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Page 32 of 38 january 2018 SEC ur IT y S y STEMS n EWS suppliers 28 Publisher's note: The companies listed in this special section submitted new product information. Security Systems News is not responsible for the accuracy of the content in the product descriptions. New Products Johnson Controls/Tyco ioTega • Fully encrypted and wireless security backed by PowerG technology • Easy installation and ability to manage systems remotely • Start with basic security to a fully secured smart solu- tion with the ability to connect to home automation devices Speco Technologies VX Wall MounT HD-TVi DigiTal ViDeo PeCorDer SerieS • Supports up to 8TB of storage; and up to 4MP HD-TVI cameras • Backward compatible with all analog and other HD-TVI cameras • UTC function allows for remote zoom/focus and OSD con- trol over coax T renDnet 8-PorT gigabiT eDgeSMarT Poe+ SWiTCH • 4 x Gigabit PoE+ ports and 4 x Gigabit ports • 60W PoE power budget • Supports LACP, VLAN, QoS, and IGMP Snooping avigilon H4 THerMal CaMera • Designed to detect the movement of people and vehi- cles even in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute darkness and partly camouflaged objects • Self-learning video analytics, so operators receive notification of detected activity that may require further investigation, helping them take decisive action when needed american Dynamics ViDeoeDge 1u neTWork ViDeo reCorDer • Supports as many as 32 IP cameras and stores up to 24 TB of recorded video in a small 1U form factor • Enables small to medium sized businesses to meet their network growth requirements • Allows users to receive multiple video streams for live and recorded video, alarm, and meta-data collection, all tailored to different viewing conditions Freeus, llC belle+ • Belle+ mPERS features fall detection, GPS and WiFi location tech- nologies • Users can get help with the press of a button anywhere in the US where there is AT&T coverage • This simple-to-use device lasts up to five days per charge, and it is shower safe on the manufacturing side need to do a better job of that on the com- mercial side as well." Huddart asked an important industry question: "With this new IoT world that we are now living in—and everyone enabling devices with sensors and the ability to com- municate—what are the security implications?" He pointed out that with 50 bil- lion connected devices expected by 2020, four billion connected people, 25 million apps and 50 trillion GB of data, it is important to have products that not only solve problems but that also work seam- lessly together in an overall smart ecosystem. "My favorite definition of the Internet of Things is the infrastruc- ture of the information society, and that phrase information society has a lot of connotations around behav- ior and how we live our lives," he explained. "We were the first lock company to do IP-based locks, so we were the first company to put the lock on the network, and it challenged the paradigm." ASSA ABLOY, along with sis- ter company HID Global, is also pushing the paradigm in the area of mobile access and mobile cre- dentialing. "Using the phone is the future— to be able see everything and con- trol everything," said Huddart. "The mobile credential is an option that will become more and more common in the future. Our sister company is HID, so it is fortunate to us that we have them spending a lot of time and money thinking about sticking an ID in your phones, which is every bit as secure, if not more, than an access card." With the way technology is moving, Huddart said that he is seeing a lot of future proofing going on in commercial world today, especially with new construction. "So when we sell locks, many are buying Bluetooth capability, even though they haven't turned it on yet. Although they may only be using access cards right now, they are thinking ahead because they know they will eventually move on to that. Colleges and universities are a good example of this." He astutely pointed out that with all of the data that is being produced today, it isn't just about security anymore. "There is this increased expec- tation that goes well beyond just the locks, including connectivity and mining data for insight—that is the future," Huddart noted. "Consumers are drifting beyond traditional security into wanting insights into their homes and buildings. For example, detecting mechanical failure before it happens based on data analysis, machine learning or AI, which can detect anomalies, and start to be preven- tive. And we are moving toward building automation, where in the future the buildings will make decisions that people used to make. Are we ready for that?" On the sustainability front, in addition to a solar farm that pro- vides up to 50 percent of power for its manufacturing plant, ASSA ABLOY is showing how energy efficiency is a new dimension for access control. "So, you think about your light bulbs, but do you think about that access control that is humming in the ceiling and consuming energy 24/7?" Huddart asked. "So we kind of ripped through our product portfolio—all of our products like our locks, strikes, mag locks and power supplies—and we've gone through them and we've created energy efficiency alternatives to our traditional components. So this portfolio of products on average is probably 90 percent more efficient than their older cousins that have been around for decades." ASSA ABLOY actively pursues transparency documents for many products, ensuring that builders, designers, specifiers, architects and others are confident in their ability to provide products that consider the product's entire life cycle impact. To this goal, ASSA ABLOY offers more than 100 prod- ucts with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which include a product's LCA (life cycle assess- ment) and serves as a way to quan- tify the product's environmental impact. The company also offers more than 20 products with Health Product Declarations (HPDs), which reports the content of a prod- uct along with its associated health and other related information, as well as more than 20 products with Declare labels, which serve as a way to disclose product ingredients, specifically those used for Living Building Challenge projects. Looking forward, the company is planning to expand its solar farm and manufacturing footprint, in addition to doing research in the area of energy harvesting, which "is a big topic right now," said Huddart. "We are also in beta testing for a solar-assisted smart lock, which can extend the life of that battery much longer than a year or two, depending on how much sunlight the door is getting." SSN ASSA ABLOY asserts commitment to sustainable future Continued from page 1 ASSA ABLOY's solar farm produces power for its manufacturing facility.

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