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DEC 2018

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Apartment Guide finds renters want security By Spencer Ives ATLANTA—ApartmentGuide, a resource for renters and part of the digital marketing solutions company RentPath, recently pub- lished a blog highlighting security as an amenity many renters are looking for. The blog included data from RentPath surveys including an "online, blind survey of 2,000 rent- ers … conducted by Egg Strategy in conjunction with RentPath in 2017, with the final analysis com- pleted in February 2018," and an "online, blind survey of 750 renters conducted by RentPath Research between November 10 – December 4, 2017." In addition, the blog ref- erenced The 2017 Kingsley Nation- wide Renter Report, which was conducted in July 2017 in partner- ship with the National Multifamily Housing Council and surveying 269,332 renters. Angie Amon, director of research for RentPath, talked with Secu- rity Systems News about the trends among these reports. "People are looking for their home. It's not a car that they're going to rent for a few days, or even a car they're going to buy that they could easily get rid of if it didn't work out. It's their home, and the things that they're trying to do is make it feel like home. They want to feel safe, they want to feel secure … and that it's not a hassle to live there," Amon said. RentPath distributed surveys to people seeking apartments, spe- cifically renters that were open to developments with 50 or more units. "We really drilled down into a specific segment of renter popula- tion," Amon said. Despite prompting survey takers to "think big" and be imaginative, many still put emphasis on practical conveniences like having a washer and dryer in their unit, Amon said. RentPath also asked survey respondents to select an item that most interested them and one that least interested them out of larger groups. "Out of that came the gated access, the security measure," Amon said, and this group was the highest at 35 percent. "That was the number one 'most interested' thing that people mentioned, and had the fewest votes of 'least interested' in." The company recognized anoth- er trend of people looking for app- controlled door locks, rating at 25 percent. Property managers and compa- nies could benefit from emphasiz- ing the security measures at their properties, according to Amon. "It comes up over and over and over again in both the quantitative and the qualitative work that we do, where people talk about wanting to be in a safe area. And they define that in different ways, some of it has to do with what security measures are at the property … others define it by what kind of activity is going on in the area." SSN DeBiasio Continued from page 16 There's different perspectives that women take," she said. "I've seen it specifically in our business, Honeywell and then, now, in Resideo." DeBiasio is also seeing women in executive roles, both in Resideo as well as the larger industry. "I'll be hon- est, I'm sitting across the table from very powerful women most of the time—customers of mine, suppliers of mine," she said. It is particularly in the last few years that "I really think that the opportunities, and the shift that we're see- ing in terms of diversity [and] inclusion … in workforces is actually having a major effect." When asked about how to bring more women into the industry, DeBiasio pointed to the outstanding mission of the industry. "What attracted me was that vision, a purpose behind an organization and what our products do for peo- ple. I think that's the story that needs to be told," DeBiasio said. "Talking about that story will attract talent, whether that be women, men, or any indi- viduals from globally diverse cultures." SSN December 2018 S ec U r ITY SYST em S N e WS Residential s ystems 18

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