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MAR 2017

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NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—More com- panies in the security space have been looking at drones; Alarm. com announced its drones at CES 2017 and Sunflower Labs recently outlined a structure for autono- mous drones in the residential sec- tor. Security Systems News readers shared their views of the technol- ogy in SSN's latest news poll. "Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) will enhance existing security postures with new capabilities like rapid response, efficient large area & perimeter patrol as well as providing situational awareness like never before," said Jack Wu, CEO of Nightingale Security, a RAS company. A large majority—86 percent— said that drones are best suited for the commercial space. Eleven per- cent said drones fit the residential News Poll: Drones are mostly in commercial space and 3 percent said "Other." "Drones will have a place in both residential and commercial applications in the years to come. It only makes sense to have a drone on station in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and much less risk to human life [than] it takes to get law enforcement to the location," one Which space will drones fit into the most? When will drones take hold? Which technologies show similar potential in security? News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in January and February. With over 1,000 exhibitors, ISC West can be exhausting. Come put your feet up in Titian Room 2202 and see how AvantGuard Monitoring takes a load off dealers all day, every day. Schedule time at and let's chat! RELAX. Let take care of you. TITIAN ROOM 2202 respondent said. Respondents were almost even- ly divided on when drones will have a stronger presence in the market. Thirty-eight percent said there will be more drones this year and in 2018. Thirty-one percent said that drones are in an early adoption phase now. Drones are still a few years away, according to an additional 31 percent. "Initially, I see a use primarily in the commercial security industry, especially in factories, warehous- es, shipping, etc. They've been in early adoption phase for a few years already. I think we'll begin to see them being used in more & more applications beginning in 2018," one respondent said. "Robots will also provide a bigger role in security—both commercial & residential. It's an exciting time to be in the developing security landscape." John Bartucci, senior director cloud, mobile app development, digital security solutions with N EWS Poll see page 7 Respondents divided on whether drones are already here, or if they will take hold this year or in the future SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Ma RC h 2017 NEWS 3

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