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NOV 2018

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telecommunication, hospitality and others. Whether working with physical barriers, baggage and passenger screening equipment, explosive detection equipment, integrated and converged electronic systems, security solutions, or developing programs processes and proce- dures, I remained aware of and current with the many operation- al, technical and business gaps between the physical and informa- tion security worlds, their poten- tial risks to clients and their overall security programs. After having served in numerous PS, IS, IT and security consulting positions working with physical and information security integra- tors, manufacturers, an A&E firm and one of the largest security firms in the world, and consulting on security technology, security management, risk and compliance, I continued to realize the contin- ued trend of growing gaps in the approach to security programs and their convergence. Particularly with the advance- ment of IP security technology, there are increasing risks of cyber- security, social engineering, infor- mation sharing, and the discon- nect between the various stages of identifying the needs, designing, selecting, specifying, procuring, implementing and managing secu- rity systems. These gaps when left uncovered and unaddressed, may negatively impact organizations and increase their exposure to security risks. As a result, I established an inde- pendent cross-functional security consulting firm addressing security in a holistic approach. What dis- tinguishes Goldmark Security Con- sulting is our ability to translate the many risk languages of cybersecu- rity, information security, physical security, and security management into one unified language, the bot- tom line, business risk. Our design and specification approach to security is not solely an engineering approach but rather a holistic perspective to security risk management and organiza- tional security needs. Our team of experts bring in their extensive and current knowledge, years of diverse hands-on experience in physical security, security management, IT, IS, OT, IoT and IIoT to provide effective solutions and mitigate security risks with the right con- verged security programs covering people, processes and technology. Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies you are see- ing or specifying today? We see an increased level of maturity in areas of technologies that are not new. We are also excit- ed to see AI moving from the cloud with accelerated machine learning technologies and programmable performance hardware providing the potential for effective security ALTRONIX PACKS A 1-2 PUNCH! CUSTOMIZE TROVE AT ALTRONIX.COM MADE IN THE U.S.A CUSTOMIZE TROVE AT TROVE STREAMLINES ACCESS CONTROL DESIGN AND DEPLOYMENT, INCREASING PROFITS AND ROI. WINNING POWER COMBINATIONS – ENHANCING YOUR CUSTOMER'S SECURITY. solutions and deep learning AI potential at the edge. IoT, cloud computing, AI, 3D printing, robotics, AR and VR, and other technologies have been around for years and some are now mature and enterprise-ready. The higher adoption rates of cloud computing and its security offer- ings related to IoT, cybersecurity and even physical security is a great example. While some of the emerging technologies are adding value, others are revealing a new spectrum of security risks to orga- nizations small or large. Typically, emerging technologies are first seen on the IT/IS side, such as with technology companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Ama- zon and others. Forward-thinking physical security manufacturers or physical security technology com- panies such as Genetec, Feenics, S2 Security, Axis and others are leveraging the maturity of various IT platforms such as cloud deliv- ery for new products and services offerings. This approach not only provides certain benefits to clients such as mitigating some of the risks that come with traditional physi- cal security deployments but can also help with an agile solution to unifying systems, deploying secu- rity controls and transitioning to a converged security program. At Goldmark Security Consult- ing, we do not follow a one-solu- tion-fits-all approach to specify- ing equipment for information, cyber- or physical security. On the contrary, we work closely with cli- ents through a strategic business and security risk management approach to the selection, design, specification, deployment and life- cycle management of technologies. Accordingly, we specify the right technology to the right client for the right solution. Sp E aki N g see page 8 Continued from previous page SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Nov EM b ER 2018 NEWS 7

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