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OCT 2018

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S ec U r I t Y SYS te MS N e WS october 2018 Commer C ial & systems integrators 13 MADE FOR LARGE VENUES Find out how Hikivision multi-sensor PanoVu cameras are keeping spectators safe and providing large venues with 360-degree video coverage in high definition – up to 20 MP. Visit for more information. Hikvision. It's Essential. M O D E L E D A F T E R H I K V I S I O N C A M E R A D S - 2 C D 6 D 5 4 F W D - I Z H S Six CRM best practices for sales managers 2. Become the champion user. Most of the sales manag- ers that have asked me to help with their CRM process don't use the system for their activ- ity. In fact, many of them don't have accounts and have reports generated in the CRM and then exported to a spreadsheet. Like most other things, if you expect your sales people to do something, you've got to lead the effort by example. 3. Remember what CRM s t a n d s f o r. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, most managers use a CRM sys- tem to track incoming sales. Although a helpful part of the system, overseeing opportuni- ties is not its most important benefit. CRM does not stand for Opportunity Management or Sales Manager Whipping Tool. CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. Build a process that fosters accurate forecasting, but also helps your sales people be more effective in building and nurturing their relationships with their custom- ers and prospects. 4 . C o m m i t 1 0 0 p e rc e n t or 0 percent to integration. Integrating the CRM system into the rest of the organization can be daunting. Either do it 100 percent, or don't do it at all. I see too many organizations try to build one fully integrated system for their business, and halfway into the project they realize that they bit off more than they can chew. So, they go half way and have a "sort of integrated" system—and that's a mess. Either completely buy in or use your CRM as a stand- alone system. For the record, most of my readers' companies can do just fine with their sys- tem being stand-alone. 5. Get in the field. I could rephrase this best practice as— "Don't sit in front of your CRM system all day." As soon as the CRM system is in place, sales managers are tempted to lead from the ivory tower with all the data they think they need in front of them. Even if you really do have all the necessary data (by the way, you don't), get in the field. You belong in the field coaching your team and working with customers. 6. Use the CRM system to facilitate personal discus- sions. One of the ways I've seen a CRM system damage a culture of a sales team is when the sales manager uses the system's information to drive an elec- tronic conversation. When you find curious infor- mation in the CRM system, make a note and ask the sales person about it during your next one- on-one meeting or the next time you see them. D o n ' t b e c o m e t h e manager that tries to lead via email using information found in a database. Chris Peterson is president of the Vector Firm, a leader in helping security companies improve their sales and digital marketing per- formance. SSN Continued from page 1 "One of the ways I've seen a CRM system damage a culture of a sales team is when the sales manager uses the system's information to drive an electronic conversation." — c hris Peterson, Vector Firm

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