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FEB 2019

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Page 8 of 28 f E b RU a RY 2019 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 4 Andrew B. Hall Owner & Managing Member, HLM Associates, LLC Strasburg, Va. Check out our selection of free upcoming and on- demand webcasts online. Brought to you by: Specifically Speaking tems that are ICD 705 Technical Specification compliant for the safeguarding of U.S. Govern- ment Classified information. We have more than 20 years' experience as a Software House CCure System Administrator for access control or access control & intrusion detection system as a list UL 1076 system & UL 2050 for accredited areas. We o f t e n s p e c i f y D i g i t a l Monitoring Products (DMP) for intrusion detection systems that are for UL 2050 accredited areas. With that said if a client has as specific system requirement, we will work with the alarm service company in the design, installation and commissioning to ensure it meets the require- ment set forth by UL and the ICD 705 Technical Specifica- tion. We can work with the archi- tectural & engineering firm (A&E), the end-user or client, a specific alarm service com- pany, U.S. Government Agency or company or firm that has a valid need to protect classified information. Post installation we insure that the access control system and intrusion detection systems both go through commission- ing and acceptance criteria testing. We will also insure the systems are UL 2050 and ICD 705 Technical Specification compliant. Should a particular U.S. Government Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) have a specific requirement or lien we will insure those have been met as well. HLM Associates also provides technical mitigations against rF, Infrared Red (IR), electromag- netic interference (EMI) and shielding design, installation oversight and pre & post test- ing. Commercially, we work with our clients to apply the same risk reduction and mitigations for the access control and intru- sion detection systems used in the protection of the classified information in facilities that safeguard Research and Devel- opment laboratories, data cen- ters, facilities that host merger & acquisitions, and financial information. I n a d d i t i o n t o a l l o f t h e physical & technical security requirements, understanding operationally how the client works every day in this facility is key to every project success. Facilities that write software code are configured differently than satellite manufacturing facilities, clean rooms or data centers. All of our projects offer unique challenges, are inter- esting, and the sooner we are engaged the more integrated What's your role at the company? As a physical and technical subject matter expert for UL listed 1076 & UL 2050 systems and Intelligence Community Directives (ICD) 705 Technical Specifications, I have partici- pated as an industry represen- tative to the U.S. Government Physical & Technical Security Policy Working Group for the past 20 years. In addition to owning and managing the com- pany, I oversee all physical and technical security projects per- formed by HLM Associates for numerous clients. What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services does the company provide? O u r c l i e n t b a s e i s o f t e n Defense & Intelligence Con- tractors, or it is the U.S. Gov- ernment directly. We design UL 2050 intrusion detection systems and access control sys- S p E aki N g see page 6

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