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DEC 2018

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Page 12 of 30 D ECEM b ER 2018 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS news 6 1-800-560-6568 or just simple convergence; security professionals (consultants, integra- tors and manufacturers) need to constantly stay up on technology and work together as resources for each to conquer challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge (blessing as well) we see today is convergence. While it solves many issues (costs, simpler integration, etc.), it also increased concerns relating to cybersecurity. The con- verged system today requires a team of savvy technology folks to become involved. As we learn of a cyber vulnerability then fix it, the next day there is new one. No mat- ter what measures are developed, a converged system is perhaps the greatest vulnerability today and for the near future. Security of infrastructure contin- ues to be challenging and will be challenging until strong software and systems engineering has mas- tered cybersecurity. Before then (perhaps 10-20 years from now), cybersecurity will be a constant issue for us all. Because of that, I, as with other consultants, have those customers that still operate in an un-converged environment or have minimized their converged footprint to manage the cyber expo- sure. These customers have high- risk assets (high value, mission essential, etc.). They found that the risk is too extreme and will not converge. They will only converge when absolutely necessary. When they do converge, they apply strict features and manage and audit them regularly. Beyond convergence, we will, as currently demonstrated, see new technologies catch the bad guy (or gal) and provide huge benefits for the costs of ownership. These technologies will be integrated with other systems (networks, social media, etc.) and use those data points to correlate and connect the dots that were not there or obvious to us before. Artificial intelligence and advancing analytics will help solve a variety of security concerns. For instance, we are finding and apprehending terrorists before their acts of violence, and if not before the act, we find them quickly in- the-act or directly after. Hopefully, the near future will thwart the most devastating acts we face, the active shooter. How? Well, a converged and complex system likely using analytics and AI will—it's already helping on these fronts. Of course, there is a lot of development in front of us. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and-A with a different security consultant every month. Consultants are provided to Secu- rity Systems News by SecuritySpecifiers. for managing their infrastructure. We've seen just about every vertical market deal with this challenge and today see them moving to the SaaS. I'm always weary about handing the keys of the kingdom to a third party. It goes without saying that the SaaS may be a good solution for some, but there is always the need to understand junk-in-junk-out, and the need for internal and third-party audits. Cybersecurity: Understanding risks of security system exposure, particularly on high-risk facilities (museums, financial institutions, etc.). I talk more on this subject below. What is your view on the industry moving forward? When entering security in the 1990s it was fairly broad and deep. Today, it's even broader and deeper. Moving forward, it will become more complex. New developments like SaaS, Cloud, and Virtualizing short list: Analytics: Use of data across mul- tiple platforms can serve many pur- poses in security. Crunching that data is perhaps the toughest piece separating good data from junk. In the coming years, analytics through artificial intelligence will help refine how we use data and come to solve challenging security problems. Many of us don't see this in action, but look closely at incidents today, and you'll see analytics, and even AI is a crucial part in solving the who, what, where, when, how and sometimes why. SaaS: We've seen a lot of devel- opment in the SaaS environment. Where systems across an enterprise are becoming difficult to manage (software, firmware, configura- tions, resiliency, cyber security, etc.), owners are moving to a service Continued from page 5 Speaking

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