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HIGH PERFORMANCE MONITORING Learn more about COPS at Not just different. Better. Leading the industry – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Professional drivers know one of the most important elements of winning is having the best set of tires. Even the most talented drivers with high performance cars can lose their edge if they can't translate their skills and high-tech engineering to the few square inches that come in contact with the road. Like professional drivers, successful alarm dealers understand that monitoring is "where the rubber meets the road." Even the best system design and expert installation can be undermined if their monitoring provider can't deliver exceptional service to their customers when it counts. Contact us to discover why more professional alarm dealers trust COPS than any other monitoring company. WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD CA: ACO6132 • DE: 05-85 • FL: EF20000481 • IL: 127-001299 • MD: 107-840 • TN: 632/1626 • TX Burg: B11561/17961 • TX Fire: ACR-2215 • VA: 11-1941 Providing nationwide professional monitoring and dealer services from New Jersey | Florida | Arizona | Tennessee | Texas | Maryland 800.367.2677 | Fax: 856.629.4043 | info @ | – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. When asked about hiring plans for 2019, 64 percent said they are looking to add several more people, with 7 percent plannig on hiring "just a few" and 29 percent saying they are not plan- ning on hiring in 2019. One respondent summed it up nicely: "We could use 7-10 technicians! A lot of work that we cannot install fast enough!" Interestingly, respondents were split on what their key chal- lenges are heading into 2019, with 43 percent saying that "finding and keeping new talent/ employees" is the top challenge and another 43 percent choosing "adapting to new technologies." The remaining 14 percent chose "having enough working capi- tal" as the top challenge. "We find that both 'finding and keeping new talent/employ- ees' (retention/keeping tenured top performers) is tied closely to one of the other key challenges you offer: 'adapting to new tech- nologies, trends,'" noted one respondent. "Connected/intelli- gent, IoT, cloud offerings work as a key differentiator for both employees that are seeking to move to new organizations that are more progressive and for our employers in the technology/ software and systems space who recognize that the pace of devel- opment has exceeded the talent on their team. Both groups see this as a limiting factor to accom- plish their goals, either person- ally or for their organizations." "The channel migration to a more total security solution is happening and the momentum is moving quickly," said one reader. "We hope we have the working capital to take advan- tage of the opportunities." SSN Continued from page 3 POLL By SSN Staff YARMOUTH, Maine—As we reflect on 2018, this month'The P a r t n e r A l l i a n c e f o r S a f e r Schools (PASS) released the fourth edition of its Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools, which provides school administrators, school boards and public safety and security professionals with guidelines for implementing a layered and tiered approach to securing and enhancing the safety of school environments. Guy Grace Jr., PASS chairman and director of security and emergency planning for Little- ton Public Schools, is leading this effort. " T h e s a f e t y a n d s e c u r i t y Partner Alliance for Safer Schools publishes new guidelines challenges schools face today a re m o re m u l t i f a c e t e d a n d c o m p l e x t h a n e v e r b e f o re , and protecting students and staff requires a comprehensive approach to these challenges," Grace said in the announcement of the new PASS standards. "We are proud to build on the PASS guidelines, which present the most comprehensive informa- tion available on best practices for securing school facilities, an essential component support- ing all-hazards approaches to school safety." The fourth edition of the guidelines is completely revised under a simplified structure and greatly expanded to now cover best practices on a district-wide level that relate to safety and security and additional areas such as school transportation, c y b e r s e c u r i t y a n d n e t w o r k infrastructure, architectural features and emergency com- munications. T h e l a t e s t g u i d e l i n e s a re available at no cost on the PASS website, and PASS encourages education professionals, pub- lic safety personnel and secu- r i t y s o l u t i o n s p ro v i d e r s t o take advantage of these free resources. SSN SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS f E b RU a RY 2019 NEWS 9

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