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OCT 2018

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ous positions (technician, service manager, project manager, regional operations manager) with Sensor- matic in four major cities during their years of explosive growth. At this point, I was given an oppor- tunity to enter the consulting space and found a second career, which is incredibly rewarding. I've had the good fortune to work on very diverse and interesting proj- ect types with really smart people from industry leading organiza- tions. What are some new or emerg- ing technologies you are seeing or specifying today? The following bullets highlight industry specific trends we have identified and to which we're implementing across our diverse project spectrum today: • Continued emphasis on cybersecurity hardening. • Accelerated implementation of Open Supervised Device Proto- col (OSDP). • Further commoditization of security hardware with software being the only proprietary com- ponent. • Moving beyond traditional access and video integration, to include multi-faceted integration and display of communication sys- tems, building systems, employee databases, etc. • Use of robots and drones to patrol, provide security presence, and reduce staffing cost. What is your view on the industry Best-In-Class Commercial Video Give your customers intrusion detection, access control, and now best-in-class video capabilities! The same powerful app they rely on to manage their commercial and residential security systems now lets them keep an eye on things wherever they are. Options for DVRs, NVRs, or Cloud video storage are available. And, with Video Verifi cation, they can instantly view live video to quickly cancel or verify an alarm. Learn more at We make your company more valuable. 877.725.1114 • Keep updated on our new products and features: @DMPAlarms moving forward? Like many industries today, the security industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and there is not a workforce available to sup- port its growth. The industry is handicapped because there's no formal security education path. Unfortunately, the established method, learning through experi- ence, is currently not meeting the needs of the industry. The cur- rent paradigm inhibits the abil- ity to move forward quickly and integrate new technologies and required skills out to all user levels, e.g. designers, contractors, manu- facturers, and end users. Histori- cally, work was delivered utilizing the design/bid/build project deliv- ery method; today many projects are delivered using the design/ build method, which results in many scope gaps or design defi- ciencies not being identified until work is already being implemented in the field. The security industry must con- tinue to find and embrace new technology and processes, e.g. software, mobility applications, delivery methods, etc. across all spectrums. Our work must contin- ue to demonstrate increased value, and the value will result in higher compensation. Higher compensa- tion will attract a more diverse and skilled workforce to the industry, and ensure our ability to deliver high quality, cost efficient, relevant technologies driven by standards and best practices. —Paul Ragusa Specifically Speaking features Q-and- A with a different security consultant every month. Consultants are provided to Security Systems News by Security- Specifiers. Specifically Speaking event's inaugural Keynote Series, including the two recently announced speakers, which "really reflects putting more of a commitment at the ISC East event to having key- note level speakers," Wise said. In addition to the Keynote Series, ISC East will be co- located with the Unmanned Security Expo and Infosecu- rity North America. "There's a lot of incredible content from bringing that full spectrum of public safety, physical security all the way to the info security side," Wise said. Wise also noted on the growth of the show's expo floor. "We once again are see- ing some really nice growth on the expo floor. Last year we grew in the neighborhood of 12 to 15 percent larger expo floor. This year, we're seeing very similar growth on top of last year," he said. "I think we'll probably end up with 70 to 80 new exhibitors that weren't there last year." SSN Continued from page 5 ISC Ea S t Continued from previous page SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS O CTO b ER 2018 NEWS 7

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