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MAY 2017

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Page 22 of 80 m ay 2017 SECURIT y S y STE m S NEWS Commer C ial & systems integrators 18 PSA TEC taking the lead on cybersecurity the event and get that training all in one place. This year, we are getting into the pro A/V market as we are starting to see that crossover between security and A/V instal- lations and that integration piece happening. So we have added an A/V Communications track to TEC this year to bring that trend to the forefront so that integrators can start tapping into that market as well, if it makes sense for their business. BOZEMAN: The A/V track is a big one and we have been doing our due diligence for more than 20 months now concerning PSA aggressively getting into the pro A/V market on the commercial side. So we have made a multi- million dollar commitment to this business model, and we've got a full education track on this at PSA TEC. GARCIA: We've also added a track for procurement profession- als, so, helping them manage the supply chain better and get better at that whole purchasing process. The other new thing is we are having what we are calling "RMR-focused" sessions that will cross multiple tracks, and focus on how systems integrators can start incorporating RMR and make that a reality for their company. We have been talking about this topic for a while now here at PSA but now we have a whole lineup of sessions with practical applica- tions that people can use and build into their business to really start changing their business model to incorporate more of that RMR as well. Another highlight is the featured keynote, "Cybersecurity Risks and Recommendations – Where Your Focus Needs to Be," presented by Matthew Rosenquit, cybersecurity strategist for Intel Corporation. He will be covering the top three security risks that he is seeing in the security industry, and how integrators can be part of the solu- tion for the cyberrisk and not part of the problem. And as it relates to cybersecurity content, we have 16 cyber-focused sessions at TEC, and more than 100 sessions in total. In addition, TEC offers specific training and certifications from manufacturers, as Bill mentioned, as well as from SIA, ASIS and CompTIA. SSN: Can you provide an update on the PSA Security Network? What is the vision for the organization? BOZEMAN: The vision is to be the most valuable partner that our integrators have, which is what we strive to do. And what that means is we need to provide not just boxes, but a whole host of services that make them the most competitive they can be. That is why when I was an integrator I joined PSA, because I realized that it could help me be more competi- tive and it just wasn't just buying things—it was the network, the national account capability, and in some cases it was products that I couldn't get anywhere but through PSA. In other cases it was being able to go to people when I had issues or problems, whether it was legal, insurance or whatever. So we do our best to bring integra- tors these tools, and that really is our purpose. We are not an integrator but our whole purpose is to support them. We are not here to make a big profit and everything that we do we put back into the organization offering new products, new tools and new education to help them become better. It has worked really well for 40 years, and our growth is better than it has ever been. There is this misconception that PSA is only for a certain size integrator, which is just not the case. For many years people thought PSA was just for the small integrator and in the last five to 10 years people have been saying that we are just for the big integrators, which just isn't the case at all. We Continued on next page Continued from page 15

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