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briefs january 2019 SEC ur IT y S y STEMS n EWS Monitoring 16 AvantGuard's Justin Bailey named to TMA's board of directors VIENNA, Va.—The Monitoring Association announced that AvantGuard's president and COO Justin Bailey has joined TMA's board of directors, representing contract monitoring companies. Justin Bailey has worked with AvantGuard Monitoring since 2010. Bailey was promoted to the role of presi- dent and COO mid last year, prior to that he served as the company's COO. Bailey is also a Security Systems News "20 under 40" award winner from 2011. "I'm excited to join the TMA board, after having served on committees for a number of years," Bailey said in TMA's blog. "I see the pace of change increas- ing from within the industry as well as from disruptors, and know we need to evolve more quickly as an industry to remain relevant. I look forward to work- ing with the other TMA board members to that end." AvantGuard Monitoring, a wholesale central station with locations in Ogden, Utah, and Rexburg, Iowa, offers a variety of monitoring services, including security, fire, PERS and mPERS, and IoT monitor- ing. In addition, the company has also been creating hybrid monitoring options, for security companies that would like to use their own central station part of the respond to alarms more effec- tively." TMA appoints two new directors to HQ staff V I E N N A , Va . — T h e M o n i t o r i n g Association announced in December the appointment of Ms. Illeny Maaza to the position of director, Membership and Programs and Ms. Leigh A. McGuire to the position of director of Marketing and Communications. Both associa- tion management professionals joined TMA, an internationally recognized non- profit trade association that represents professional monitoring companies, in December 2018. "Illeny and Leigh each bring a unique scope of knowledge, experience, and tal- ents to their new roles within TMA," Celia Besore, MBA, CAE, executive director, TMA, said in the announcement. "As TMA looks to build upon its firm foun- dation of excellence across the security industry, these two new additions to our team of professionals position the orga- nization to advance its strategic goals in the core areas of membership, education, advocacy, and standards." Maaza comes to TMA from the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) where she served as business analyst and member group liaison. McGuire's career in the security industry began at ADEMCO (now Honeywell) on New York's Long Island, as well as working at SIA in 2000 and, later, ASIS International in 2008. By Spencer Ives D E S P L A I N E S , I l l . — EMERgency 24, a network of wholesale monitoring centers headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., recently named Steve Mayer its vice president of operations and administration. Mayer will replace long-time executive, Patrick Devereaux, who has retired but will remain with the company in an advisory role. Prior to joining EMERgency24, Mayer served as the VP of operations for Cook's Direct, an Illinois-based distri- bution company. He has also worked in finance, operations, corporate real estate and procurement at United Airlines, Bally Fitness and Career Education. "Steve's diverse professional experience will allow him to delve into Emergency24's o p e r a t i o n s w i t h a u n i q u e and fresh perspective," Baird Larson, E24's vice president and director of technology, said in the recent announcement. "We selected Steve because he demonstrated the ability to achieve strong financial, opera- Pro-Vigil and Lydia partnering By Spencer Ives SAN ANTONIO—Pro-Vigil, a video monitoring equip- ment provider based here, recently entered a partnership to work with customers of Lydia Security Monitoring— the parent company to COPS Monitoring and UCC—total- ing 4,200 dealers. " Vi d e o h a s b e e n t a l k e d about a lot in the industry over the years, but there's not really a lot of dealers selling or installing video on a regular basis," Teresa Gonzalez, UCC's president, told Security Systems News. UCC dealers will "learn how to sell this, design it, install it," with support directly from Pro-Vigil, she said. Pro-Vigil provides mobile surveillance units as well as fixed perma- nent surveillance solutions and video analytics. Gonzalez added that there could be greater adoption through upselling existing c u s t o m e r s . " T h e dealer wins by get- ting additional rev- enue, UCC wins by g e t t i n g a d d i t i o n a l re v e n u e , a n d P ro - Vigil wins by getting a new customer." U C C a n d C O P S will work with Pro- Vigil's monitoring station, which will discern alarms for dispatch among false alarms, passing the relevant signals on to the Lydia centers. "Our platforms will be integrated and UCC will make the dis- patch to the authorities," Gonzalez said. "We're only having to look at dispatch- able events and not neces- sarily all of the activity that video signals have created in the past, like wind blowing in trees." G o n z a l e z s a i d that a pilot program for the partnership l a u n c h e d i n J u n e . "[We] ran it through some of our major markets where we have dealer presence, and it was very much a program of interest with our dealers," she said, adding that seven to 10 of the company's dealers are on the program now. "We expect good traction on the program and the services going for- ward." The announcement noted t h a t P ro - Vi g i l i n t e n d s t o enhance its video analytics by introducing machine learn- ing capabilities and artificial intelligence in 2019. "Our strategy for this year was to establish a partner- ship with the leading cen- tral station provider, and the Lydia Security Monitoring brands were naturally our top choice," Jeremy White, founder of Pro-Vigil, said in a prepared statement. "We are confident that Pro-Vigil's leading video solutions will not only help Lydia's dealers improve the ser vices they provide their existing custom- ers but to also attract new business. Our partnership is the biggest and certainly the most impactful partnership between a video monitoring provider and a central station company, and we're excited to see it pay dividends for all parties involved. " ssn segment of the market that we can provide automation software to," Coles said. C o l e s i s a l s o p l e a s e d with the talent that this acquisition brings into Bold Perennial. "Finding people that do what we do is really hard; people that under- stand software, automa- tion soft- ware, and the alarm industry— there's j u s t n o t that many around. So, we will definitely b e u s i n g s o m e o f t h e i r skills," Coles said. Discussions of the trans- action first started around August, according to Coles, and the deal closed in mid- N o v e m b e r. " O b v i o u s l y, S I M S h a s b e e n a m a j o r player in the industry," Coles said. "We approached them and gave them a vision of where we want to go and how they can be a part of it, and they were interested in tional and customer-service performance. He has in-depth experience in strategic plan- ning, financial analysis and process improvement." L i k e h i s p r e d e c e s s o r Devereaux, Mayer is a "num- bers person" and he says the company will continue to measure itself and implement ways to further strengthen operations, the com- pany said. "I'm excited to join a well-running and long-standing opera- tion that is already a market leader with i t s p e o p l e , s e r v i c e and technology. The culture is a great fit with my continuous improve- m e n t p h i l o s o p h y, " M a y e r said in a prepared statement. " E m e rg e n c y 2 4 h a s m a n y strengths and a tremendous future. It is very clear that our people and our technology are what attract new custom- ers and have retained exist- ing customers for decades. What excites me most is our opportunity to use these core strengths to grow and improve our services and customer experience." ssn taking part in that." Ken Utley, SIMS' founder, will remain as a consultant to ease the transition fol- lowing the acquisition. "We are excited about the oppor- tunities this new venture provides, and are honored to be a part of the industry- leading Bold Perennial orga- nization," Utley s a i d i n a prepared statement. Bold Perennial doesn't expect other manage- ment changes in the immediate future, and the SIMS staff will remain in place in the company's Texas offices, the announce- ment noted. Looking into 2019, Coles said that the company will be seeking more acquisi- tions and strong organic growth while improving its cloud offerings. "We'll be looking to put a huge a m o u n t o f i n v e s t m e n t into our cloud infrastruc- ture." ssn EMERgency 24 makes key executive hire Bold Perennial buys Teresa Gonzalez Continued from page 1 UCC and COPS dealers can now work with the video monitoring company Steve Mayer "We are excited about the opportunities this new venture provides, and are honored to be a part of the industry-leading Bold Perennial organization." —Ken u tley, SIMS

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