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JUN 2015

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USER KNOWS BEST The central station saw a person, your customer saw a trusted employee. With video verification in the app, your customers can instantly view live video in real-time allowing them to quickly cancel or verify an alarm from anywhere. Just one of the dozens of powerful features you will find in the Virtual Keypad App. Learn more at One more reason to choose DMP. 877-725-1114 l ® VISIT US AT ESX IN BALTIMORE, MD BOOTH #545 BIOMETRICS see page 42 Continued from previous page mainstream," Gilbertson said. "Apple did everyone a good ser- vice a few years ago when they introduced biometric functions in their iPhone, making it more adaptive" for different applica- tions. "We are into the second or third generation of various technologies for facial recog- nition," said Gilbertson, not- ing that, not too long ago, the process involved a "geometric pattern of the face" created by an "unsightly" facial recogni- tion scanner. "Now … we use software that allows for self- serve types of applications in terminals and access control [stations]." Gilbertson is as optimistic as anyone about a wider applica- tion of biometrics, although he warns that the history of transi- tion in this field has not always been spotless. "Without casting aspersions on anyone, the first generation [of facial recognition technol- ogy] did everyone a disser- vice," he said. "there were a few out there who tried to do too much." Now, however, these same manufacturers produce products that "play nicely with traditional security systems." integrators are accustomed to adapting on the fly. they look good and perform better when they are familiar with t h e p i e c e s and products s u p p l i e d b y the manufac- turers. m a n u f a c - turers inter- v i e w e d b y ssN take pride in developing their own biometric software, so that end users know exactly what they are paying for. But these providers also see the value of selectively contracting out for some components of their products. "We embed some analytics that we oem from other ven- dors into our product," said Uma Welingkar, senior product development manager at 3Vr, a video intelligence company in san Francisco. "it gives variety and flexibility for our end users to choose the analytics based on their needs." Arie melamed, cmo of Fst Biometrics, a biometrics solu- tions provider based in rishon Lezion, israel, said, "We do most of the development of soft- ware ourselves. We do buy some software. We have six patents. … We also have pre-installed software." melamed and Welingkar said Fst and 3Vr do whatever they can to make the installation and application of biometric t e c h n o l o g y c o n s i d e r - a b l y e a s i e r t h a n ro c k e t s c i e n c e , a s they keep the end user and integrators in mind. New skills are not required for integrators, according to melamed. "We have put a lot of effort into simplifying the process. … You can almost install it in two or three hours. You don't have to be sophisti- cated" about the technology. integrators with basic train- ing can handle biometrics— mostly for the purpose of talk- ing about the benefits to end users, said Welingkar. m e l a m e d a n d We l i n g k a r alluded to biometrics becoming more mainstream, less special- ized and more commonplace in the near future. Big retailers with high-security risk products such as smart- phones can use facial recogni- tion not only to keep the store safe, but for marketing pur- poses. "they can see who is Arie Melamed Gary Jones "Without casting aspersions on anyone, the frst generation [of facial recognition technology] did everyone a disservice. There were a few out there who tried to do too much." —Matt Gilbertson, The Gilbertson Group SeCuRITY SYSTeMS neWS june 2015 Market trends 41

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