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SIA sponsors cyber benchmarking study Rick Rector, PUBLISHER Brook Taliaferro, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Paul Ragusa, EDITOR Spencer Ives, MANAGING EDITOR Peter Macijauskas, E-MEDIA MANAGER SEND PRESS RELEASES TO: EDITORIAL OFFICE Tel: 207-846-0600 ADVERTISING OFFICE Security Systems News 106 Lafayette St., PO Box 998 Yarmouth, ME 04096 Tel: 207-846-0600 NEW ENGLAND STATES AND EASTERN CANADA Rick Rector, President & PUBLISHER Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 267 MIDWEST AND EASTERN STATES Brad Durost, REGIONAL SALES MANAGER 207-846-0600, Ext. 274 WESTERN STATES AND WESTERN CANADA Rob Akert, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR Tel: 623-376-9513 MARKETPLACE SALES Cath Daggett Tel: 207-846-0600, Ext. 300 Lise Dubois, PRODUCTION DIRECTOR SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Security Systems News PO Box 1888 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1888 800-553-8878 Publishers of specialized business publications CEO PRESIDENT J.G. Taliaferro Jr. Rick Rector For custom reprints or digital reuse, please contact our reprint partner, The YGS Group, by calling 717-505-9701, Ext. 100, or by visiting Security Systems News' Class of 2017 "20 under 40" winner Ryan Fritts, CISO, ADT, said, "We are using AI in our access and enti- tlement management to analyze the behaviors of end-users and determine whether or not their behaviors are risky." Over the next two years, studied fi rms indi- cated they plan to greatly expand the use of the following technology solutions: • Behavioral analytics (+1,735 percent) • Smart grid technologies (+831 percent) • Deception technology (+684 percent) • Hardware security and resilience (+114 percent) The study also found that as corporate cybersecurity systems mature, the probability of costly cyberattacks declines. Cybersecurity beginners have a 21.1-percent probability of cyberattacks generating over $1 million in losses versus 16.1 percent for intermediates and 15.6 percent for leaders. A new benchmarking study of the cyber- security practices and initiatives of global organizations provides insight into the cyber landscape today and moving forward over the next few years. The study, called The Cybersecurity Imperitive, was pro- duced in partnership with ESI ThoughtLab and WSJ Pro Cybersecurity and is sponsored by the Secu- rity Industry Association (SIA) and several other partners. "As validated by SIA's just-released 2019 Secu- rity Megatrends—high- lighting the top factors influencing both short- and long-term change in the global security industry—security companies see cybersecurity as the dominant trend shaping the industry," SIA CEO Don Erickson said in an email announcing the study. "Having these clear benchmarks around cybersecurity not only facilitates the advancement of cybersecu- rity within your own organizations, but it also allows fi rms like yours to deliver appropriate solutions to your customers." One key fi nding in the study is that digi- tal transformation is exposing companies to higher and more costly cyber risks. For example, those whose cybersecurity practices do not keep pace with their digital transfor- mation initiatives are more likely to see $1 million or more in losses from cyberattacks. The research showed that cyber risks rise dramatically as companies embrace new technologies, adopt open platforms and tap ecosystems of partners and suppliers. "Companies need to make sure that their cybersecurity programs keep pace with their digital transformation effort," Lou Celi, CEO of ESI ThoughtLab and director of the study, said in the announcement. "Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought. It needs to be integrated into the fabric of an organization's growth strategy." According to the study, there will be an increase in cyber-threat vectors by 2020, including: • Attacks through partners, customers and vendors (247 percent growth) • Supply chains (+146 percent) • Denial of service (+144 percent) • Apps (+85 percent) • Embedded systems (84 percent) Surveyed companies see high risks from external threat actors, such as unsophisti- cated hackers (cited by 59 percent of fi rms), cybercriminals (57 percent) and social engi- neers (44 percent), but the greatest threat lies with untrained general staff (87 percent). Another 57 percent of fi rms see data sharing with partners and vendors as their main IT vulnerability. Nonetheless, only 17 percent of companies have made signifi cant progress in training staff and partners on cybersecurity awareness. The study also cites the leading cyber- threat vectors in 2018, which are: • Malware (81 percent) • Phishing (64 percent) • Ransomware (63 percent) • Viruses (62 percent) • Attacks from Apps (62 percent) Another key finding is companies are boosting their cybersecurity investments. To cope with rising cyber risks, surveyed compa- nies are increasing their cybersecurity invest- ment by 7 percent this year and 14 percent next year. The biggest upsurge will come from platform companies, which are hiking their spending 59 percent this year and 64 percent next year. On average, companies with rev- enue between $250 million and $1 billion will spend $2.9 million next year; $1-5 billion ($5.7 million); $5-20 billion ($10.7 million); and $20 billion+ ($16.8 million). According to the study, companies now use a variety of technologies to improve cyberse- curity, such as multi-factor authentication (90 percent), blockchain (68 percent), Internet of Things (62 percent) and AI (44 percent). Paul Ragusa Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World Learn more at Education Retail Banking Hotel Transportation Aside from the obvious accommodations anticipated upon check-in, hotel guests also expect to feel safe and secure throughout their stay. Through an integrated, end-to-end hotel surveillance system, employees and guests will have peace of mind that the premises are being monitored. #IntelligentSolutionsForYou Intelligent Solutions for: Hotel 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Camera DH-IPC-HDBW4231FN-E2-M Time and Attendance Monitor personnel's exact shift start and stop time Mobile Integration Stay connected to Hotel Shuttles Eliminates wasted pixels on surrounding wall space Eliminates wasted pixels Image Flip EDITORIAL 11 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS NOVEMBER 2018

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