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briefs December 2017 S ec U r ITY SYST em S N e WS Monitoring 20 Bold receives UL 1981 Rev. 3 certification for its ManitouNEO COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Bold Technologies, a provider of alarm moni- toring and PSIM software, recently completed the testing and documenta- tion process for its flagship product, ManitouNEO, to receive certification for UL 1981 Revision 3. The UL Notice of Completion was authorized under File S5621, Volume 2. Bold vice president of operations, Matt Narowski, oversaw the testing and certi- fication process. "We were pleased the process went smoothly and the certifica- tion was issued so quickly. It was very important for us to complete the changes needed to comply and have everything certified by the UL's November dead- line," he said in a prepared statement. "Bold is already working to ensure our many UL-listed customers who are cur- rently using our legacy Manitou product are upgraded to ManitouNEO by July 31, 2018, in order to meet their UL obliga- tions." ManitouNEO is the newest upgrade of Bold Technologies' alarm monitoring software. New features added to the soft- ware to meet UL specifications include a customizable dashboard, RAM usage, server NIC and hard drive, and a MEW Factor generator. ManitouNEO is available either on- premises or in the cloud, the company noted. Monitoring centers who use Bold's Cloud option, Manitou Cloud Services, also meet all UL 827 8th Edition require- ments for facilities and hardware. Tennessee PSAP goes live with ASAP program VIENNA, Va.—On November 1, Hamilton County/Chattanooga, Tenn became the 30th PSAP in the United States—and the first in Tennessee—to implement the ASAP-to-PSAP service. The ASAP-to-PSAP program is designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of alarm traffic by digitally sending subscriber info between the monitoring center and 9-1-1 dispatch center. Nashville-based ADS Security was the first alarm monitoring company to go live with Hamilton County. "The district is very appreciative of ADS Security's support and work in helping us bring this new technology to our citizens," John Stuermer, executive director for Hamilton County Emergency Communications District, said in a prepared statement. "ADS demonstrated great leadership and commitment to providing the highest level of alarm service response to their customers." Additional alarm companies are also going live with the program in Hamilton, including Vector Security, Rapid Response, Vivint, Protection One, MONI, Guardian Protection, and Affiliated. By Spencer Ives PHILADELPHIA—Medical Guardian, a large provider of medical alert systems based here, recently refreshed its brand; with a new logo, website and tagline. Geoff Gross, company founder and CEO, talked with Security Systems News about the process behind the company's "brand evolution," which it started at the beginning of the year. Medical Guardian's new web- site features images and content that better reflect the lives of seniors today, Gross said. The largest obstacle in the PERS industry, "is the perception of the service," he said. "We want to display imagery and content that is relevant to the lives [that potential customers] are actually living." The website also now includes a "Risk Score" which assesses factors of a potential user's life based on questions and suggest either an mPERS or in-home PERS product. Visitors to the website can also have another questionnaire that will recom- mend a more specific offering. Additionally, the company is including a customer web portal and a Medical Alert Blog. Medical Guardian's new logo is a shield with a range of red and purple colors. "The shield represents the protection that Medical Guardian provides, while the gradient provides a visual metaphor for growth and trans- Women in Security: Suzie Nye of AvantGuard By Spencer Ives OGDEN, Utah—Suzie Nye, the vice president of opera- tions for AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, has been with the company for 27 years. Nye started as a part-time dispatcher in 1990. Following that role, she became the central station manager, managing the company's Ogden office as well as its Tacoma, Wash., office. She next rose into her role as VP of operations for the company's offices in Ogden, Tacoma, and Rexburg, Idaho. AvantGuard closed its Tacoma office in 2012, she said, and she remains focused on the Ogden and Rexburg loca- tions. "My main focus is on processes; making sure that we have the processes and proce- dures in place to run an efficient central station and an efficient dealer care team," Nye said. "We're really starting to dig into the KPIs with metrics and focusing more on the metrics side of things and making sure that we're efficient," Nye said. She is also looking at ways to improve the dealer care team, she added, to ensure that dealers have the support and customer service they need. Nye got her start in the industry through a friend, "I've been in love with it ever since. It's just a very … fun and exciting industry, and I love how it changes." There could be a stronger focus on women in the industry, Nye suggested, such as encouraging female support and participa- tion at industry events. "A lot of the confer- ences we have here in Utah, you walk in there and most of [the attendees] are men," Nye said. "Maybe it's time we have some women start coming to those associations and … just getting involved and being part of that." SSN t h e f i r m w a re w i t h t h e devices, they're manag- ing the relationship with the customers and essen- tially, we're only involved during an alarm event," F o l s o m s a i d . T h ro u g h l e v e r- aging the cloud, I-View Now can gather the rele- vant video foot- age without being directly involved with the physical device, Folsom noted. LaNois said this part- nership will allow deal- ers to incor- porate Nest cameras into a s e c u r i t y system they a re i n s t a l l - i n g a n d incorporate more recur- ring monthly revenue. The integration will also be available with Nest's new Secure system, a DIY install system with the option of professional monitoring through MONI. L a N o i s s a i d t h a t t h e i n t e g r a t i o n s h o u l d b e available in time for ISC Medical Guardian renews branding formation," the company said in its announcement. The company's new tagline, "Life Without Limits," resonates with the company's customer base, according to Gross. "If you want to go in the garden in the summertime and spend a few hours out there, with the protection of our service and one of our mobile products or home products, you'll be able to do that. If you want to take the volunteer shift at the museum, feel free and have the confidence to go and do the things you love to do," he said. Gross said the research was the most involved step in rethinking the company's brand. Through this process, the company learned that the potential customer doesn't like certain terminology, such as "mature" or "senior." Medical Guardian refers to its customers as "older adult" or "older American," Gross noted. In research for the new brand- ing, the company conducted a survey with its customers, asking about their number of falls, level of activity and types of activities. "We were able to pull a tremen- dous amount of data and most of it all pointed toward that our customer base specifically … they're more active than we think. It's reflected in the products we're selling now," Gross said, add- ing that almost half of Medical Guardian's new sales are mobile PERS products. SSN East, which was held Nov. 15 and 16 in New York City. A dialogue between the two companies—Nest and I-View Now—began in 2014, Folsom s a i d , a n d t h e companies have been working on the integration in the past year. T h i s f u n c - tionality will be available in all of Nest's cameras, L a N o i s s a i d , i n c l u d i n g the standard Nest Cam indoor, Nest Cam outdoor, the indoor and outdoor Nest Cam IQ models, and its doorbell. It's also com- patible with previously installed N e s t c a m - eras. " I t r u l y believe that v i d e o v e r i - f i c a t i o n i s g o i n g t o become more of the benchmark, and more of a standard, versus where it sits today," LaNois said. A t t i m e o f w r i t i n g , I-View Now was also plan- ning to announce several IoT integrations. SSN Nest incorporates video verification Suzie Nye Continued from page 1 Larry Folsom "I truly believe that video verification is going to become more of the benchmark, and more of the standard, versus where it sits today." —Gene LaNois, Nest Nye suggests encouraging more female support at industry events

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