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2014 2014 Ma RC h 2017 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 14 Stat S Continued from page 2 2017 Must See PRODUCT GUIDE THE OFFICIAL An ISC West supported publication The guide will serve as your road map for the show fl oor, ensuring you won't miss the exciting products you need to see! Look for the guide being handed out as you enter the show, as well as in the publication bins. Pick up your copy of the Must See Product Guide at ISC West! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Must See PRODUCT GUIDE 2017 APRIL 5-7, 2017 • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Must See PRODUCT GUIDE Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies : Booth #20029 MULTI-TECHNOLOGY CARD READER aptiQ multi-technology card reader readers magnetic stripe, proximity and smart cards. Communicates with the growing population of NFC enabled mobile phones. Delta Scientifi c : Booth #17143 DELTA PNEUMATIC BOLLARDS 60 percent (60%) more effi cient and cost-effective than electro- mechanical units. Aesthetic, durable, fl ood-resistant and green – use low voltage and current draw. EverFocus Electronics Corporation : Booth #14069 EHD705 Ultra Series WDR IP66 Vandal Resistant Low Profi le Cam- era. Ultra Resolution of over 720 horizontal TVL with 3-axis positioning. Avigilon : Booth #9071 HD BULLET CAMERA Avigilon's HD Bullet cameras offer adaptive infrared technology allowing you to see further in the dark . Lets end users capture incredible detail in complete darkness without a visible light source. Videofi ed – RSI Video Technologies : Booth #3081 BATTERY POWERED WIRELESS PIR/CAMERA Costs the same as a wireless PIR but includes battery powered camera. Remote smartphone look-in using mobile app. Safety Technology International : Booth #19069 4-CHANNEL VOICE RECEIVER Sounds programmable voice messages when monitored site is tripped. Offers ten tones/tunes and 53 selectable words (avail- able in English or Spanish). Mobotix : Booth #22065 MOBOTIX S14 FLEXMOUNT Designed to be the world's fi rst fl exible double hemispheric camera. . The camera is available in both mono (S14M) and dual (S14D) versions. NextLevel : Booth #10107 NEXTLEVEL GATEWAY 4000 A unifi ed security appliance that integrates security manage- ment functionalities into one space-saving system . Features video management, access control, intrusion and 10 built-in video analytics. Pivot3 : Booth #25101 PIVOT3 VSTAC WATCH Designed to deliver more accessible, affordable and manage- able IT functionality. The vSTAC Watch adds support for 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Server products. Wavestore : Booth #7123 WAVESTORE V5 VMS Easy-to-use and install VMS that enables users to integrate 360-degree cameras into existing surveillance systems. Enables users to control every aspect of their video security system while benefi ting from the use of 360-degree cameras. DVTEL : Booth #18107 DVTEL IOIMAGE XPVA-10D/100D Integrated, self-contained video analytics and encoding sys- tem. Enables operators to defi ne rules, perimeter lines, sterile zone and other parameters for intrusion detection. Tyco Security Products : Booth #20009 VIDEOEDGE GO Used with VideoEdge NVR to provide remote monitoring and forensic capabilities. Controls PTZ cameras, performs digital zoom functions or search and playback recorded video. BriefCam : Booth #20053 VS ENTERPRISE 2.4 Faster video review. 1 hour of video can be viewed in ~1 min- ute.. Collaborative object annotation to facilitate and streamline investigative teamwork. Digital Identifi cation Solutions : Booth #4049 EDISECURE LCP 9000 LASER COLOR PERSONALIZATION SYSTEM Maximum card security that is ideal for corporate and govern- ment applications. Includes micro text, CLI and MLI, tactile effects, electronic guilloche, and IPI. Security Door Controls : Booth #20107 ENTRYCHECK E75K STANDALONE ELECTRONIC LOCKSET Battery powered motor operation. Retrofi ts existing lock door prep. Ecolink Intelligent Technology Inc : Booth #39027 WIRELESS CONTACT WITH LOCAL BYPASS Local bypass button gives you control right at the door or window. 100% compatible with major alarm brands. Cooper Notifi cation : Booth #23065 EXCEDER LED SPEAKER STROBES AND SPEAKERS Exceder Series expands to include industry's fi rst LED Speaker Strobes and Speakers. Designed for high fi delity sound output in a compact low-profi le design. Genetec : Booth #25049 STRATOCAST An affordable, yet powerful cloud-based video surveillance solution.. Designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses.. Honeywell Power : Booth #11031 IPGSM-DP4 FIRE ALARM Fire alarm communicator reports via Internet with 4G cellular backup. Com- patible with any fi re alarm control panel. Minimal setup, connects directly to fi re panel's Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter. 4 Must See PRODUCT GUIDE Still Looking For A Better Dealer Program? SAFE Security has a well-earned, 25 year reputation for integrity, stability and consistent funding. Our successful Dealer Program fosters an environment of mutual growth. Becoming a SAFE alarm dealer means enjoying an unmatched list of benefits that include working capital, billing, monitoring, marketing, service revenue and equipment discounts. Don't Be Sorry. Be SAFE. Marketing Support • Co-Branding • Bulk Purchases 866.755.SAFE (866.755.7233) OnSSI : Booth #23073 OCULARIS Ocularis is OnSSI's fl agship IP video surveillance and security platform. A comprehensive video management system. Sentry360 : Booth #23139 INSIGHT 14 MEGAPIXEL IS-IP14K Low power consumption 3 watts & small form factor 35mmx- 46mmx57mm. High resolution 14 megapixel 4376x3280. E-Seek Incorporated : Booth #18140 E-SEEK MODEL 280 Electronically reads Barcodes and Magnetic Stripe. Captures High Resolution Color image of car (jpg). March Networks : Booth #25041 MARCH NETWORKS 8000 SERIES HYBRID NVR PLATFORM High-performance hybrid NVRs support advanced video surveillance. Unparalleled reliability, centralized video manage- ment, support for up to 32 IP cameras. Stanley Security Solutions : Booth #10115 EL SERIES ELECTRONIC LOCK Standalone option cuts keying costs, and can add or delete users. Wireless option tracks users with an audit trail through Intelli-M software system. Pacom Systems, Inc. : Booth #39001 8002 PACOM-EDGE CONTROLLER Hybrid security controller providing intrusion, access control, communications and unprecedented third-party integration.. Cost-effective modular architecture with dual Ethernet and optional GPRS and PSTN modules. DMP : Booth #23023 GRAPHIC TOUCHSCREEN KEYPAD 5" interactive graphical touch display. Animated shield for intuitive arming/ disarming.Proximity reader included in standard unit. 2017 2017 Don't Miss It! Must See Product Guide Sponsorships and product listings are available for ISC West exhibitors. For more information, contact: Tim Purpura, SSN Publisher, or call 207-846-0600 x217 application over the peri- od will be in government, though the market is also changing and expanding e l s e w h e re . " Tr a d i t i o n - ally biometrics was mostly used by government agen- cies, military & defense for critical security purpose. There has been a shift in applications where bio- metrics can be used," Garg said. "There has been an increase in adoption of biometric systems for com- mercial and domestic secu- rity. Biometric systems are being used for applications such as access control, time & attendance and visitor management." Shanker also identified military and defense and the BFSI sector as having upcoming uses for biomet- rics. B i o m e t r i c s a l s o h a v e potential in the IoT space, Garg noted. "With billions of devices being connected together, traditional meth- ods of user authentication are now inadequate and ineffective in the IoT. Uti- lizing biometrics will lead to a convenient and secure IoT infrastructure," he said. The biometrics market also faces challenges, par- ticularly with data secu- rity concerns. "Security of biometric data, fear of privacy intrusion and high cost involved in deploy- ing biometric systems are the major factors that can hinder the growth of the biometric system market," Shanker said. "Unlike passwords or s m a rt c a rd s , b i o m e t r i c information describes a per- son, and hence it is unlikely to be reset or reproduced should it be compromised," Shanker continued. Key vendors in the bio- metrics market include Safran SA, NEC Corpo- ration, 3M Cogent Inc., Fujitsu Ltd. and BIO-Key International Inc. among others. SSN for organizations throughout the U.S. and prevent business leaders from meeting their stra- tegic goals and objectives," Zah- ran said in a prepared statement. "Seccredo AB has established a well-deserved reputation for tak- ing decisive action and secur- ing positive results on behalf of clients, and this acquisition will further expand Pinkerton's global intelligence network and ensure we are providing clients with the most accurate, timely information to help them make the best decisions for their orga- nizations." Based in Stockholm, Seccredo AB helps customers prevent, con- trol, mitigate and manage dis- turbances and losses across their organization, operations and assets through service offerings By SSN Staff ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Pinker- ton, a global provider of corpo- rate risk management services including security consulting and investigations, executive pro- tection, employment screening, and protective intelligence, has entered the Swedish market with the acquisition of risk and secu- rity consulting services provider Seccredo AB. Pinkerton president Jack Zahran made the announce- ment. " A s t h e w o r l d c o n t i n - ues to become increasingly interconnected, events hap- pening thousands of miles away have the potential to impact business continuity Pinkerton acquires Seccredo AB like crisis management, inves- tigations and studies, and risk management. Clients include private businesses, government agencies, and organizations across a myriad of industries— including manufacturing, energy production, telecom, food, phar- maceuticals, media, real estate, hotels and service companies, as well as in the financial sector comprising banks, securities and insurance companies. SSN

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