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best practices, ways in which they can improve the way they do their businesses and the way their busi - nesses are run. And, responding basically to the changing landscape that not only our business is under because of disruption and technolo - gies … but just in order to increase volume 22, number 8 A u G u ST 2019 n $7.00 C O mm ERC ial & Sy S & Sy t E m S i nt E g R at ORS n Briscoe Protective unveils new branding p AG p e 12 n B Safe Security makes key acquisitions p AG p e 12 n ADT Commercial acquires in Michigan p AG p e 12 mO nit OR ing n TMA leaders dish on the state of monitoring today p AG p e 14 R ES id E ntial Sy S Sy t E m S n Resideo Technologies acquires LifeWhere p AG p e 16 n Vivint Smart Home offers zero-down financing p AG p e 16 Suppli ERS n The Bold Group's Narowski promoted p AG p e 18 n Senseon Plus cabinet-level access control p AG p e 18 a lli E d see page 6 New technology focus TMA leaders dish on the state of monitoring By Paul Ragusa and Ginger Schlueter INDIANAPOLIS— Security Systems News caught up with The Monitor - caught up with The Monitor ing Association (TMA) President Ivan Spector and Executive Direc - tor Celia Besore, at the ESX Confer - at the ESX Confer ence and Expo in June, to talk about what the association is focusing on - By Ginger Schlueter SANTA ANA, Calif.—Modern soci - ety owes quite a bit of gratitude to the Ancient Greeks, whose inven - tions and discoveries are still used today — the alarm clock, automatic doors, Olympics, modern philoso - phy and more. Yet, if the Ancient Greeks were still in existence, they too, would more than likely also feel a sense of gratitude toward modern society for keeping their myths alive. Because these stories delve into the lives of deities, heroes and myth - ological creatures, creating a way for the Ancient Greeks to make sense of origin and to understand how the world functions, it seems only fitting for Allied Universal, a secu - rity and facility services company By Paul Ragusa PORTLAND, Maine—Defendi - fy, an all-in-one, SaaS-delivered cybersecurity platform devel - oper based here, announced today $1.6 million in pre-seed funding led by private investors with participation from Maine Technology Institute (MTI) and early stage cybersecurity industry investor 3dot6 Ventures. Defendify is using pro - ceeds from the round to expand its core prod - uct, while i n c r e a s - ing partner acquisition given the strong demand from a rapidly growing community of cybersecurity channel partners. Simopoulos told Security Sys - tems News that the funding will allow the company to continue on its significant growth path. "We are seeing great traction in the marketplace and our growth - in North America, who originated a new advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to improve safety and reduce risk by enhancing on-site guarding services, to name it after a well-known Greek god. Mark Mullison, chief information By Ginger Schlueter AUSTIN, Texas—Huge volumes — think terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes and up into the quintillion bytes officer, Allied Universal introduced their new platform, "HELIAUS," to SSN, offering insights into the importance of data, AI and workflow, how user experience (UX) should be the main focus of technology Defendify raises $1.6 million in funding STATS ....................................... 2 ne WS poll ............................. 3 S pe CIFICA ll Y S ll pe AKI n G.......4 ed IT or IA l ............................... 8 T Infocyte's data forensics Allied Universal's new AI-driven workforce management tech R. Simopoulos our position and to make ourselves stay relevant in a changing world. BESORE: We need to be nimble enough to adjust because things are happening so quickly. We are constantly trying to reach out to the members to see what their needs are, how they're changing and also what they're seeing ahead because we can't just focus on help - ing them now — we have to start thinking about how we can help them for the future. So, a lot of what we are trying to do is iden - tify companies that are innovative … things they should get into [like IoT]. They [TMA members] have & Sy S p AG p AG p AG p AG Sy S p AG p AG p AG p AG d E f E ndify see page 13 tma see page 14 STATS Five-year study on security alarms See page 2 produc TS See what's new with biometrics See page 20 caught up with The Monitor - at the ESX Confer - these days, how monitoring compa nies and stations are evolving, and what's to come moving forward for professional security monitoring. SS n : What's the current state of the association? How's it looking for 2019 and beyond? S p EC t OR: Like everything else, there's a lot of transition; there's a lot of consolidation going on in the industry. I think we have to offer value to our members for their dol - lars. It's very important that we have a range of programs that respond to current market conditions and our current members' needs, which involves education, timely content, has been pretty quick," Simo poulos told SSN. "We have been growing at 14 percent month over month average, and we are in the middle of hiring for a number of different positions, including engineering, sales, as well as marketing, which we have already invested in." Defendify is currently at 11 employees, with plans to double that number — as well as get into a new and larger office — by year's end." He pointed out that cyberse - curity for small businesses is "a huge opportunity — the number is around 29 million small busi - nesses in America, and they all — of complex, digital data is constantly being generated and scattered into different physi - cal and virtual locations such as online social networks, the cloud and personal network-attached storage units. Data never sleeps; it's a real vampire that can inf OC yt E see page 18 ll Y S S p e CIA l repor T ..................10 T ..................10 FI ve que STI on S ................... 23 d ATA b A n K ............................. 23 We make your company more valuable. 877-725-1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @DMPAlarms NOW SHIPPING The Must-Have Device that 25% of Homeowners Plan to Buy in 2019* *Parks Associates Four Interchangeable Faceplate Colors Included: Black, Charcoal, Silver, and Pearl Add a Video Doorbell™ to Every Install The new Video Doorbell lets you see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door, anytime and from anywhere using the Virtual Keypad™ app. Visit for details about these and other features. ‣ 1080P HD Video with 180 Field of View ‣ Notifications or Live Camera View on Virtual Keypad App ‣ Pinch-to-Zoom For a Closer Look ‣ 2.4 gHZ Wi-Fi ‣ 2,000+ Video Clips Stored Locally ‣ Supports SecureCom Video™ NVR ‣ Uses Existing Doorbell Power ‣ Over-the-Air Automatic Firmware Updates

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