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Page 6 of 28 february 2019 S e C ur IT y S y ST e MS N e WS Security Stat S 2 By SSN Staff NEW YORK—Standalone voice assistants—or smart speakers— are one of the fastest-adopted technologies in U.S. history and have a 98 percent satisfaction rate among U.S. consumers, accord- ing to a new research report from Accenture based on a global sur- vey of 22,500 consumers across 21 countries. Half of online con- sumers globally now use digital voice assistants, with emerging markets leading the way in adop- tion, Accenture noted.. "Adoption and satisfaction with smart speaker technology is booming," Robin Murdoch, co- author of the report and manag- ing director of Accenture's global Software and Platforms industry practice, said. "Convenience and accessible price points are help- ing drive increased use but main- taining this loyalty will require companies to stay relevant with consumer needs while creating and constantly renewing trust." The report, "Reshape to Rele- vance," notes that smart speakers are disrupting the consumer tech- nology and service ecosystems. Accenture found that 93 percent of consumers globally expect their home device purchases, such as smart TVs or computers, to be based on ease of integration with their standalone smart speaker. The relevance of smart speak- ers is reflected in consumers' expectations to use these devices for more-advanced tasks beyond routine activities like voice call- ing, playing music or eBooks, and accessing news, the research firm noted. "They see value in voice assistants managing home secu- rity (61 percent of respondents), providing connected home auto- mation (59 percent), paying bills and providing payment alerts (55 percent)—even making res- taurant reservations (53 percent) and providing access to virtual medical advice (52 percent). "However, trust is a potential impediment to greater adoption of smart speakers, with 41 percent of consumers citing privacy con- cerns and 40 percent citing secu- rity concerns with the technology. Forty-six percent of consumers believe they don't have control of their data with voice assistants and 58 percent are more likely to re-evaluate their trust in this ser- vice by continually checking how their information is being used." Greg Roberts, another co- author of the report and manag- ing director of Accenture's North America High Tech industry prac- tice, said, "Consumers expect their smart speakers to handle complex workloads and integrate with other products. Brands that offer advanced artificial intel- ligence capabilities will be well positioned for success. But to attract more customers, they will have to be transparent in how they store, use and share data. Establishing an agreed trust stan- dard with consumers is essential." Accenture Research conducted an online survey of 22,500 con- sumers in 21 countries: Austra- lia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Por- tugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. The sample in each country was representative of the online population. Ages of respondents ranged from 14 to over 55. The survey and related data model- ling quantify consumer percep- tions of digital devices, content and services, purchasing pat- terns, preference and trust in service providers, and the future of their connected lifestyles. The online surveys were conducted between October and November 2018. ssn Voice assistant/smart speaker market is booming, new study finds Relevance and trust are key factors for continued adoption of digital voice assistants; Accenture surveys 22,500 consumers 989.891.2800 | Become a sponsor and build relationships with business leaders and experts in security. The 2019 Tech Security Summit is a new must-attend event for professionals in all sectors of the security industry. This inaugural gathering at the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee combines valuable input from our DICE users with top-tier speakers and educators specializing in technology and strategies for a fast-changing industry. Register today at Experience the future of security technology at the 2019 Tech Security Summit April 29-May 2, 2019 What to expect: Panels • Product Demos • Exhibitor Showcases Education and Training • DICE User Collaboration Round Table Discussions • Networking and Group Activities • Business Leaders • Central Station Managers • IT Professionals • Dealers • Systems Distributors Tech Security Summit Who should attend: DICE Corporation and the DICE Corporation logo are registered trademarks of DICE Corporation in the US and other countries. Copyright 2018 DICE Corporation. All rights reserved. 1.800.786.3423 | 989.891.2800 International TECH SECURITY SUMMIT 989.891.2800 | Become a sponsor and build relationships with business leaders and experts in security. TECH SECURITY SUMMIT TECH SECURITY SUMMIT

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