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MAR 2017

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Page 10 of 44 Ma RC h 2017 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 6 Guardian's authorized dealer program isn't like all the others. We ensure that you and your customers receive best in-class care. Here are just a few examples: • Benefit from an account manager who is dedicated exclusively to your success and consult with senior management, as needed. • Enjoy daily funding, within 24 hours of account acquisition; ask about owning your accounts and be financed through Guardian. • Offer your clients one-on-one attention via world-class customer service and monitoring centers in not one, but two, time zones. Why be a number when you can be a partner? Learn more about our Authorized Dealer Program 855.677.3598 NOW SERVING NUMBER 858! Lim Chan Senior consultant, Jensen Hughes Chicago Specifically Speaking following markets: museums/art galleries/exhibition assemblies, banks and financial institutions, corporate HQs and campuses, education facilities including high schools and universities, hospitali- ties, hospitals, government/munic- ipal buildings including police sta- tions, federal court houses, trans- portation hubs and air terminals. How did you get started in secu- rity and designing/specifying? I was educated as an architect in Hong Kong and received my pro- fessional degree in 1975. I assumed different roles in the architectural design field and building project management for about 20 years. I became an electronic hobbyist while in high school, building radios, amplifiers, assembling single board computers and PDP- 11 minicomputer from Heathkit. While I was working as an in-house project manager in a pharmaceutical company, I had to manage the security integra- tor for a major R&D renovation project and got an interesting glimpse of security systems design field. In 1995, after I was laid off, I accepted the offer from Sako & Associates (now Jensen Hughes) and became a security consultant to work on a major bank-building project in China. I considered it a rewarding experience to combine my technical knowledge in elec- tronics/computer and architectural expertise to provide appropriate solutions to meet my clients' needs and expectations. Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies you are see- ing or specifying today? I see the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) as the emerging technologies. The IoT and wireless communications pro- vide a broad base for standardiza- tion using unified standards for communications. AI provides the means to eliminate information overload and weed out irrelevance. What is your view on the industry moving forward? My view is hopeful and one that sees the industry embracing open-source philosophies, fur- thering collaboration, and striving toward standardization and pro- moting integration using unified communications/protocols. Over time, customers or end users will not appreciate proprietary designs that protect manufacturers' market share. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and- A with a different security consultant every month. Consultants are provided to Security Systems News by Security- Specifiers. What's your title and role at the company? I work at Jensen Hughes as a senior consultant in charge of security/safety programming, security system designs/integra- tion and managing projects from inception to system commission- ing. What kinds of systems do you design or specify? What vertical markets do you work in? I have designed and specified virtually all security related sys- tems, depending on the project requirements and client needs— physical access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, intercom communi- cations, assistance calls, parking control, visitor/package screening and management, dedicated secu- rity network, infant protection and situation awareness/PSIM integra- tion. My main expertise is in the

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