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Page 5 of 35 September 2018 S e CU r I t Y SYS tem S N e WS Security Stat S 2 By Spencer Ives D A L L A S — P a r k s A s s o c i a t e s released a report, titled "Interop- erability and the Internet of Things," that said voice control integrations are high on con- sumers' wish lists when it comes to new smart devices and most consumers only have one smart device, among other findings. "This is an area that we cover very closely," Brad Russell, research director, connected home, at Parks Associates, told Security Systems News. For Parks, interoperability in a smart home means "all the technolo- gies that are required to enable devices to talk to one another, either machine to machine … locally in the home or through the Internet to cloud platforms that are then enabling interoper- ability." Parks gathered insight on this area through consumer surveys that the firm regularly conducts. "We are continually asking con- sumers about the importance [to] them that their devices work together, and the impor- tance of that compared to other product features," Russell said. On the industry side, Parks often speaks with groups like the Z-Wave Alliance and ZigBee, and monitoring their innovations. Voice interaction is a big area when it comes to a smart home. "We're looking at a lot of voice control, and how—at least from a consumer perspective—the experience of interoperability is achieved through an Ama- zon Echo with Alexa, although t h e a c t u a l i n t e r o p e r - ability is hap- pening in the cloud," Rus- sell said. The report covered con- sumer expec- t a t i o n s f o r interoperability, wireless net- working protocols in the market, and application layer initiatives, which includes the Apple Home Kit and Samsung SmartThings platforms among others. "What's really surprising is how quickly the voice control platforms have become extreme- ly important to consumers, considering that they've been around the shortest period of time, but now, they top the list of all platforms as far as those who are most important to consum- ers when they're considering a purchase decision," Russell said. Twenty-eight percent of sur- veyed consumers that intend to buy a smart device in the next 12 months said it is very impor- tant—rating a six or a seven on a scale of seven—that their device works with Amazon's Echo. Another 15 percent said that it's important—rating a five out of seven—totaling 43 percent that value an Amazon Echo integra- tion. Similarly, 23 percent of those looking to buy a smart device soon said it's very important for it to work with Google Home, and 14 percent called it important, mean- ing 37 total percent value this inte- gration. Interoperability may not be as big an issue now as it could be in the future, according to Russell. "The vast majority of consum- ers still only own one device, Parks studies IoT interoperability and customer expectations Brad Russell "We're looking at a lot of voice control, and how—at least from a consumer perspective—the experience of interoperability is achieved through an Amazon Echo with Alexa, although the actual interoperability is happening in the cloud." — b rad r ussell, p arks Associates Parks see page 3

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