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GSX Show Product S The 10th edition is updated to current activities with information on: MARKE T the industry leaders and what they're doing to change the face of security MARGINS the revenues and earnings of the 8,000 companies making up the U.S. market MERGERS details of the large transactions over the past 18 months MULT IPLES what the buyers are paying for the target companies and the prospects for the future • 1.336.272.2266 OUR 10TH ANNUAL WHITE PAPER IS A MUST-READ FOR OWNERS OF CONTRACT SECURIT Y COMPANIES, AS WELL AS PRIVATE EQUIT Y GROUPS SEEKING INVESTMENTS IN THIS GROWING INDUSTRY. FREE downloadable copy at SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS SEPTEMBER 2018 29 P R od UCT S P o T l I gh T Editor's note: The companies listed in this special section submitted product information in response to a call for products for this month's feature. Security Systems News is not responsible for the accuracy of the content in the product descriptions. Product Spotlight: IP Cameras Arecont Vision C ONTE r A O UTDOO r D OME ■ 1080p or 5 megapixel H.265/H.264 remote focus/ zoom motorized P-iris lens indoor/outdoor dome IP camera ■ Smart I iIllumination with variable illumination ensures that IR light is evenly disbursed up to 66ft (20m) for scenes with low or no ambient light ■ Enhanced WDR (wide dynamic range) up to 120dB at full resolution and NightView for strong low light performance 3xLOGIC O UTDOO r Th E r MAL I MAGE r ■ Changes in lighting, low- contrast scenes, inclem- ent weather no problem; no illumination needed ■ Easy setup and integra- tion using 3xLOGIC QR code ■ Advanced analytics plus thermal technology enable object classification, people-counting, dwell times, more DW Complete Surveillance Solutions MEGA PI x FLE x U SE r-C ONFIGU r ABLE C AME r A ■ Up to four 4MP sensors in one housing ■ Easy sensor placement with magnets ■ Mix 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm lenses Verint V3520 BT ■ Designed for diverse outdoor applications with a 2MP sensor enabling a viewing resolution of 1920x1080 at 30fps ■ AdaptiveStream technol- ogy allows optimization of image quality, reducing bandwidth while main- taining quality ■ Protection against harsh environments, encased in weather-proof IP66-rated housing and IK10 design housing Geutebrück USA G EUTEB rü CK M ODEL : ESD-3401- IP66, 30 x 1080 P PTZ WIT h A DAPTIVE I r ■ Servo feedback technology ■ IR illumination distance up to 150m ■ Adaptive IR illumination by zoom ratio Vicon V1000 M ULTISENSO r C AME r AS ■ Four separate camera mod- ules work together to create a seamless 180 view at up to 20 MP resolution ■ H.265 compression and smart encoding provide efficient use of bandwidth and storage ■ Ideal for expansive areas like airports, perimeter security and city surveillance Honeywell N E x T G ENE r ATION hONE y WELL T OTAL C ONNECT h D V IDEO C AME r A F AMIL y ■ Two-way talk (indoor only), night vision and motion sensing capabilities ■ Easy installation and simple mounting ■ Get more RMR and reduce attrition Speco Technologies I NTENSIFIE r O2 I B68 ■ Speco's greatest Intensifier ever! ■ TAA compliant camera featuring superior low light handling ■ Clear, vivid color image with no compromises even in low light IPVideo Corporation N OMADh D ■ Temporary wireless HD surveil- lance without electricity or cabling ■ Eight-hour battery operation with built in rechargeable battery ■ Performs well in all lighting condi- tions, mounts to any smooth surface Oncam E VOLUTION 180 ■ The unique lens placement maximizes the horizontal use of the image sensor to pro- vide more pixels on target ■ High-resolution Panoramic+ imaging results in crisp, clear images with blind spot-free coverage ■ Optimized for wall-mount applications, where the user wants to have better view of passing traffic

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