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NEWS By Spencer Ives YARMOUTH, Maine—Trade tariffs have recently been announced on a variety of products and materials that could impact the physical secu- rity industry in the United States. Most respondents to Security Sys- tems News' latest news poll are in agreement that recently announced tariffs will impact the security industry, though opinion varied on whether trade will get better or worse in the near future. "Increasing tariffs will only serve to reduce the competitiveness of US companies and make it harder for both residential and commercial consumers to afford our services. We are all best served by a policy of free and open trade," John Cera- suolo, president and CEO of ADS Security, wrote in. More than three-quarters of respondents—77 percent—said that the recently announced tariffs will impact the security industry. News Poll: SSN readers discuss the impact of recent tariffs Ten percent said that there won't be an impact and another 13 per- cent said they were not sure on the matter. "We have already seen the cost of items such as yard signs increase due to steel tariffs, as well as some product shipments being delayed from manufacturers waiting to see how bad the price increases will become," one reader said. "[There's] no choice but to pass on increases to the end customer," another reader said. When it comes to the actual busi- ness impact of the tariffs, 68 percent pointed toward a rise in camera costs. Another 26 percent said that the overall cost of service will go up. Six percent of respondents said nothing will change for the indus- try. "Camera cost increase will be minimal and impact overall job costs minimally," one reader said. The largest share of respon- dents—48 percent—said that trade could decline in the near future. Thirty-five percent said it will get better soon. Sixteen percent said they are not sure. This SSN news poll was conduct- ed between July 20 and Aug. 10. SSN Do you think changes in trade will impact the security industry? How might tariffs impact your business? Do you think trade will get better or worse in the near future? News Poll based on answers provided by respondents in July and August. Due to rounding, figures may not add up to 100 percent. Security Partners' Andy Stadler on home security A ndy Stadler, t h e E a s t R e g i o n s a l e s re p re s e n - tative for Secu- r i t y P a r t n e r s , h a s b e e n w i t h the company for o v e r 1 0 y e a r s . H i s e x p e r i e n c e ranges from dis- p a t c h o p e r a t o r t o d e a l e r s u p - p o r t . H e t h e n transitioned into sales to share his knowledge and experience with our dealers. In mid-August, he talked with Secu- rity Systems News about the home security system he uses. What kind of security system do you have? I have a 2GIG GC from Nortek Security and control. Why this particular setup? The 2GIG panel is really easy to use, looks nice, and Alarm. com interactive control is great. What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without? I like the peace of mind that comes with this system. With my fiancé having the panic fob with her, I have peace of mind when I travel for business. It's extra protection in addition to the perimeter security on the doors and windows. Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends? I see more video verification and new technology enhance- ments that will make it easier to get data into the central sta- tion. Cloud services have been on the rise for years and are continuing to gain popularity. These services make it easier for the end user, and that's what it is all about. Having great technology and services that are easy to use and fit into the end users lives. —Spencer Ives How I Use My s yste M Stadler as a 2GIG panel at his home. "Increasing tariffs will only serve to reduce the competitiveness of US companies and make it harder for both residential and commercial consumers to afford our services. We are all best served by a policy of free and open trade." —John Cerasuolo, ADS Security and interoperability only really becomes an issue as you have more devices," Russell said. "As they own more devices, it becomes more and more impor- tant to them." The report also covers how many surveyed respondents have adopted a single app to control their IoT devices. "Consumers, for the most part, are still using stand-alone apps to control their products," Russell said. Thirty- six percent reported having apps for individual products, but no apps that control multiple prod- ucts, he said. Another 25 percent said they can control some or all of their smart products through their security system app. "Only 15 percent say that 'I have one app that controls everything,' and then another 10 percent say 'I can control some or all of my products using a single app that is different than the app that controls my security system,'" Russell said. Fifteen percent were not sure. Parks also recognized a grow- ing trend of tech support issues related to interoperability—"In that sense, we would say that consumer expectations are not met," Russell said. Developments in technol- ogy at the chip level are a considerable factor for the IoT, according to Russell. "More and more things are done at the chip level, like dealing with data encryption and security, and that influences interoper- ability because that's the begin- ning of all interoperability—the authentication of the device and the data and the users." The wireless networking pro- tocols have also been very influ- ential in interoperability, Russell said. "Certainly, we have big eco- systems built around Z-Wave and ZigBee and Bluetooth, and those kinds of protocols. So, not only is it the technology itself, but it's the ecosystem of part- ners that have invested in that technology, so that all of their products are interoperable with one another." SSN Parks Associates' survey respondents value voice integration Continued from page 2 "The vast majority of consumers still only own one device, and interoperability only really becomes an issue as you have more devices." —Brad Russell, Parks Associates SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS S EPTEMBER 2018 NEWS 3

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