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NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—Security Systems News features leaders, in articles, through the annual "20 under 40" awards, and in the Leadership Talks series. In the latest SSN News Poll, respon- dents talked about leadership approaches and how to encour- age the next wave of influential professionals in the security industry. "For us, creating a strong vision first is key, and then make sure it is communicated to and followed by all. … Man- agers need to set the example, and then encourage all levels of employees to follow suit," Chris Currie, Damar Security Systems' vice president, wrote in. The most important aspect of leadership is to encourage all levels of employees, 50 percent said in the poll. Twenty-nine percent said it's about creating a solid managerial framework at the business. Twenty-one percent agree with Currie, that a strong vision for the future is crucial. When it comes to encourag- ing promising professionals, half of respondents said their com- pany coaches employees on their News Poll: What makes good leaders? career path. Another 17 percent said they have a mentor program at their company. Thirty-three percent said they often promote in-house. "We promote from within quite often, and then we coach those employees on their career path. We've recognized a long time ago, that some staff wish t o a d v a n c e , and others are happy to stay where they are. It doesn't mean we don't coach the ones that have no desire t o a d v a n c e , the coaching is just adjusted to address the cur- rent position they are in." Currie said. "We build and teach people so that our bench is full so that when the opportunity or need arises we are not scrambling to fill a hole. By working together to understand what is happening helps in the making of educated decisions be they yes or no," another reader shared. E i g h t y - t h r e e p e rc e n t o f respondents said that an open and collaborative leadership style works best. Leaders that follow well-defined expecta- tions based on set rules are best, according to 12 percent. Four percent said other approaches are more valuable. Kevin Spagone is the director of Reitman Security Search, a recruiting and consulting firm in the industry. He mentioned that h i s c o m p a n y has supported early stage as w e l l a s m i d - sized and large c o m p a n i e s . "Those I'm most impressed with have a culture that empowers their leaders to collaborate and share honest two-way feedback in a structured setting. Best- in-class organizations provide high potential employee tracks to retain their most talented future leaders. Most critically, these organizations are cogni- zant of how their leadership culture directly impacts their client's experience and view it as a competitive advantage in the marketplace," he said. SSN What is the most important aspect of leadership? How do you encourage rising leaders? What leadership style do you think works best? News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in August and September. Due to rounding, figures may not add up to 100 percent. Dynamark's Jonathan Byrd talks home security J o n a t h a n B y rd , manager of mar- keting for Dyna- mark Security Cen- ters, has been with Dynamark for a little more than three years. He and his wife like using the system to play practical jokes, such as unlocking the front door or turning off lights remotely dur- ing a scary movie. Byrd spoke with Security Systems News about his home security sys- tem in early Septem- ber. What kind of security system do you have? The panel is the last iteration of the Qolsys [IQ] Panel … that, combined with a Kwikset door lock, fire and CO detectors, and door/window sensors for the ground floor on my two story house. And then, [it's] all powered through and monitored by our Dynamark TMA central stations. Why this particular setup? I was shown all of the panel options that I could have installed, and I chose the Qolsys IQ panel because it was entirely touch screen and that was appealing. I wanted something that was easy to use, didn't really have to learn a whole lot to use it. After also seeing the remote access that came with it, through the mobile apps, I knew that I would be interested in those capabilities as well. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? Definitely the remote access, because I have small kids. So, being able to arm the system, after the everyday chaos of trying to get everyone outside and to the vehicle every morning, it's simple to get everyone out and then arm the system from the phone. Also, my five year old is able to unlock the door through the lock and if we're carrying the groceries or something like that, he can open the door for us, which is very helpful. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? Amazon is definitely the wild card. The future of security—I think—is going to be heavily affected by both the DIY market and whatever Amazon ultimately decides to do. They kind of steamroll over most businesses they get into, so it will be very interesting to see what happens there. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Byrd uses a Qolsys panel at his house. MarketsandMarkets predicts strong growth for DIY 30.86 percent. In 2017, the DIY market share was around 4.3 percent, while professionally installed and pro- fessionally monitored systems made up around 90 percent of the market, he said. M a r k e t s a n d M a r k e t s h a s identified some trends specific to the North American market segment, such as the participa- tion of telecom and insurance companies encouraging home security systems. Comcast is one company that MarketsandMar- kets highlighted, for its Xfinity brand, which sells home secu- rity systems, Yelhekar said. " We h a v e o b s e r v e d t h a t [some] insurance companies are offering attractive discounts to the house owners for the home security systems," Yelhekar said. He cited the instance where FrontPoint, a provider of resi- dential security, partnered with American Family Insurance in October 2017. Increasing system complexity is a current challenge for the integrator as well as the end user, Chaudhari said, caused by advanced features and new security threats. SSN The DIY market is expected to grow "at the highest CAGR of these three types," Chaudhari said, adding that the CAGR for this segment will be around 30.86 percent. "For us, creating a strong vision first is key, and then make sure it is communicated to and followed by all." —Chris Currie, Damar Security Systems Continued from previous page SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS O CTO b ER 2018 NEWS 3

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