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AUG 2019

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Page 10 of 28 a U g UST 2019 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 6 Continued from page 1 Allied's new AI-driven workforce management tech development, concluding with a forward-looking assessment of the coming security landscape. "If you're inspired by Greek mythology, it's sort of a play on the Greek sun god Helios," Mullison said. "It's like Helios only with -aus which reflects o u r n a m e , Allied Univer- sal Services, at the end." Just as Helios was described in some literature as a god "who gives joy to mortals," HELIAUS has also brought a type of joy, the joy that comes from saving money and increasing security. Success with the platform so far includes: • A major Hollywood produc- tion studio identified and addressed workplace hazards with $657,000 in potential savings due to improved reporting of slip-and-fall hazards; • A perishable food manufactur- er saw over $55 million in potential losses avoided at a single site; • A Texas hospital with home- less entering the facility saw a 200 percent drop in security incidents, which increased staff, visitor and patient satisfaction; and • A Washington, D.C. landmark property realized $67,064 in savings from improvement to fire safety measures that directly reduced the risk of fire from ovens and heating elements accidentally being left on. To understand how these a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s w e r e achieved, we have to start at the beginning. All about HELIAUS The HELIAUS platform is com- prised of two major components: the mobile and the platform. "There's the HELIAUS mobile, which is the device that we equip our security professionals with," Mullison identified. "This lets them give and get intelligence as they're going about their day, making observations and reports of what's happening as well as serving as a virtual tool to make sure they're in the right places at the right times and doing the right things. "The platform is the HELIAUS portal where clients connect and historical information about events that happened at the site; we bring in outside neighborhood and geo- graphical information." Artificial intelligence engine. Once the right knowledge repre- sentation is achieved, the AI engine comes into play. "The engine rea- sons over the attribute model and understands out of that information what's predictive in nature," said Mullison, "and once it understands what's predictive, it builds a model and then makes predictions about what is likely to happen." Not only does it make predictions, "it makes recommendations about the pre- scriptions for what to do to drive a better outcome," he added. Workflow engine. As the AI engine produces various recom- mendations, the workflow engine's output makes sure on-site security professionals are doing what they're supposed to do. "Workflows can be weather qualified, time and date qualified, and they're location aware," Mullison explained. "We use NFC technology for indoor positioning, Bluetooth beacons and GPS, so we're able to under- stand where security professionals are physically located." The workflow engine also brings to life post orders — all tasks and actions security professionals are supposed to be doing on a site, "not only while their doing a tour but throughout the day, and they can even be reminded to do the things they're supposed to do," Mullison offered. There's value offered in all three of HELIAUS' differentiators, sepa- rately, but most advantageous is when each are used collectively. "We've seen, on average, a 20 per- cent reduction in safety and secu- rity incidents on sites that fully implement HELIAUS," Mullison said. Enhanced user experience (UX) Currently finishing up his mas- ter's degree at Georgia Tech, Mul- lison's voice "lit up" when asked about user experience in relation to HELIAUS. "User experience is a big passion of mine," he said. "My specialization is in interactive intel- ligence which is a mash up of dealer experience, design and artificial intelligence." access all the information about their site and it provides great visualization tools, analytics and develops insights about what's hap- pening." In the security industry there are a variety of mobile guarding tech- nology systems that offer incident management; some in combination with other actions, such as report- ing tools, but HELIAUS offers more via its three key differentiators: Data. "The data that we have," Mullison said, "and as I say that, you may think, 'Well, everyone has data, what's the difference?'" He answered this hypothetical question with a saying from the artificial intelligence community: "If you have the right knowledge representation, problem solving is easy." He goes on to explain that Allied has spent quite a bit of time orga- nizing data into a proprietary attri- bute model that represents all sorts of information in a way that pre- pares it for use by the company's AI. "We bring in information about the weather, physical attributes about a particular site, the security pro- fessionals that are staffing the site, The ground-breaking security conference February 9 - 11, 2020 Royal Sonesta • New Orleans, LA Brought to you by: Alli E d see page 8 Mark Mullison

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