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briefs November 2018 S e CU r ITY SYST em S N e WS Monitoring 18 I-View Now improves its integration with the MASterMind platform HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now, pro- vider of a cloud-based video monitoring platforms for central stations, recently announced an updated and improved integration with monitoring center automation software platform partner MASterMind. This updated integration improves signaling by utilizing a dedicated MASrecv I-View Now Receiver. Built in conjunction with MAS, these processes employ dedicated and proprietary signal types and signal formats which provide richer contextual information and video, the company said. "We are thrilled to further our part- nership with MASterMind and offer these enhanced features to monitoring stations and their customers. This inte- gration enables the distribution of bet- ter information to end users, operators, and first responders," Larry Folsom, president of I-View Now, said in the announcement. "We're very proud of this integration allowing for true collabo- ration between all parties. Our ultimate goal is to catch the bad guy more often, while greatly reducing unwanted false alarm dispatches." The MASterMind Auto-Notification and Verification Interface with I-View Now integration provides mobile verifi- cation to central station customers. This process allows the end user to cancel the alarm, request dispatch, and call the monitoring center. "A key value at MAS has always been to help alarm monitoring stations streamline their dispatching processes and provide better service to their cus- tomers," Shin Voeks, general manager for MAS, said in a prepared statement. "The MASterMind integration with I-View enables users to conveniently cancel or confirm an alarm using their mobile devices, and allows monitoring stations to respond to alarms more effectively." Chesapeake, Va., goes live with ASAP to PSAP P I T T S B U R G H — Ve c t o r S e c u r i t y recently announced that the City of Chesapeake, Va., is the latest munici- pality to implement Automated Secure Alarm Protocol, a technology designed to automate communication between alarm monitoring central stations and public safety dispatch/911 centers. "Virginia is where we debuted ASAP for the first time in 2012," Anita Ostrowski, vice president of central station services for Vector Security, said in a prepared statement. "We've come a long way since being the first alarm company to introduce ASAP in Richmond, and we are glad to see the technology make its way into more municipalities across the nation, for the greater safety of our communities." By Spencer Ives OGDEN, Utah—On Oct. 3, there was a test of the Presidential Alert system, which went out to televi- sions and radio as well as mobile phones. AvantGuard Monitoring, based here, noticed that there was a spike of false alarms—including glass break sensors and PERS but- ton presses—linked to the test. "Oftentimes, [when] we see a spike in a certain kind of alarms, they're related to a storm or a localized natural disaster, and it generally affects a certain type of alarm like a security [sys- tem]," Justin Bailey, AvantGuard's president and COO, told Security Systems News. A simultaneous spike in security and PERS was very unusual for the company, he added. The alert's tone happened to match the frequency that some glass break sensors look for, AvantGuard said in an announce- ment, which caused the sensors to send false alarms. "It was a unique event for us. … As we started looking to see a common causality on the security side, an unusual number of alarms were [triggered by] glass break sensors. It's not uncommon to have one of them in the buffer at the scale we have," Bailey said. AvantGuard's TMA names new executive director By Spencer Ives VIENNA, Va.—The Monitoring Association announced on Oct. 2 that Celia T. Besore will become the new executive director of the association on Nov. 1, succeeding Jay Hauhn who is retiring on Oct. 31. Besore will be the first female executive director for TMA. Besore first began working with TMA—then CSAA—in 1999 as the director of marketing and communications, eventually ris- ing to the role of VP of marketing and programs. "I like to work in associations with missions that I believe in," Besore told Security Systems News. "I already had an alarm system and believed in security before I even thought of working for the industry. When I saw the job opening, I applied for the job." In 2010, Besore left TMA to lead the National Association of Hispanic Nurses as its executive director and CEO, a position she held until 2016. Besore rejoined TMA in early 2017. "I left the industry, but I still stayed connected. I was really happy when the opportunity came to be able to come back," she said. Besore noted that when returning to the industry in 2017, it had undergone a significant change since 2010. "It had become a technol- ogy industry, even more than it was originally. IT is now a huge part of what our members do." Until the end of October, Besore serves as TMA's VP of membership and programs. For nearly two years, she has been working to identify the needs of current and prospective members and working to fulfill those along- side volunteers, her colleagues, and the board of directors. "Of course, I also wanted to grow the association," Besore said. "I still feel strongly that will be part of my role, to be a champion for TMA." "I'm very fortunate that Jay Hauhn is very committed and already actively work- ing to make sure that the transition is as easy as it can be," Besore said. "I'm very aware I'm following a highly respected industry lead- er. … It's great to have his support. I know that he's still going to be there— he's a past president of TMA, and will be part of the board. I'm really appreciative of what he's doing," Besore said, adding that Hauhn and the board has been involving her in current projects and giving her all the information she will need to be successful. As Besore ascends to the new role just after TMA's annual meeting, held Oct. 13-17, her first order of business will be to implement items decided on by TMA's board and the members at the meeting, she said. Besore plans to reach out to related organizations, such as ESA, SIA, ASIS and AHJ organizations, and hold one-on-one discussions with TMA members. The new role of executive director will involve managing the association, as well as incorporat- ing more strategy and looking to the future of TMA, Besore said. "In the short term, we're going to continue—and hope- fully grow—a lot of the initiatives that we have right now," Besore said, mentioning cybersecurity training, ASAP, and the TMA Tech Summit. "We're going to make an effort to also grow membership in the new categories." TMA has evolved with the industry and its members, Besore enter the U.S. market to part- ner with and learn from Brad [Gordon, Viewpoint CEO] and the Viewpoint team with the goal of continuing to deliver best-in-class service to Viewpoint's customers, while developing innovative new solutions." Founded more than 10 years ago, Viewpoint special- izes in video-voice security technology and serves clients in multiple industries. In addi- tion to partnering with retail and commercial operators, Viewpoint also works with traditional guarding firms, helping them to augment their security solutions utilizing a unique blend of technolo- gies backed-up by customer- focused professionals. "When presented with the chance to leverage our tech- nology services and grow within the U.S. in a major way by joining with Prosegur, my team and I knew it was far too good of an opportunity to pass up," Gordon said in the announcement. Tabernero added, "Brad and his team have done a remarkable job developing Viewpoint's service offerings over the past 10 years. We monitoring centers received about 70 glass break alarms that it could link to the presidential alert. A member of AvantGuard's team recognized the coincidence in the time of the alarms and the presidential alert, according to Bailey. "When you get a drop of signals, you know something is going on, because of the scale of how many alarms we received in that short time frame," he said. AvantGuard received about 100 PERS alarms related to the presi- dential alert, as some seniors with PERS devices heard the sound of the alert and didn't know what the alert tone was or if it was coming from their PERS device. "It was a matter of just talking to the subscribers as we connected to the two-way and—once we determined that they were ok— asking why it was that they had pushed their buttons," Bailey said. AvantGuard found a way to address the alarms that were likely false. "With the suspect alarms, we were able to partition them in a different queue, and then dedicate operators to work through those alarms that we believed were affected, allowing us to free up other operators to work alarms that we suspected … were actual, true alarms," Bailey said. SSN genuinely look forward to fully incorporating the Viewpoint staff into the Prosegur family." He continued, "Prosegur Security has launched a tech- nological transformation to improve our value proposition to clients. In this context, Viewpoint represents an ideal match for us as the company has developed a cutting-edge monitoring system that deliv- ers immense value to its cus- tomers." Prosegur, founded in Spain in 1976, has grown into a major multinational with more than 175,000 employ- ees across 24 countries on five continents. According to the company, it is the fourth largest global player in the private security industry by revenue with reported sales of just over �4.29 billion ($5.01 billion USD) in 2017. Prosegur Security, the busi- ness unit providing integrated security solutions, offers "a high added-value proposition that combines physical surveil- lance with the latest advances in technology and analytics," the company said. In addi- tion to Prosegur Security, the company's other two business lines are Prosegur Cash and Prosegur Alarms. SSN AvantGuard identifies false alarm spike Prosegur acquires TMA see page 19 Celia Besore Continued from page 1

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