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DEC 2018

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policies and procedures. This really hooked me on the profession. I worked as a physical security inspector for a couple years. When I decided to leave the U.S. Army, I was given opportunities pursuing police and security careers. I decided the security field was right for me. The next stop for me was security force management. I worked at various MADE IN THE U.S.A. ALTRONIX.COM LIFETIME WARRANTY WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER OPENS. INSTALLED IN FACILITIES GLOBALLY, STRIKEIT INTEGRATES WITH HIGH IN-RUSH PANIC BARS, LOW CURRENT MLR EXIT DEVICES, ELECTRIC STRIKES AND MAG LOCKS. PROVEN POWER AND PRECISE FUNCTIONALITY COUPLED WITH AN UNPARALLELED WARRANTY, EQUALS RELIABLE ACCESS 24/7. ALTRONIX SECURES YOUR MOST CRITICAL INS AND OUTS. ALTRONIX SECURES YOUR MOST CRITICAL INS AND OUTS. security sites (Fannie Mae, Interna- tional Monetary Fund) as an officer to site manager. While at the IMF, I ran into an Army friend, Mark Laude, managing a technical secu- rity upgrade for one of the facilities I inspected while in the Army. Mark decided to transition from the IMF to a system integration company working directly with the Center of Excellence for Electronic Security at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Huntsville, Ala. Mark gave me an opportunity to join him and I did. For the next four years, I trav- eled to CONUS and OCONUS locations implementing electronic security systems. Most of my tech- nical security systems expertise was gained during this period. I owe this to Mark and others who helped me gain the knowledge I have today. In 2002, I was looking to slow down a bit and found a consulting oppor- tunity working for a renowned consulting firm, Gage Babcock & Associates. There, my consulting career started. In my later years, as a senior man- ager I found myself involved more in business dealings and getting further away from the actual secu- rity practice. It was then I decided to open M2H Protection (Mark Michael Hankewycz). Current day, I still deal with business operations, but I also manage and put my per- sonal mark on every project we do. I simply love what I do! Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies you are see- ing or specifying today? For 30 years now, we've seen a lot in terms of technology develop- ment, from analog to IP cameras, VCRs to cloud, and so on. For me, it's the careful evaluation of tech- nologies before they are used. That evaluation is a risky decision for every project. In terms of new and emerging technologies, here is my 19 percent said they did not feel any of those descriptions represented their attitudes on the matter. "Every situation and every home is different, but … once parents are aware that they're not necessarily spying on them, but actually just moni- toring to make sure that they don't hurt themselves or get into a situation—I think that's where you end up seeing the key value," Bellenger said. Survey respondents also weighed in on activities they would never consider using the system to monitor, such as if their children followed household rules (38 percent), completed their household chores (34 percent), used the car without approval (30 per- cent), or doing homework or studying (26 percent). Though, some monitor- ing would depend on the cir- cumstance, some respondents said. For example, respon- dents would monitor follow- ing household rules such as no food in the living room (29 percent), completion of household chores (29 percent), doing homework or respecting study time (29 percent), moni- toring sensitive areas such as liquor cabinet, medicine cabi- net, gun storage or house- hold petty cash (26 percent), which friends they invited over when parents aren't home (25 percent), and if their children made it home before curfew (23 percent.) Residential alarm dealers can keep some of these points in mind during a sales process, "so that you can protect some- body from emergencies that occur inside the home, just as well as burglaries," Bellenger said, and help parents under- stand the benefits when they're not at home. The sur vey benefited LifeShield with more perspec- tive "on how we can better educate our existing custom- ers on things that they can do that they're not currently doing to protect their kids," Parzych said. SSN Continued from page 2 Stat S Continued from page 3 Speaking Sp E aki N g see page 6 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS D ECEM b ER 2018 NEWS 5

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