumers to learn from them and improve it. Additionally, Flink said that the com- pany is looking to invest significantly in research and development in the near future. Similar to DeBiasio, Flink discuss- es the company's decreasing time from a product's development to its release. Jason Dorsey, a consultant and speaker from The Center for Generational Kinet- ics, was brought back after a popular per- formance at Honeywell Connect 2015. He addressed some myths and realities of mil- lennials, such as their spending habits and their presence in the work place, as well as how their key attributes compare to other generations. After the general session, I attended "We're Here to Help: Leveraging HIS Resources, Services and Programs to Grow your Business," to hear about the ways Honeywell supports its HIS dealers. The session was presented by Deanna Smith, sales supervisor for Honeywell Integrated Security and JoAnne Goldman, HIS chan- nel manager. Goldman and Smith showed the HIS dealer website and its feauters. In the session, they covered a variety of top- ics, including online resources—such as webinars, articles and case studies, train- ing materials, and specifying tools, among others. From the last selection of breakout ses- sions at Honeywell Connect 2017, I went to listen to Honeywell's Quentin Gunther and Russ Ackerman, industry veteran and the new residential sales manager for Bates Security's Jacksonville, Fla., branch. The two presented on how to approach a cus- tomer and decide which items to sell in a home security setting in a session entitled, "When Do I Sell What in Residential?" Throughout the session, Ackerman and Gunther highlighted the benefits of using a questionnaire in sales to determine key information about a potential customer, such as the reason they're looking to get a system, the amount of time they are typi- cally outside of the home and what they most want to protect. Customers don't always value what seems most important to the salesperson, Ackerman noted, citing an instance where a potential customer had a home and a family but was not interested in monitored fire protection. In the session, the two speakers role- played a customer interaction—with Ack- erman as the salesperson and Gunther as the prospective customer—to illustrate the type of information that can come out of using a questionnaire, the importance of how questions are asked and the differ- ence in response when a customer is asked to expand. For example, a customer might say they don't travel much, but, in actu- ality, they are away most weekends. SS n Acquisition & Funding Services 30 Affiliated Monitoring 12-13 American Two Way 10 Dice Corp. 2 Digital Monitoring Products CW,11 Dynamark Monitoring 23 ESX-Electronic Security Expo 19 Hikvision 15 Honeywell 32 ipDatatel 8 ISC West 27 Johnson Controls 5 Mission 500 3 MK Battery 25 National Monitoring Center 4 PSA TEC 24 Rapid Response Monitoring 16-17 Resolution Products 9 SSN BYOB 20 TechSec Solutions 6-7,21 Bozeman, Bill PSA 14 Camarillo, Jerry Dillard Alarm Company 25 Cerasuolo, John ADS Security 25 Cliff, Gregg CHA Consulting Inc. 6 Crist, Steve ADS Security 19 Gardner, Jeff MONI Smart Security 22 Gottlieb, David Make Nice Media 7 Harkins, Scott Honeywell 25 Harris, Marc Occly 26 Hauhn, Jay TMA 18 Hertel, Morgan Rapid Response 20 Huddart, Martin ASSA ABLOY 1 Lasko, Elizabeth TMA 18 Lipson, Eric Electric Guard Dog 31 Matheis, Ann Allegion 2 McCourt, Mark SIA/Cobalt Robotics 5 Miller, Gene Cen-Signal 3 Newhook, Chris American Alarm and Communications Inc. 19 Oakie, Nicola NMC 18 Perdomo, Jorge Mivatek 9 Peterson, Chris Vector Firm 15 Rao-Russell, Joey PPVAR 18 Smith, David COPS Monitoring 19 Viau, Bryan VTI Security 1 Weber, Nick Grant County Public Utility District 3 West, James Manything 1 Wilson, Tony CMS 22 WE HAVE QUALIFIED BUYERS READY TO PURCHASE YOUR SECURITY, FIRE, TEST AND INSPECT BUSINESS AND/OR ACCOUNTS. 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