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MAR 2017

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SE c U r ITY SYSTE m S NEWS march 2017 Commer C ial & systems integrators 19 We pride ourselves in the effort put forth, the lessons learned, and successes achieved along the way to becoming the LEADER of one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Connect with us: Convergint starts year strong with first buy the company is "still hiring some- where between one and two people a day somewhere in world," noted Moceri. "We have never done acqui- sition based on synergies. Because of the rapid growth that we have experienced, we need good people, so we are excited that everyone from Post Browning is staying on board with us." Since its founding in 2001, Convergint Technologies has estab- lished a successful track record of both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. Convergint had another record year, with revenues in 2016 grow- ing 26 percent to just shy of $600 million, according to Moceri. "About 10 percent was organic growth and then the balance was through acquisitions, so we come into 2017 very strong and we expect similar performance this year in terms of overall growth," he said, noting that he expects to be upwards of $700 million in revenue by the end of 2017. "We have a very strong funnel of activity so we expect organic growth to be up around that 10 percent- plus mark again and we also have a very strong funnel of potential acquisitions to continue to grow the company." The driving force behind Convergint's consistent growth, Moceri said, is its commitment to service from day one. "The service we provide is a big differentiator and we win a lot of with our organization and going forward together, we will be in a position to show leader- ship in the IP-based security system industry. I know this is the precise natural progression for our people to demonstrate their capability across a more extensive branch network in Canada." Overall, the merger helps Paladin maintain the strong growth it has experienced over the past few years. The company's revenue grew by 18 percent in 2016, and the company ended the year near $300 million in revenue. "2016 was another record year here for us in Canada. We have had double-digit growth for 15 years in a row, so we have been growing consistently and steadily over the years," said Reid. "We are approaching $400 million in revenue and we will pass that mark by the end of the year, so we expect another record year in 2017." With more than 10,000 employees and 28 offices across the country, Paladin Security provides security officer ser- vices, security system integra- tion, alarm monitoring, mobile response, investigations, busi- ness continuity planning, and security consulting. SSN customers based on the level of ser- vice and the number of value-added services that we can deliver," he explained. "We make huge invest- ments in service infrastructure every year. And on the innovation side, we try to stay ahead of the curve in understanding where our custom- ers are going and what we need to do to support them to achieve their business objectives—provid- ing value beyond just security by using a lot of security technologies to help customers meet business objectives." SSN paladin Continued from page 18 "We make huge investments in service infrastructure every year." —Dan m oceri, c onvergint Continued from page 1

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