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NOV 2016

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Page 22 of 44 NOVEMBER 2016 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Commer C ial & systems integrators 18 Our people make the difference. What qualities make the best dispatchers? It's a critical question because that person on the phone is representing your company. We believe to achieve excellence in service you must have people who demonstrate professionalism, empathy, a respect for confidentiality, a calm demeanor, and a positive attitude. The best dispatchers also possess a strong sense of duty and a desire to help others in their moment of need. Watch our video at, read about our exclusive Gradation training program, and imagine how a COPS Monitoring Dispatcher can make a difference safeguarding your customers and upholding your hard-earned reputation. Attitude | Professionalism | Sense of Duty CA: ACO6132 • DE: 05-85 • FL: EF20000481 • IL: 127-001299 • MD: 107-840 • TN: 632/1626 • TX Burg: B11561/17961 • TX Fire: ACR-2215 • VA: 11-1941 Providing nationwide wholesale alarm monitoring and dealer services from New Jersey | Florida | Arizona | Tennessee | Texas | Maryland 800.367.2677 | Fax: 856.629.4043 | info @ | safeguarding your customers and upholding your hard-earned reputation. safeguarding your customers and upholding your hard-earned reputation. safeguarding your customers and upholding your hard-earned reputation. ONVIF helps industry to leverage standards By Paul Ragusa ROCKLIN, Calif.—ONVIF, a global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, has released Profile Q, the specification that features quick and easy discovery, set-up and configuration of confor- mant devices as well as advanced security features. Jonathan Lewit, the new chair of ONVIF's Communication Committee and director of tech- nology leadership for Pelco, told Security Systems News that Profile Q addresses the initial set-up concerns when installing cameras on VMS systems. "Profile S went through a lot of the features standardization—the functionality that was expected— but we identified a gap in getting those systems to connect with each other in the first place, as there were still some variances," said Lewit, who noted that Profile Q addresses that gap and "helps standardize that side of the equa- tion." Profile Q offers out-of-the- box functionality for systems integrators and end users with an easy set-up mechanism and basic device level configuration, streamlining the setup and con- nection of systems and devices. Profile Q also supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), a secure communication protocol that allows ONVIF devices themselves to communicate with clients across a network in a way that protects against tampering and eavesdropping. The profile has been in release candidate status in order to provide industry review and feedback prior to the final release. Lewit said ONVIF's profile concept is a layer on top of the ONVIF specification, which "is the actual protocol of how you write the communication between the devices," he explained. "What we found is as people were inte- grating using those specifications there was still a variance in how people interpreted the technical part of the specification. So we introduced the profiles to say, 'If the system and the device are compliant to a particular profile, then you know what features and functionality you are going to get from the integration of those devices.'" Since the introduction of the profile concept, Lewit said, "We have seen a lot more of the snow- ball effect and it has become much more manageable for manu- facturers." ONVIF is a non-profit orga- nization of nearly 500 members driving the development of open global standards for effective interoperability of IP-based physi- cal security products. Its mission is to provide and promote open interfaces to the security industry, said Lewit. "You hear a lot about integra- tion because we have an expec- tation that the devices we use to manage our daily lives can communicate with each other, and when you are building a secu- rity system, you have that same expectation," he said. "There are a lot of different areas of expertise that go into building a compelling security system, and it is no longer feasible to expect that one company will be able to provide everything that you need, soup to nuts. Integration allows you to pick and choose all of the best elements and tie them together." SSN "You hear a lot about integration because we have an expectation that the devices we use to manage our daily lives can communicate with each other." —Jonathan Lewit, ONVIF

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