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briefs September 2018 S e CU r I t Y SYS tem S N e WS suppliers 24 Boon Edam launches online, interactive troubleshooting guides LILLINGTON, N.C.—Boon Edam Inc., a global provider of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, recently launched new interactive troubleshoot- ing guides for service technicians in the Americas. "We're excited to be adding to the self-service 'tool bag' we've been put- ting together for the service techni- cian," Kevin Thomasson, Boon Edam's VP of customer experience, said in the announcement. "Technicians have a number of items in their arsenal already— phone support, a chat function on the website, new instructional videos, and even a traveling training program they can attend. These new troubleshooting guides are the latest addition, and give the technician just one more avenue to find answers to their service questions." The new online troubleshooting guides work as an algorithm, where the technician begins troubleshooting by selecting a product and then a particu- lar issue from a list of the most common field issues. He or she then answers a series of "yes" or "no" questions to drill down to the solution. The troubleshooting guides are cur- rently available in English on three of Boon Edam's most popular security products: the Circlelock mantrap portal, the Tourlock security revolving door and the Speedlane Lifeline optical turnstile series. Genetec works with Appriss Retail Integration MONTREAL—Genetec Inc., a technol- ogy provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intel- ligence solutions, recently announced that its unified platform, Security Center, has been integrated with Secure Store, a profit protection and exception report- ing solution developed by Appriss Retail. With this integration, retailers can now immediately disprove or validate suspi- cious transactions by accessing the security video evidence associated with suspected fraudulent activity. US-based retailer, DICK'S Sporting Goods, is using the Security Center platform to monitor over 18,000 cameras across 720 stores, and manage 230 cameras and 130 doors at its headquarters. "The Genetec system, combined with the Appriss Retail Secure Store applica- tion gives us capabilities that help speed up our investigations, which has been hugely beneficial to our organization. Our investigation team can now easily retrieve video from Security Center to validate suspicious transactions that are flagged by the Appriss Retail exception reporting system," Jacob Gillette, direc- tor of loss prevention and operations, DICK's Sporting Goods said in a pre- pared statement. Arcules rolls out new cloud video platform HID Global appoints two new executives By Spencer Ives H O U S T O N — F o u r y e a r s ago, Houston-based integra- tor Modern System Concepts developed an app to ease fire inspections. Now, it's redesigned the app, named fireNspec, to be more scalable and is rolling it out through a separate company, PnewSoft. "It's an inspection app which was designed for the fire indus- try, but it's grown legs in the fact that it can actually do any kind of inspection whether it be security, or cameras, or anything of that nature," Mark Popkowski, CEO of PnewSoft and owner of Modern System Concepts, told Security Systems News. Popkowski found that across the U.S. companies have different methodologies when it comes to inspections, and built the app to cater to that. "It has a dynamic way of doing things, where you can actually create your own inspection questions or drop- downs or whatever is necessary, so that each company can actu- ally customize the way they do inspections," he said. Having experience in security integration helped Popkowski in designing the app. "I kind of had the inside track to know what everybody needed—the differ- ent things—especially making sure that your employees are accountable for what they say they got done," he said. The app was officially rolled out in March and now has about 200 users. "We've had really good, positive feedback and seems to be growing," said Popkowski. FireNspec has a mobile appli- cation as well as a web interface, which allows users to watch inspections in progress and track technicians. The web portal and mobile application can work independently but there are more benefits from using both, Popkowski noted. When multiple inspectors are working on a project, updates are available in real-time. "This real time approach is definitely some- thing that sets us apart," David Seek, CTO of PnewSoft and the lead developer of fireNspec, told SSN. The app can also collect cus- tomer and inspector signatures, create PDF reports and give a virtual timeline of each step from the inspector. "When you get ready to give the customer a bill, you're able to give them a printed copy of the report, so that the customer can see—this is everything that was done by the inspectors," Popkowski said. "It allows you to keep that inspector accountable for what they did because this is date and time stamped." The app is already inte- grated with Sedona Office and Popkowski said that the company is looking to integrate it with fire companies as well as monitoring centers. By SSN Staff AUSTIN, Texas—HID Global, a worldwide manufacturer of identity solutions, recently announced the appointments of two high-profile senior executives to the HID leader- ship team. Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren, who was formerly the executive vice president of the Citizen Identity Business Unit at IDEMIA, has joined HID as VP and man- aging director of the Citizen ID Business. " I a m t r u l y excited to be join- ing HID Global, a leader in trusted identity solu- tions that literally impact millions of people every day," Westerouen van Meeteren said in the announce- ment. "The citi- zen identity mar- ket is at an inflection point that will create real change. I see the opportunity for HID to lead the way and help guide governments through this transformation, ranging from a shift to mobile IDs and a more holistic, digital-based approach to managing the identities of people in a country." Rameshbabu Songukrish- nasamy who was formerly VP engineering and CTO at Honeywell Security & Fire, has been appointed as senior vice president and chief technology officer of HID Global. "I love the commitment to innovation and the focus on growth that HID Global has. It is a place full of opportunities for engineers to make a huge dif- ference," Songu- krishnasamy said in a prepared statement. "I want to build on HID's strong reputa- tion and help fuel the company's growth for years to come." Stefan Widing, president and C E O o f H I D Global said in the announcement: "I am pleased that we have added top talent to HID's senior leadership team and strengthened our ability to deliver on our exciting vision for the future." Widing continued, "HID is driving innovation and growth, and we are actively expanding opportunities for our teams of smart, forward-thinking people to take HID to the next level." SSN Integrator creates inspection app By Spencer Ives SAN FRANCISCO—Arcules, a video cloud IoT as a service pro- vider, on July 23 announced the new Arcules Intelligent Video Cloud platform at Google Next. "What often happens with a traditional physi- cal security on-prem [solution] is that a lot of data is captured and never really used, both video data or other types of device data," Andreas Pettersson, CEO of Arcules, told Security Systems News. Arcules aggregates all of the data into a cloud solution and bringing in AI, ML and other technologies, he said, to provide intelligent insights from that data. "If you only are using one source [for] what is going on in a scene, you don't get it to become very intelligent, but if you're using multiple sources and you cross-reference these results, you get a very accurate result," Pettersson said. Launching at Google Next, as opposed to a more traditional physical security event was intentional, according to Pettersson. "We want to, of course, reach a new target audi- ence, people that are 'cloud-first' in their mindset. And then, of course, we also want to have an opportunity to speak with future … developers that will be building on our sort of open cloud platform, where we have aggregated all of this data." Arcules is already seeing excitement for its platform, Pettersson said, including compa- nies that are shifting their mindset from pre- dominantly on premise to desiring more of a cloud-based environment. "We are launching in North America now, and we're actu- ally onboarding customers as we speak. With that, we are in the enterprise segment," Kelly Kucera, head of commercial and market- ing for Arcules, told SSN. "We will be launching globally and those details will be coming … more toward Q3 and Q4, where we'll pub- licly disclose those." Key applications for the platform include smart cities, commer- cial real estate and hospitality industries. "The typical use cases are organizations that have a lot of smaller sites," Pettersson said, such as a hotel or retail chain with hundreds or thousands of sites, and a collection of cameras A. Pettersson Kelly Kucera App see page 25 A R cul ES see page 25 "I am pleased that we have added top talent to HID's senior leadership team and strengthened our ability to deliver on our exciting vision for the future." —Stefan Widing, HID Global

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